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01:03:47 AM Nov 30th 2013
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About 90% of the examples on the page are Zero Context Examples, because they basically say "<Character Name> from <Work Name> is this trope", if that much. If I followed standard procedure and commented them all out, the page would have to be put on Tropes Needing Examples!

Could anyone who goes through the page and knows something about such an example please add more information about in what way a character is an example?
10:11:17 AM Apr 4th 2013
We seriously need to bring back Ralph Wiggum. The Ditz can just be 'lovably dumb', and many ditzes can actually stand to not be cripplingly stupid. Kind of the same way Berserk Button or Hot-Blooded don't automatically spell Hair-Trigger Temper. You get me here?
11:39:55 AM Mar 29th 2013
Someone help me here please. So it goes from Cloud Cuckoo Lander to The Ditz then to Too Dumb To Live? Am I correct?
11:07:08 AM Jul 19th 2012
I have a question; a character is initially established as being this trope, and generally acts very clueless about what's going on. However, she's revealed to be academically brilliant, and a math and science nerd to boot. She isn't Obfuscating Stupidity, she's just a serious space case. So...Genius Ditz or Ditzy Genius?
11:09:02 AM Jul 19th 2012
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01:10:58 PM Jan 24th 2012
I just want to say that RALPH WIGGUM is not a frickin' Ditz. He's the RALPH WIGGUM. For crying out loud, people! Argh!
05:07:04 PM Jan 30th 2012
Ralph Wiggum was merged with the ditz.
01:39:58 PM Jul 21st 2012
Why? The Ditz can be just dumb, but The Ditz is unbelievably dumb. So essentially, an exaggerated trope.
01:50:49 PM Jul 21st 2012
Playing with a Trope is still the same trope; having something separate for every way a trope can be played straight, for laughs, or for drama, exaggerated, downplayed, subverted, double subverted, inverted, averted, justified, lampshaded, parodied, enforced, invoked, defied, exploited, deconstructed, and reconstructed would make no sense.
01:15:09 PM Aug 5th 2012
The Ditz doesn't necessarily have stupidity as their defining trait. Kind of like how The Spock can be emotional, and doesn't have to be The Stoic, but his( or her) defining trait is that they make up the logical part of their Freudian Trio. Kind of like how Chewing the Scenery is for when characters overact on separate occasions, but when overblown theatrics are a part of their character, then it becomes Large Ham.
05:56:56 PM Jan 23rd 2012
09:34:48 AM Jan 25th 2012
The dumbass blonde cheerleader is a pretty common visual/character trope, it might slide past that.
07:43:54 AM Aug 7th 2011
When did Cloud Cuckoolander become a flanderization of The Ditz? I would have thought it was the other way around, since a Cuckoolander can be intelligent but strange while a Ditz is just stupid.
07:26:04 PM Dec 13th 2011
Yes, CloudCuckoolanders are weird but they are not stupid.
11:00:32 AM Jul 19th 2012
I can think of one case, specifically Ed from Ed, Edd n Eddy; at the start of the series, he was just a space case with some kind of Ambiguous Disorder (read: Osaka-level autism), but pretty much devolves into a complete idiot via flanderization. You can see earlier episodes where he isn't stupid, just really frickin' weird.
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