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09:00:22 AM May 19th 2018
Troper Youtubenut originally added a Distaff Counterpart example to Voyd's section comparing her to Syndrome. I removed it and gave a detailed edit reason why it didn't fit her character. Troper Makesshoes added the example back without any edit reason.

In the interest of avoiding an edit war, I contacted makeshoes via PM to determine why the example was added back and never received a reply.

My reasons for why the Distaff Counterpart example doesn't fit is: A Distaff Counterpart is essentially a female version of a male hero or villain. Like Hawkman has Hawkgirl, Superman has Supergirl, Conan has Red Sonja. However, Syndrome is a male villain with red hair without superpowers but is a Evil Genius that can build devices to give him "powers" like jet boots and zero-energy gauntlets. Voyd is a female hero with blue hair that has superpowers and can create dimensional "voids" or portals.

So right from the start they have significant differences that make it hard to consider them counterparts. Since the movie hasn't been released and Voyd's full powers, personality, goals and motivations are still unknown, it's a bit premature to try to classify any Incredibles 2 character as a Distaff Counterpart.

In the absence of any feedback, I'm again removing the example and will refer to this discussion point as the reason.
10:10:00 AM Jan 19th 2018
I would like to recommend that the character page of "The Incredibles" be classified as an unmarked spoiler page. This is a common convention at tvtropes when a character has a surprise twist in the story and becomes a Walking Spoiler. It gets hard to set out examples where most, if not all, of the example text is within a spoiler tag.

Since the movie has been out for 14 years, the twist that Syndrome is Buddy and that he dies by Turbine Blender isn't much of a spoiler any more.

If approved by consensus, then essentially all spoiler tags would be removed from example text and a banner warning would appear at the top of the page to alert the trope reader that there are spoilers ahead. Something like...

ALL SPOILERS ARE UNMARKED. Beware if you haven't seen the movie yet.

Feedback would be appreciated.
10:15:33 AM Jan 19th 2018
I would also support it as an unmarked spoiler page, given Syndrome is a Walking Spoiler character.
10:25:29 AM Jan 19th 2018
thanks gjjones, lets leave this open for a bit. I've invited a few others to comment on this proposal. I don't think there'll be any objections but a major change like this should at least try to collect a consensus.
06:46:08 PM Jan 24th 2018
After making a good faith effort to solicit more feedback on this topic, none of those whom I invited to participate in this discussion have taken the opportunity to do so.

Spoiler tag free character pages are not unusual at tvtropes especially when there's a Walking Spoiler character that forces certain examples to be almost entirely buried in spoiler tags.

Since there has been some positive response for this change from those who are actively editing "The Incredibles" at this time, I'm going to remove spoiler tags from all the examples and put a warning up at the time that this page contains unmarked spoilers.
04:05:12 PM Jan 25th 2018
edited by Hvedekorn
I didn't reply in time because the discussion page didn't pop up on my watchlist, so I didn't realize a new topic had been made. Now the changes have been made, but anyhow, I fully support them. The Incredibles is getting old enough that the major spoilers are starting to suffer from the It Was His Sled effect.

If the second movie turns out to have major plot twists, we might want to reconsider our spoiler tagging, though, since those who haven't had the opportunity to watch the second movie might still want to read examples from the first movie without getting spoiled. But I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get there.
12:33:08 PM Jul 12th 2017
edited by Andyxdr
Does Syndrome really qualify for Super Intelligence? What I'm saying is, the trope is about characters who are intelligent to a superhuman degree, not characters who are simply really smart.
12:17:25 PM Jan 7th 2017
Is Mr. Huph a CEO of the company. I remember hearing the commentary and it seems to indicate he's middle management.
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