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  • Jon defeating Wulf in single combat at just eleven years of age.
  • Jon choosing to fight Lord Reginald Turner personally in a Trial by Combat, and then honouring the choice when his father, his mentor and all their allies and hosts arrived to rescue him from his imprisonment. And then going ahead and beating the man in a Duel to the Death.
  • Winning Renly's nameday Tourney at twelve, beating out many more experienced knights in the most competitive sporting event in Westeros.
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  • Destroying Ungren's cavalry force and thwarting the attempted flank attack at the battle of Upcliff. Even successful, the casualties were heavy; if Jon hadn't used his Shout the whole force might well have been annihilated.
  • Rallying the southern flank of Edmure's army at the second battle of Upcliff. In the midst of directing the defence, Jon also has time to kill fourteen men with Blackfyre; at least two of whom were mounted horsemen.
  • Winning the Joust at Riverrun and coming second in the melee to Logain.
  • Killing Arthur Dayne, Sword of the Morning and Crannog-trained poison-master, in single combat and avenging Ser Brynden in the process. And killing Black Dow without a missed step when he launches himself at Jon mid-fight.
  • Winning the Joust and Melee at Redfort, just to get started. And then, after the events were concluded, killing Devan Turner to avenge Mya Stone when news of her murder reached Redfort.
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  • The King's Landing Tourney. As big as jousting ever gets in Westeros, filled with the best names in the Seven Kingdoms, so much so that even Barristan the Bold, Gregor Clegane and Jaime Lannister were knocked out early by fierce competition. And Jon took it all, at fourteen.
  • For Narbert Grandison, taking a clean, resounding win against Gregor Clegane, the Mountain That Rides, at the King's Landing Tourney.
    • He then went on to unhorse Ser Meryn Trant, a member of the Kingsguard, and went blow for blow with Jon Stormcrown. To put things in perspective, Jon had both fate and time bending to his will, and still nearly lost.
  • Black Walder gets one when he scales a several hundred feet high cliff face while in armor, then kills the body of King Ungren Greyfeather. Sadly, this costs him his life in one of the most disturbing demises in the series.
  • At the Trial of Seven, Jon forced the two Crakehalls and Robert Brax to yield, and then finished off Gregor Clegane after Sandor's loss and Grandison's injuries started taking their toll.
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  • Stannis Baratheon gets one in the eighteenth omake, during which it's revealed he is in command of a thousand strong freedmen army. He passes judgement on a Ghiscari slave master, then goes on to recruit a century of Unsullied by sheer charisma. It's made all the more awesome that this was his first on screen appearance during the two year span the game has been running, turning it into an in-story Establishing Character Moment.
  • While at the Siege of the Whispers, Jon sees a Dragonsworn ship trying to escape. Not standing for it, he strips out of his armor, jumps over a hundred foot-tall cliff and into the sea in order to catch up to it. Upon boarding it, he proceeds to take over the ship (mostly with the help of Arlan Stormcrown), and makes the crew sail the ship back to the Whispers. Upon landing, he proceeds to singlehandedly turn the tide of battle in favor of his beleagured men and personally kills over a hundred Dragonsworn without using armor, Shouts, or the aid of Arlan.
  • Jon's battle against Valonqar in the hell that is King's Landing, which resulted in Jon suplexing him not once, but EIGHT times. While BLIND.
  • The Tourney of Oldtown where Jon's years-long quest to avenge Mya Stone reaches its climax with the arrest of Joffrey Waters, the crowning of the first High Septa in history, and Jon's legitimization as Robert's son and heir.
  • Khal Drogo's assault on Volantis and the last minute rescue by the Golden Company, now led by Jorah Mormont himself.
  • Randyll Tarly nearly taking Lannisport on his own before Jon even arrived. He was driven back, but the thread was so impressed they very nearly named him Warden of the West.
  • Jon and Valonqar burning the walls of Lannisport until Tywin Lannister's bannermen surrendered him mid-shit. Royalist men lost in the final battle of the war: zero. And Oberyn Martell got to finally avenge his sister.
  • Roote has been dishing out awesome during his entire time in the Vale: not only did he abduct Sturm Brightblade without complications and prevented his suicide, he also broke him even though he was the Grandmaster of the Crimson Sept (as he later confessed). When he had a chance of success equal to 10%.
  • The tag team battle with Jon and Valonqar vs Euron and his dragon Nagga. Jon swoops in to save Winterfell and the Starks in the nick of time, (mostly) deals with Greyjoy's vampire abilities without issue, and even after he is swallowed by Nagga and Valonqar is beaten by Greyjoy, he manages to kill Nagga with a well timed Storm Call and curbstomps the crap out of Euron, rescues Arlan by pulling his soul out of Euron's body and finally finishes off the vampire by biting his throat out.

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