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    Western Animation
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    It's a Looney Tunes short featuring a cat and a bird (NOT Sylvester and Tweety). Their owner asks to the cat that he shouldn't eat the bird while she is away, but he tries doing that anyway for the reminder of the short. At the end, the owner comes back and finds the house messed up... and the bird ate the cat. Reply

      Puss N' Booty? The colorized version replaces the cat and bird with Sylvester and Tweety but the original isn't them.
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    So it was a book (possibly a series of short stories?) where there was a story about a time machine. The guy is coming back to see his machine (the machine needed to be repaired) but sees himself coming out the machine and panics and shoots him. He then jumps inside the machine and takes off. It is essentially a time loop. He reflects on his relationship with his dad and talks with the AI voice and they look through his memories. If he steps out he'll get shot by past him and die. Finally he accepts his fate and forgives his dad and steps out. It turns out he didn't die from the shot. It's sci-fi obv. Reply

      I FOUND IT! It's "How to Live Safely in a Science Fiction Universe" by Charles Yu.
  • 3 Jun 22nd, 2017 at 11:11AM
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    In the early 1990s, I caught most of an animé movie on TV. It involved what were either aliens or robots, possibly made of stone (they were large and definitely grey or beige) that looked sort of like the ones in Laputa: Castle in the Sky but it definitely wasn’t that film. At some point in the film, these creatures (?) talk to the protagonist about time being circular, or at least not linear, and the way they talked in the dubbed version of the film that I saw had them using sentences with verbs of multiple tenses stuck together, sort of like “we were-will be x.” I think the film was made in the late 1970s or in the 1980s.

    Does this ring any bells with anyone? I have had no luck tracing this online. Reply

      Is there anything useful to you on the Time-Travel Tense Trouble page?

      Gandahar (known as Light Years in English)

      You No Take Candle: The mutants said everything in both the past and future tenses (example: "was will be" instead of "is"). The trope is played with because the mutants are trying to tell the main character that he's going to be doing some time traveling. In the English version, they are also terrified of the present, so they fall back on the prophecy and find solace in the past-future.

      @Paul A — Sorry, I didn't find anything useful there. @Erica B — Sorry, it's not Gandahar, and I couldn't find anything on the You No Take Candle page, either. The movie was definitely Japanese in style, unlike Gandahar. Also, the aliens/creatures whatever in the movie didn't give me the impression of being confused or unable to think like a human; they were trying to explain how they perceived things to the protagonist (who I don't remember anything about at all) and the mixed tenses seemed more natural to them.
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    Okay, so there's this live-action film that's meant to be horror but we weren't scared as the score was the chicken dance music.The plot was that this man (I think he was white with dark hair) had a wife or child who'd died and he was helping his daughter (a child who was prepubescent but older than four) to grieve. Things kept happening around his house like the kitchen tap fell off and the window broke or something and there was a forest outside where he found a group of kids running around chanting and he asked a woman about it and she said that some children had died in that forest a while back so these kids may be ghosts. Reply





      Do you remember when you saw the movie and/or when the movie took place? In this movie- a brunette single father and his daughter lived near the forest. Do you remember if he tried to contact the kid or if his daughter did first - you would be surprised how many details can make googling easier.

      Well, my mother was watching it on Netflix (last year I think) so I'm not sure that the whens would give much detail and it was hard to tell when it took place as it seemed pretty timeless (no evidence it was in the modern era or the past). And I didn't see all of it so I can't really give details but from what I remember he didn't try to talk to the kids, he just ran away from them without even saying hi or whatever, and I don't think the daughter even knew they existed.
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    Live Action TV
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    I am looking for a puppet show that aired in the 80s on Australian TV, most likely on ABC.This was possibly a one episode special, since the both times I saw it were years apart and it was the same each time.

    Basically it was a very creepy puppet show that consisted of a series of stand alone vignettes against a black background. I don't think there was any dialogue. It was broadcast during the daytime, but seemed to have a bit of adult content like nudity and violence. I am not sure, but it may have been European in origin.

    Some of the individual scenes that I remember:

    - A man inside of a floating box, in a sitting position so that his legs are sticking out of the front. Then his head turns around to reveal a woman's face, another pair of legs comes out of the bottom of the box and then his own legs fall off to reveal a pair of breasts.

    - Some guys in a boat in the ocean, and they get covered by green goo.

    - A man goes to sleep, then his head detaches from his body revealing a caterpillar's body that comes wriggling out and starts dancing in the air until the head comes off

    - A man running on a treadmill, which causes a swing to move faster and faster until the man sitting on it flies off. Reply
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    Live Action TV
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    It was this drama action live show - might've aired on nick, maybe toon - but the show involved a guy being able to see the future. Not the far ahead future but a couple minutes or seconds in the future. There was a scene where two guys were locked in the trunk of a car without much air. An that guy has to save em. I remember faintly the beginning of the series had to do with that guy getting into a fight, defending this little Guy, then cops or someone took him in a took him to this place. Might've been an academy or something. Pretty sure this series runs 1 hour long. Much obliged! Reply
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    So, there's this movie that's black and white (so it should be from the middle of the 20th century). It's basically about these group of people in a house investigating a murder of a lady and who murdered her. One of the characters is able to see and communicate with the ghost of this lady.

    One of my favorite jokes from this film is the officers showing the corpse of the dead lady to another lady (this one being the lady the murderer was planning on killing) and asking her if she recognized her. She then of course freaks and faints. XD

    One running joke from this film I remember is the one black dude in the entire cast continuously sitting in a chair in a certain position. This chair then sent him underneath the house into a water tunnel (sewer?) somewhere and having a slapfight with a seal. Reply
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    Web Original
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    There was this old sprite movie series on YouTube from like 2007-2008-ish involving Kirby and Yoshi living together. There was this one episode where they get robbed by a Bandit named BG Bandit. There were also two recurring characters called the Super Soccer Bros(?) who taught Yoshi and Kirby special moves like the Bros. Moves in Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga. The sprites used looked like they were from Game Boy Advance games. Reply

      Oh I found it! It was Kirby Vs Shy Guy. I think someone just uploaded the comic in a video format when I discovered it way back in the day. The videos seem to have been taken down some time ago.
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    It was live action and it had a woman and a female monster like character which was basically some one in a suit. I wanna say that the monster spoke gibberish and it was high pitched. I also wanna say she taught ABC's on this particular tape. Reply

      What did the monster look like? Do you know anything else about the tape?

      I cant remember colors but i believe the face was on the body towards the top of the body ... I remember watching this when i was a kid on Vhs back in the early 90s.

      Possibly the Polka Dot Door and the Polkaroo?
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    I often think of a stereotypical "robot" character type that runs around and repeats "I AM A ROBOT! I AM A ROBOT!". Are there any shows that you can think of with it, or was it only my imagination? Reply

      Tracey Morgan did that routine on an episode of 30 Rock.

      I heard of someone saying that it was in one of those King Julian dance moments in a Madagascar film.
  • 8 Sep 29th, 2016 at 5:05PM
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    This is gonna sound REALLY vague but maybe someone can help. I remember my dad was watching some old black and white movie on tv and I watched with him but only saw 2 scenes. One was of a bald guy in a dark alley who my dad said was a bad guy. After that it went to a commercial. When it came back it showed this guy in a classroom(?) who had a pet snake (maybe 2 snakes I forget) resting on this arm. I asked my dad who he was and he said he was the Big Bad. I might have watched more but all I remember is this tiny fragment. Any takers? Reply






      This reminds me a lot of that anti-drug PSA with the snake-headed dealer.

      No. He was just a normal looking guy with pet snakes

      Bumping because I'm curious.
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    There were these two guys, and in this one part, a cobra was sliding down the stairs, following the contours of the staircase as it did so. Then when it got to the bottom, it sprang up and bit one of the guys on the neck. The other one fought it off, and then the snake went back up the stairs the same way it came down.

    And in another part, they went into a fancy-looking office with a very large bay window. Then a giant eyeball appeared outside the window. One of the guys looked freaked out at it, but the other didn't notice. Reply
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    A kid is having an asthma attack in a school/library and seeks help through instant messenger and another kid starts to talk to him and saves him by figuring out his location.. Reply
  • 0 Jun 22nd, 2017 at 9:09AM
    It was a science show for kids, and they had these small segments, where one was called "out of this world" where they make something big, and another one is in a lab and test out something. I believe I watched it on tvo kids. Reply
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    the series had to be filmed in the mid to late nineties. It revolved around a white male cop and a female cop that was native American. Several members of the cast were native Americans. The setting was similar to Alaska however when I look for the shows filmed in Alaska I can't find it. In our country the show was called "Na sever" which would be roughly translated "Due North" or "Northbound". It Was the type of show where you follow the two cops, their work and the people in the community. Thank You. Reply

      North of 60?

      jormis29, Thank you. That's it.
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    I honestly don't remember much about this movie. It was a live action movie about a woman and her teenage daughter. The daughter was attacked at the beginning and the mother saves her, and she spends the rest of the movie doing whatever she can to keep her daughter safe from strangers. However, we learn at the end that her daughter was Dead All Along and she's been hallucinating the entire time. There's plenty of foreshadowing, as nobody ever acknowledges the daughter. That's all I can remember, sorry! Reply
  • 2 Jun 18th, 2017 at 6:06PM
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    There was a scene in a movie that I saw in the 2000s, a flashback with voiceover, maybe someone reading a diary entry? And the narrating voiceover was the voice of the writer. It showed her as a teen sitting in a classroom; she and this other girl are stealing glances at each other, and in the voiceover she reminisces that Other Girl had beautiful hands. Then it shows her and Other Girl (or maybe it was a different girl?) holding hands in front of her parents, who are yelling because they don't approve of homosexuality.

    I thought it was from The Reader, but that can't be right. So maybe it was from another German movie? Reply

      I think there was a scene like this in V for Vendetta (even the beautiful hands bit rings a bell). I could be wrong, though.

      Looked up a transcript, and it is V for Vendetta! Thanks!
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    Live Action TV
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    The movie was super boring so I didn't watch all of it. It starts with a little boy that captures a toad. A walking silhouette with a cowboy hat tells him to kill it by stabbing it with a slightly sharp rock. The little boy answers that he does not want to and that the toad is his friend. The shadow curses at him and berates him for being weak until he finally complies. He reaches his late teens and we find that the shadow never left. It's also clear that noone sees or hears it besides the boy. At the behest of the shadow , he murders his girlfriend's family with her being a more than willing participant. Her little sister walks in to find her parents dead and immediately starts crying before being told to shutup and getting hit in the face with the back of a massive shotgun. That was a bit much for me so I turned, but I wonder what the title was. I'd love to know that I watched something that actually exists and that this was not the creation of my imagination. Reply
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    What is the TV show or movie where most kids on the Earth die and the rest develop superpowers and are grouped by colors by what ability they have? The ones with the dangerous superpowers dissapear. Reply

      Although it's not a tv show or movie, I'm pretty sure you're thinking of the YA book series The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken.
  • 2 Jun 19th, 2017 at 12:12PM
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    I'm looking for a game, pretty sure it was Final Fantasy (Like 80% sure). All I remember is right after you name your characters one of them betrays you, that beats the garbage out of your, that part took place in like a castle. I don't remember much more about the game but it was the 2d Final Fantasy style and I think it had 16-bit graphics. Please help. Reply

      Sounds like Final Fantasy IV.

      Edit: Oh wait, didn't see "right after you name your character". Sorry.

      Don't think so :/
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    I remember hearing some time ago a cover of some song. Sadly I don't know the original song's title, but I recognized the melody. It was sung by a chorus of kids and the lyrics were "Kids are special" over and over for most of the song. Reply
  • 3 Jun 20th, 2017 at 9:09PM
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    Okay, so this is gonna be super vague and I just now am remembering it after who knows how long, but assuming this wasn't a dream, forever ago I feel like I saw what was either a short, no-dialogue animation, or potentially music video, about a girl with wings (I think they were white angel wings) who at first seemed like she was being held captive by the military, but either they were just keeping her safe from something, or one of the soldiers helped her escape. I think I remember a futuristic city that was almost in a gigantic pit, with trains on bridges going across either side of the pit, that appears at the end with her flying there/enjoying her freedom. There may have also been scenes with the girl being taught to fly. I want to say it was anime-esque, but I'm not totally sure. It may have also been a movie trailer. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Reply

      On Your Mark?

      ^ Seconded. It's an "animated music video created by Studio Ghibli for the song 'On Your Mark' by the Japanese rock duo Chage & Aska."

      Yep, that's definitely it. I'm a big fan of Ghibli, so I have no idea how this one went under my radar. Thanks so much!
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    Live Action TV
    With the rise of old American infomercials (Shirley Temple DVD Collection, Muzzy, Snuggie, Blendy Pens, etc.) becoming memes, I just remembered an ad I used to see a couple times on Nickelodeon/Toon Disney/CN around 2007 or 2008-ish. It's one of those Kidz Bop/Worship Jamz-esque compilation albums for kids, but this one was comprised of country line-dance music and featured popular country hits like IIRC "I Like It, I Love It" by Tim McGraw. However I have NEVER been able to find the ad for this even though it was likely made by Razor & Tie (the guys behind Kidz Bop). I really hope to find it again. Reply
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    Live Action TV
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    I'm looking for a tv show about a bunch of people who think they are on a spaceship that left earth a long time ago but are actually still on earth and it's a big science experiment that the government is keeping secret Reply
  • 4 Jun 19th, 2017 at 2:02AM
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    Movie made in the early 2000's iirc. Featured rich people time-travelling back to the era dinosaurs lived on Earth. One of them steps on a butterfly in the past, killing it, which backwards-changes evolution. Now that the butterfly is killed, earth's eco-system is so drastically changed that humanity will be extinct (or rather, humanity never has existed). The time-travellers have to time-travel back to the dinosaur era again to prevent the one person from killing the butterfly. Reply

      Sounds like the A Sound of Thunder film

      Thank you, that was the one I was looking for.

      So that's what that Treehouse Of Horror episode was parodying!

      Well, not exactly — the Treehouse of Horror episode predates the movie by a decade. They're both inspired by a Ray Bradbury short story.