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Heartwarming / A Dragon of the North

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  • Ned's response to Jon after learning of his true blood parentage. His uncle doesn't hesitate to reassure him that he's family, whoever his blood father was.
  • Brynden's last message and will. While dying from excruciatingly painful poison at the hands of Ungren, the Blackfish left Jon a message telling him how proud he was to have had a hand in shaping him, and how much potential his old student had, and made arrangements for his future.
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  • Meeting with Tommen and Myrcella at the Red Keep, and briefly acting like a decent older brother, probably the first time in their lives that that happened to them, considering Joffrey's nature.
  • As Stannis muses on the fact that he has no reason to go back home, Davos tells him that he will stay with him. Because Stannis was the first to give him hope for a better future.
  • As grumpy, sarcastic or mocking Arlan can be he deeply cares for Jon.
    • "And I your second, little brother. You do not want for kin."
  • Due to a chance comment by Joffrey, Robert realizes who are Jon's real parents. Jon had feared Robert would try to kill him, since he is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen. Instead, Robert sees Lyanna's son... and adopts him, so he becomes the heir to the Iron Throne.
  • Jon's wedding with Margaery Tyrell.
    • Always during the aforementioned event, Robert's interactions with his new found bastard daughter Celia Buckwell. He even stayed sober for her.

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