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The Chief Administrator, Dr. Winters, is a well-meaning Pointy-Haired Boss who's kept out of the loop concerning her subordinate's unethical machinations and plot to shut down the Radio Station.
  • Dr. Winters is briefly mentioned, in-passing, to Eddie by both his previous Hospital DJ Boss and Evelyn and sounds like a Reasonable Authority Figure who actually wanted to help the patients (Re-Opening the Radio Station having an annual 'Opening Day' was her idea and she even wanted to introduce Group Therapy). However; Despite having the potential of being a Big Good, she doesn't swoop in and try to save the day and remains The Ghost. It's likely that she's a sympathetic Pointy-Haired Boss those under her lie and never bring up the Patient's fundraising, letting her simply assume that there's no more funding so the Station must be shut down.

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