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Analysis / Takin' Over the Asylum

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One Can Apply The Snicket Warning Label and Fanon Discontinuity Tropes To This Miniseries.
  • If you prefer a straight-up Happy Ending where all goes well for everyone, watch ONLY the FIRST THREE EPISODES it actually ends in a very neat wrapped up way with few lose ends.
    • The third episode involves the Eddie and the Loonies having a fundraiser to raise money for a new Mixer Desk. The whole thing plays out like a classic Saving the Orphanage plot, complete with....
      • The Station is in trouble! The Loonies must raise money for the Mixer and save the Station!
      • Rosalie managed to get the stuff needed and a cool event ensues!
      • Uh oh! The bad guys are trying to thwart things. Stuart the goon something or someone was important for a particular activity. The Loonies must find a replacement. Other Administrator people are trying to shut off the power! Wait! Someone has a generator! Yay!
      • Then; Campbell somehow manages to get British/Irish radio legend Spike Milligan....a guy with the same condition Campbell has....who joins the "Loony Pool" (a contest of 'Spot the Loony' where folks have to figure out who's a 'loony' and who's a 'boring person', thus showing the world that Loonies can be perfectly normal-looking and vice-versa). This gets a wealthy benefactor very impressed and she donates a large sum of money, saving the Studio!
      • Cue the gang happy in the studio, They're in the papers, too! Rosalie finally shakes hands with Campbell....without her rubber household cleaning gloves....for the first time in a long time then....they all dance in the studio throughout the end credits!
    • If you stop at this point; You get a fun story of an Asylum that "Sticks It To The Man" and founds "The First Loony Radio Station". Ignore Episodes 4-6 and you get this happy story where Eddie & Campbell are an awesome deejay duo with a new cool CAREER in a new, innovative Loony Radio Station (which would also be good for the St. Jude's funding and helps the patients), Fergus lives and (presumably) fixes the mixing desk and proves himself awesome and Rosalie & Francine get better.
    • Granted; With the "Three Episode Version" watching technique, you'll miss out on Fergus' hang-glider CMoA and Campbell's "Radio Scotland" adventures in a NY Giants hat but you'll still get an uplifting tale with the most ideal outcome. The only source of depression in the 3 Part Version would be Nana's fate.
      • A fan-edit was made doing just this! note 

The Miniseries Deconstructs A Number Of Tropes
  • The Ace: Fergus would be this, being the super-fix-it guy who can escape in awesome ways on a regular basis. In a more idealistic work, he would be the cool loner guy who fixes everything and proves himself to everyone. However; In this miniseries he's a broken man who's a schizophrenic and....while his friends never doubted his awesomeness....the Powers-That-Be do and he's denied a job and is Driven to Suicide.
  • Manic Pixie Dream Girl: Campbell seems to be a male version of this. However; Despite his Blithe Spirit persona, he never actually greatly improves things for everyone (except himself and maybe Rosalie to some degree) and Eddie ends the series in many ways worse off than before (apart from finding love with Francine) and Campbell's best friend, Fergus is dead.
  • Saving the Orphanage: The whole general story-line concerns running and trying to save the Radio Station. It seems to be played straight in Episode 3 (if you prefer a Happy Ending with a straight example, stop watching at this point and pretend the story doesn't go on after this) but it quickly gets reversed from Episodes 4-6....ending with the Station's shut-down.