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01:39:03 PM Feb 19th 2014
Between Ryuzo's route, Homare's sequel, and the opening of Kissed By The Baddest Bidder, I'm starting to think it might be time for a Nightmare Fuel page.

09:34:03 AM Nov 26th 2013
Class Trip Crush article launched!

...the description is awful, however, and it's desperately in need of more tropes. I've only played Taketo's route, so somebody please help this one out?
01:16:23 PM Nov 26th 2013
Thanks for that. My first impression of the game was an overwhelming "...meh", but I'll give it another go and see if I can't find something to add.

04:27:59 AM Nov 24th 2013
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I'm a little on the fence about The Rival subclause on Strictly Formula. I get what you're saying, and I do agree that it happens (and is often awesome/fun when it does), but I worry that it might lend itself to future shoehorning, since it doesn't always apply whenever a new character is added to the cast.

Also, the description on the trope page indicates a one-on-one relationship, and not necessarily always in the "rivals in love" sense.

Tl;dr — I do love whenever the core True Companions group gets all fluffed up and possessive at the appearance of an interloper. It's never not funny. I'm just not sure it's this trope.

Add specific examples on the works pages themselves, whenever applicable, or rework the example here into its own entry with a more clear outline of the conditions it needs to apply? Argh. Troping hard. Brain hurt.
05:17:03 AM Nov 24th 2013
Yeah, I was a bit dubious about that one myself, and it really shouldn't have been linked to The Rival at all, because you're right, it's definitely not that trope.

I'm cutting it for now - aside from the trope misuse, which is easy enough to fix, I'm a bit at a loss for how to strengthen the description, and there's noticeably fewer examples than any of the others. I'm not even sure it applies to Leonardo at all (I haven't played his route) I just kind of figured since he's Navy.

I'm sure there are appropriate tropes to use to add the specific cases to their game's page.

...in fact, it's just occurred to me that Tatsuro might count as an inversion of Dating Catwoman. Hm!
05:47:48 PM Nov 23rd 2013
I know I just added that whole huge block of text for Strictly Formula, but I find myself kind of on the fence about it. Anybody else have any thoughts?
05:55:13 PM Nov 23rd 2013
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I like it. Block of text or not, it's a good writeup. Let's face it, the games do run on Strictly Formula. You end up trying to predict which roles will be represented, and who will fill them. May as well cheerfully acknowledge the fact, aye?

I was contemplating something similar myself, and god knows you're the better writer. If someone else feels otherwise, they can tweak/axe to their heart's content.

(as a tangent, re: my edit on the Voltage CMOA page: Feel free to correct my grammar whenever. I'm reasonably fluent in English, but my sentence structure makes even me cringe at times)
06:18:06 PM Nov 23rd 2013
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Okay, cool! Tropes Are Not Bad, after all, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't applying a shoehorn unnecessarily.

(also good to know - I started thinking after I made that edit that I was probably stepping on your toes a bit. Grammar's just something I'm reasonably confident about. Goodness knows I hope you and anyone else who sees a need will continue to fix my errors when I make them and otherwise tweak/polish/axe as they see fit; I'm not trying to be proprietary about any of these pages or anything, but apparently sometimes I have come off that way unintentionally?)
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