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11:37:21 AM Apr 23rd 2014
I deleted the bit in the description saying "it's literally beyond the impossible," because what does "beyond the impossible" strictly speaking even mean? What this trope now means is literally speaking just "impossible" or just "beyond the possible".
08:37:45 PM Jul 22nd 2012
If someone managed to go Beyond the Impossible in Real Life, would that be Divide by Zero?
11:45:18 PM Jul 22nd 2012
edited by Telcontar
Probably, I guess.
03:04:14 AM May 13th 2013
Time, space, and the laws of the universe as we know it break down inside a black hole's event horizon. A black hole is probably the closest thing we'll ever get to this, and it involves a literal Divide by Zero
06:11:15 AM Apr 23rd 2012
Doesn't anyone find it suspicious that a large number of examples here actually link back to Up to Eleven in the words they're using as an example of this trope? So either they genuinely don't know the difference even though it is spelt out to them on the main page... or they're just trolling...
08:29:12 PM Apr 18th 2012
I'm not completely sure, but does Youtube not having a time limit anymore count? I mean, sure, 30 minute videos, that's great....but then I saw a youtube video that went for 10 hours. 10 HOURS.
06:19:34 PM Apr 20th 2012
That's also Up to Eleven.

On a side note, I've seen videos that are almost 75 hours.
05:26:37 PM Mar 24th 2012
Anime has more examples than any other. After watching the page for some months, I've noticed that it gets the most additions too. Out of curiosity does anyone have any ideas why that might be?
10:56:13 AM Apr 5th 2012
My guess would be because anime(and animation in general) can go over-the-top. Sure, live-action stuff can be over-the-top too, but it takes more effort to have it not look goofy. They see it and are like, "HOLY COW that was so awesome it's impossible."

On a side note, what really gets me is that some people are abusing this as some sort of general intensifier, like "oh geez the complaining is worse than the worst fandom!" or "the difficulty gets even harder!" They don't even give a crap about the redefine- they just keep using it like it was named I Am Not Making This Up, which is sad.

However, you're doing a heck of a job with cleaning up the potholes. I remember the wick count being over 6000 before. *salute*
07:47:48 AM Mar 29th 2011
edited by Meeble
This page is being split due to length. It has reached a size where it is in danger of causing server performance issues. See this thread for details.

To alleviate this, I split off the current content along the lines of the current folder structure. New examples should be placed in the appropriate media sub-pages.

In the process I combined the Other section into Western Animation, as its one example was related to SpongeBob. I also combined Truth In Television and Real Life sections into one subpage.
11:47:07 PM Jun 19th 2011
edited by Lyim
Have we considered cutting most of these examples that really aren't Beyondthe Impossible and more Upto Eleven? We should clarify Beyond the Impossible is multiple stacks of exceeding itself, not simply a one move bump from a prior stage to a new one.
05:59:07 PM Feb 24th 2012
So a character, for instance, who has such poor social skills that they are a Master of the Mixed Message, regularly break the fourth wall and make snide comments about the author's writing would count as this trope, right?
10:57:24 AM Apr 5th 2012
Nope, that's just Up to Eleven.
06:09:02 AM Apr 23rd 2012
How can it be? Since when was effectively breaking the fourth wall a genuinely possible thing?
07:21:33 AM May 24th 2012
It needs to be impossible by the story's rules, not genuinely.
07:18:25 AM Dec 11th 2010
Don't cut this. Its nowhere near as out of control as IANMTU was.
06:59:33 AM Dec 27th 2010
It's pretty close to being a sewage depository for anybody who thinks their favorite TV show/video game/animu is absolutely INSANE and WACKY because half the cast are horribly written Mary Sues.
05:50:25 PM Feb 24th 2012
I know what you mean; this and Crazy Awesome seem to be suffering massive Trope Decay because many a troper didn't do the research on the trope page.
12:19:54 AM Nov 3rd 2010
edited by RTanker
Cut this:
* What sort of primal unstoppable force is Vimes going to Determinate through this time?
** How much more badass can Carrot get? How much more Inadvisably Applied can the magic get? How much bigger can the Watch get? What insane stunt can Moist von Lipwig pull off this year? How many front pages is William de Worde going to need?
Because Vimes has determinated his way through exactly one primal "unstoppable" force so far, by my count, and because Carrot, while impressive, is hardly beyond the impossible when it comes to badassery, and the watch is actually rather small for a city of Ankh-Morpork's size, etc.
12:15:02 AM Nov 3rd 2010
edited by RTanker
Cut this:
** Truth in Television. Regardless of what you believe about Jesus' divinity, there's little doubt that his torturers put Him through a hell of a beating (no pun intended).
Because there's plenty of doubt. The text of the gospels just says they scourged him. There's nothing about it being a particularly savage whipping. Plus which, the gospels also says that the Roman legionnaires were surprised at how quickly he died on the cross, such that they pierced his side with a spear to see if he were faking. If he'd been beaten as badly as depicted in The Passion, it would have been surprising if he'd survived to be crucified, instead of dying from his wounds. And there are those who believe the entire story is fictional to begin with, and that he never lived at all.
05:47:34 PM Feb 24th 2012
Whatever. Then just put it in Religion and Mythology if that makes you feel better. It still counts, and the Romans weren't "surprised" at how quickly he died - they just wanted to be sure he was dead. Also, please try to remember Rule of Cautious Editing Judgement - a lot of people feel very strongly about this.
02:51:15 PM Oct 8th 2010
On this, its wrong:

"About the power levels in the section for Dragon Ball Z - Goku had a Zenkai after being trashed by Vegeta, bringing him from 90,000 to Freeza's level. The whole "15,000,000" thing, as well as Freeza using 1/3 of his power against Goku, is a long-disproved myth based on a mistranslation of Daizenshu 8, as well as statements from the incorrect English dub of the filler-laden anime. The battle in the manga makes it quite clear that the Goku and Freeza break 100,000,000 by the end of the fight, and the Daizenshu itself lists them in the hundreds of millions, and this has been verified several times. If links are needed, I will provide them. "

Goku's power level while fighting Ginyu was 180,000, and after being healed he had a level of 300,000. When he took off his weights that jumped up to 3,000,000-equal to Freeza's 33% form. When Freeza went to 50%, he was 6,000,000, and when he went to full power, he was 12,000,000. Goku's Kaio-ken times 20 had a power level of 6,000,000 and his Spirit Bomb had a power of 9,000,000. His SSJ Form was 15,000,000.
07:20:41 PM Oct 20th 2010
edited by Lyim
Deleted for being unrelated.
04:23:15 PM Oct 5th 2010
Should we add a "subjective" tag to this? And in the Real Life section: if it is actually possible, how can it be beyond the impossible at the same time?
01:53:46 PM Aug 12th 2010
I think that the West Side Story entry should be removed from the Film folder. Not only is it jokey, but I've heard that precise joke in a stand-up routine, which means that it's an uncredited plagiarism of a joke.
01:56:46 PM Aug 12th 2010
More precisely, it's a line from a Bobby Slayton routine.'tBelieveCurrent.html
02:04:35 PM May 17th 2010
About 90% of the "Music" section is entirely subjective garbage amounting to "my favorite band is sooooooooo awesome" and should probably be deleted.
07:09:36 AM Sep 20th 2010
.... Then delete it?
12:37:59 PM Apr 5th 2010
I don't think the picture describe the trope very well.
01:28:22 PM Aug 10th 2010
Agreed. To someone only vaguely familiar with Dragonball it's a guy in gold shouting. Yeah.
05:28:18 PM Dec 29th 2010
Yea, this pic is more Up to Eleven if anything.
05:32:29 PM Dec 29th 2010
The above conversation was talking about the old picture.
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