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Live Blog Let's Attempt to Watch: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Clay
SnickerdoodleHamster2014-04-12 20:00:18

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Episode One: Good Morning

Hello everyone, Snickerdoodle Hamster here! Today I will be liveblogging another AlexC0615 production, in this case Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Clay! Well, at least he's admitting it's clay, unlike the last work of his, Paper Kirby, which I reviewed here and here.

For those who don't know, Alexander Covas, commonly referred to by many people (like me) by his YouTube username AlexC0615, is a Nintendo fanboy and animator known for creating crappy claymations based on Nintendo games. Why does he do this? Author Appeal, of course!

One more thing before I dive into this series: it isn't even done yet! There are only four episodes (as of when I'm writing this) so far, so after I finish Episode Four, I will move onto another liveblog (probably another Pooh's Adventures episode) and come back here when new ones are put up. Anyway, let's get this over this with!

Episode 1 out of ???

Unlike the other monstrosities Alex has created, this one doesn't begin with an intro. Instead, we skip right to a default iMovie background, as we emerge into a Wall of Text. [fast forwards the video]

To save you half of the five minute video, some guy thinks he's in a dream as he starts hearing "voices" (read: they are actually subtitles) in his head. The voice mutters to him, "You have been selected". It says that the guy must "save this world", which is "much different than yours." Confused, the guy somewhat engaged in the voice. The voice says that he will "overcome countless trials", "face countless enemies", and "create timeless bonds between the friends you encounter". After more talk, the guy gets very engaged, but he starts waking up.

Now in the form of a Snivy, he wakes up in some area with a clay-colored sky, a small path, and what might be a tree. Shocked that he is now a Pokémon, he quickly passes out. He is woken up by a Pikachu, who Snivy is surprised can talk. Snivy ponders about his new reality, but soon nods. Pikachu is glad that he's okay, while Snivy tries explaining to Pikachu that he's not really a "Pokemon", but is actually a human. Pikachu seems shocked at first, but after a staredown with lots of Padding, Pikachu decides that he's cool with it.

Snivy: ...Really? Just like that? You believe me?

YESYESYESYESYES! A Genre Savvy protagonist I can relate to! This is really getting interesting! So, Pikachu is a huge mystery fanatic, who apparently thinks that humans are just fictional characters. Pikachu starts asking Snivy a bunch of questions about humans, until the subtitles literally read "Blah Blah Blah".

Snivy: ...He's talking so fast I can hardly hear his questions.

That Snivy deserves a huge clay cookie. Pikachu invites Snivy over to his house so they can be roommates. Snivy does a Double Take at this. Once Snivy realizes that he's gotten into one of the most bizarre adventures ever, he follows Pikachu to his house.

What will happen on Snivy's adventure? Find out next time!

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