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Live Blog Let's Attempt to Watch: Paper Kirby (Chapter 2)
SnickerdoodleHamster2012-09-23 19:08:24

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Part One: Occupy Brawl Street

Hello once again, Snickerdoodle here for another Liveblog of Paper Kirby! Wait, why would I do this to myself?

For those who don't know, I had liveblogged the first chapter of this crossover and I shall sum it up as this: take a Paper Mario game, and shove in a ridiculous amount of filler, tutorials, battles, bad animation, bad editing, and a bad storyline. Read my last liveblog for how it went.

One more thing before I dive into this chapter: this chapter isn't even done yet! That is because, thank's to Schedule Slip, this chapter was started back in May... and Part 4 was completed just a couple of weeks ago! Thus, after my liveblog of Part 5 is completed, I will be liveblogging other stuff (I am considering right now to do a Pooh's Adventures episode next) until the next part comes out, and this will continue until this crossover is completed or cancelled, whatever comes first. Anyway, let's get this over this with!

Chapter Two out of ??, Part One of Six (or possibly Seven)

The chapter starts with another boring intro, only this time, the text reads "Paper Kirby Brawlathon!". Something tells me that This Is Going to Be Huge. After the intro, we get a shot of Watt's house, which is a whiteboard drawing, After some more iMovie transitions are abused, Kirby meets Watt's mother, which is kind of a big deal because in Paper Mario 64, we never actually see her, but Watt does briefly get a letter from her. Kirby decides to help by bringing in the mail for her. That will be so much fun. Watt decides to come with him, which makes Watt's mom decide that Watt is indeed a Stalker with a Crush. Watt tries to deny this, but he says he doesn't even know what a stalker is. He is convinced by his mother to leave Kirby alone.

Kirby leaves to get the mail, and, two whiteboards later, Kirby meets the mother of all cruddy fan characters: Rosy, a female version of himself. It turns out that Rosy is participating in the Brawlathon, and every participant must build a go-kart to participate. The Excuse Plot behind this is that Rosy's family is EXTREMELY poor, so much that their whiteboard house is falling apart right as they speak, revealing this dimension to indeed be a Crapsaccharine World. Winning the Brawlathon is also the only way that Rosy can survive. So Rosy explains how the Brawlathon works. The Brawlathon is essentially a Ridiculympics tourney where various people come from all over the world to compete in three events: Wacky Racing (the event Rosy is building a go kart for), and two more unknown events. Elimination occurs constantly until the last event, which is just a huge battle, with the grand prize being one million dollars. However, everyone else is more likely to win then her, and Kirby decides to enter just to help her. Rosy and Kirby prepare for the Brawlathon, however, the Lazy Artist was too lazy to animate a Training Montage. He even lampshades this.

The next day, Kirby and Rosy go to the Brawlathon, where there is Plagiarism everywhere, from the banners on the whiteboard to the character cast. We get a shot of all of the OriginalCharacters who will compete with our heroes, such as some stand-ins, and too many CopyCatSues to name. MC Ballyhoo and Big Top (who is simply called Top Hat here) introduce the games, and are introduced to Kirby and Rosy. Rosy asks for instructions, and she gets Bwing, a talking instruction manual. Kirby and Rosy head up for the first event, but they both get interrupted by a Villain Sue, who is a black Kirby recolor. OK? Well, at least this part is over half way over now. The Brawlathon is explained again, and M.C. asks some questions. One of the competitors asks how they are supposed to drive when they don't have hands, and M.C replies by saying that they can drive via tilt sensors. Hooray for logic! M.C. Ballyhoo let's the games begin, which makes me only wonder what crud will happen next to fill up the rest of the video.

The first race takes place in Koopa Cape, where everyone's stats are shown. Kirby is a Jack-of-All-Stats, Zangoose and Spike are in the Fragile Speedster category, while Aqua and Bloons are well accelerated characters with very low speed. Wait, ZANGOOSE is in this?!? Oh god, before you know it, this will become a Mega Crossover! Screw it, LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!!! The race starts, which is nothing but Filler in the form of Wacky Racing with lots of whiteboard abuse. You can even see Oh, Crap! faces sometimes during said whiteboard abuse. Kirby wins yet again, and the video ends with an Iris Out.

Will Kirby win the next battle too? Find out next time, when I gain my sanity again.

R.I.P. Zangoose; 2002-2012.


Sep 6th 2012 at 1:51:11 AM
Well, this could very well be an improvement over the last 'chapter', which seems like an entirely seperate game in retrospect. I mean, the tutorials are gone despite new 'gameplay' being used, and a wide variety of events means that we get something other than mundane battles to be used as filler. Clearly, the series still has its faults, but things like this hint towards overall improvement. Best of luck with the rest of this hullabaloo, Snickers!
Sep 6th 2012 at 5:20:30 PM
I noticed those possible signs of improvement too. Even most of the characters from Chapter One are gone now too, with Green being defeated and Blue, Twink, & Marx being put on a bus. I'll be liveblogging part two soon, so here's to hoping this might get decent!