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    I'm looking for an anime but all I remember specifically is one girl from the anime. She has yellow eyes that glow when she uses her power. She's half-demon I believe. She can eat things and then create them but if she uses the power too much she bites her tongue and has to wait a while before using it again. She wears a high school uniform and looks like Mairu Orihara from Durarara. Reply
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    I remember some months ago I heard about an indie videogame which was basically an eroge, but the point was that you had wholesome sex and there were no creepy elements to it. Here's what I remember:

    -I think it was very likely hosted on itch.io, though I searched through the nsfw tag and I couldn't find it.

    -The art was 2D, and it was either anime or animesque, but I'm pretty sure the game itself was western in origin.

    -There were four possible partners, three boys and one girl. The promotional image depicted the four, one next to the other. They were demons/succubus-like (?) so it probably had fantasy themes.

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    Western Animation
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    This one is quite fuzzy, but I'm sure I've seen it somewhere. It had a man in a suit becoming involved in a certain fairytale (perhaps more? Or was that the Fairytaler...), I most clearly remember an episode where he had wings that he used to complete a task for a princess (as you do). If you can find the show could you please direct me to the specific episode? Reply

      Fairytale Police Department?

      Hmm, I believe it was from earlier than that, maybe late 90s, but thanks for the nostalgia trip!

      This is a completely off the wall guess, but could it have been Walter Melon?

      Er, no sorry. I'm starting to wonder if it even existed! The only fairytale that comes even close to what I'm remembering is The Carpenter and the Turner, which I can't find in print to check!
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    I played this about 10 - 15 years ago. It was set in a crazy house where each room covered a different kind of math. I most clearly remember the volcano room, that taught about temperature, and I believe the bathroom covered volume. It wasn't an action kind of game, I'm pretty sure it was mainly point and click. I've been googling this for a while, but any help would be greatly appreciated. Reply


      Could it be one of the Dr. Brain games?

      Millie's Math House?

      Not either of these sorry, although the style was more similar to Castle of Dr. Brain than Millies Math House. If it helps, the movie Meet the Robinson's strongly reminded me of this game. I think each room had a zany family member to tell you what to do
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    From SCP-1539 Comments:

    • A very old DOS game. You went around with a fairy, much like manic miner, except she had a wand - you could soak up a single square of anything on the map with one key, and shoot a beam that gave those properties to something else. If you did something specific, you could make hunks of map disappear, too.
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    Live Action TV
    So I thought the show was FBI Criminal Pursuit but I can't find the episode of which it was so I'm thinking it might be a different show.

    So here's what happened. A brother and sister (young like 8 and 10) were kidnapped by someone. And one night they get abducted. The boy is found dead but the girl is eventually found eating at a restaurant with the man. And it's revealed the man is a registered sex offender who picked them specifically while scoping out the neighborhood Reply
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    Print Comic
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    I remember reading a comic book ages ago about a teenager who loved super hero comics and wanted to be a superhero. He was also being trained by and provided for by various people hired by his rich and eccentric father (or maybe grandfather? uncle?) that he had never met in person. He assumed his father was a superhero and was grooming him to be his replacement but when he finally met his father it turns out his father was a superVILLAIN who was grooming him to be his replacement. The protagonist ultimately chose to take up his father's mantle but as a hero. I remember that his costume had a cape and one of those masks that armors the eyes and chin and in the first issue he was reading a comic and commented that it sucked because it was a story arc about clones (an obvious jab at Spiderman's Clone Saga) but he was reading it anyway because he wanted to stay in the loop on the series continuity. Anyone know about this? I think it was an Image comic. Reply


      I thought it was Invincible at first as well, but I distinctly remember the protagonist of the comic I read was a Badass Normal and after checking, Invincible isn't.

      Check here: Image Comics

      This one might be it: G-Man


      Thanks jormis, it turns out it was Abyss. Sorry for taking this long to notice, I kinda gave up on this since it's been nearly a year and haven't really been keeping up with this YKTS.
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    It was an anime, violent and with some mild nudity, the main character was a redhead dude, traerť was a blonde girl as companion. Thatís all I can remember since I saw it around the 2000s although this one seemed to be dated between the 1980s and the 1990s Reply
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    Western Animation
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    I remember a tv show broadcasting on disney awhile back, the animation was animeesque but I'm fairly sure it was western made with the color palette they used, the show was either set in high school in community college, and the teenagers might be some sort of community help group if i remember Reply
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    Live Action TV
    A show featuring some children and a bunch of colourful glow in the dark animal puppets on a black background. The viewers were asked to move with the animals. The episodes were very short and showed in between episodes of other shows. I can't for the life of me remember what it was called or any other details! Reply
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    It was an animated show about these two kids, a boy and a girl (possibly siblings) who kept being sent back in time to learn about history. There was some sort of teacher/narrator that I remember in the form of a book, though I could be wrong. I know one episode they went to the building of the Great Wall of China, and another they were in somewhere reminiscent of the old west. In the old west one they were eating sloppy joes and someone asked "where's Joe?" and it zoomed in on the girl's face. I watched in about 2011 but it seemed pretty old. Reply
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    Just trying to remember a post-apocalyptic puzzle exploration video game that was like the Metro series.

    The bit that I remember is this: female protagonist/journalist?, underground/tunnel section, you could talk to and with a group of people of short stature and of a Russian aesthetic. The puzzle in this section was bats, you couldn't go back outside because of the radiation, so you had to clear the way with fire. Among the people you had was a Raygun aesthetic robot, whom you had to send out into the outside through a set of Fallout doors (like the one in Fallout 3 holding Fawkes) in order to do... something. Game mechanics similar to The Walking Dead, in that you walk around solving problems.

    It was on Youtube, though I no longer know the title of the game to search it up, but I think it came out within the last decade. Reply
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    Yo! Looking for a book series with the following attributes:

    A witch eloping with a commoner (Plumber?).

    They have a family with magic kids including conjoined twins and a girl who is covered in hair and has electric powers, and an older brother who might be called Edward.

    Kids go to some kind of magic school and ride a dragon to get there.

    At one point there is a two-legged suitcase.

    The dad had big ears, the mum (the witch) had curly hair.

    There was a secret passage from their house to a house down the street

    The dad accidentally severs his own foot and ear, and magically reattaches the foot to the side of his head and then sets it all right, while in the company of a non-magic neighbour

    The whole story is set a normal suburb, in the 90s(?)

    The school offers a synchronised screaming class which led to frequent eardrum transplants

    The conjoined twins joined a three-legged race which also included an octoped who tied five limbs up, someone who grafted an extra leg onto themselves and a participant who half-cloned himself

    The school played a sport which involved a worm coming out of the ground and spitting a ball.

    Thank you. I know that's a lot and nothing important to go on but it's what I've got. Reply
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    Western Animation
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    Okay, so hereís what I remember. (This was something I watched in the 2000ís.) So there was this boy, maybe 10-13, that was on a battlefield. People were dying around him and eventually someone he loved or cared about dyed in front of him. He is in anguish and I think he yells which releases the spirit of a shadowy like dragon with red eyes that is attached to the boyís back kind of like a genie. This particular spirit guardian turns out to be like a well known ancient all powerful spirit. The people in the battle watch in amazement as they realize that the little boy has just summoned this known guardian. If I remember correctly the ďBlack dragon/shadow dragonĒ was the term the people used for this shadow he conjured. Anyway that was like episode 1 of whatever show this was. I caught another episode later on and it was the boy struggling to summon his dragon guardian companion during a battle. Everyone has their own spirit guardian btw his was just special apparently. People fought in this show by channeling their spirit guardianís energy and strength into themselves. Him and his guardian werenít getting along or something and you canít just force your guardian out you have to ďbecome one and accept themĒ or something like that. LOL. This show is either an anime or a cartoon, it was English when I watched it. It didnít have a very ďanimeĒ like vibe to it visually. It seemed darker than your normal cartoon. Think Attack on Titan mixed with Avatar the last air bender. Not really all that colorful but with those character styles. At least thatís what I remember, it may look a little older. It may be an anime! No idea! Reply

      The show based on Blue Dragon?

      Ermahlerd!! I think that‚Äôs it! ūüėā Thank you so much. I described it terribly. Haha. Bad memory yeesh. Rewatching episode 1, it seems quite different from how I remembered it. Interesting to know it‚Äôs based on a video game. :)
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    I read a book many years ago and I'm attempting to track it down now to re-read it. Here's what I remember: there's a woman who works for some sort of agency (I think it's intergalactic) and she's captured by an enemy race. She makes a comment about having her hair cut short when she's imprisoned because in the enemy's culture that is a way to humiliate or shame women, though it doesn't bother her. That's the most specific thing I recall, but there is also something about her working with another agent, a man who is either inexperienced or has done something disgraceful, making her unhappy to be stuck with him. In the end, he takes their ship and uses it to somehow defeat the enemy, I think by self-destructing the ship to blow up their base or city, killing himself in the process but saving the female agent and presumably everyone else... Any ideas? I believe it is a young adult novel and it may be out of print. Also, I can't promise it was ever published or available outside the United States. Not a lot to go on, I know, but I'd appreciate any titles anyone can suggest. Thanks! Reply

      I don't know the work. All I can suggest is that even though it doesn't sound like it was traumatic for the heroine in this case, there are several examples of the scenario you mention (hair being cut short to humiliate women) under the Traumatic Haircut trope (and not all of them actually are traumatic). So it's possible you'll find this work there.

      I'm probably wrong, but I'm thinking it's Consider Phlebas.


      Consider Phlebas doesn't sound right, but is definitely worth a look, thanks. The protagonist is a woman, the part of the story I remember is told from her point of view. She's captured early and imprisoned (that's when she mentions the haircut) and continues to tell the story from what she can see/learn while locked up. I don't know if she tells the whole the story, they may flip to the male agent for some chapters. I've examined Traumatic Haircut before, but I'll look again. Thanks!

      Bump. Anyone else out there find anything? Please and thank you.
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    So I remember playing an MMO on Miniclip somewhere around the 2010s that had a crazy name. It was all one word and very hard to remember. I remember that it had pixel art and that you could buy/make snowball turrets. I also remember being able to transform into a slime for 1M coins (Or a similar amount) and then you could go around turning others into slimes. The goal was to infect as many people as possible within the time limit. If you were turned into a slime to could press a button at any time to transform back. There was a paper bag accessory that you could wear on your head. There was some stores and there was a glitch to get on top of one of them. I don't know if you had your own house or not. It might have been in an isometric perspective. I don't think it was Habbo Hotel though. Reply



      Maybe this is one of Nitrome's games (all of which have a pixely art style)? Last time I checked, Miniclip carried Nitrome games.

      It isn't Nitrome; They have made any MMO games, as far as I know.




      It may be listed here.

      Nah, it's not on Miniclip anymore
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    so I remember watching a video review by a youtuber similar to LGR of a game that looked kinda like Myst. I mean that the graphics were 3D and kinda shiny, like Myst. I remember that the desktop icon involved a crescent and/or a spike (Think the Quake logo and the Riven logo). The youtuber talked about how their dad or someone had it on their PC, so they would play it. They talked about how bad and confusing the game was, even when they were a kid. The game took place in an underground tomb, with the player being an explorer. They're not the first, however, and I believe a journal written by the first explorer contained hints and backstory. The puzzles were really confusing and convoluted, with the 2 I remember being a sliding puzzle and one involving pressing keys to play music in a certain way. The game was very dark and brown, seeing as the game was set in and underground tomb. Reply

      Edit: It was a first person puzzle/point-and-click game and I believe it had an inventory system.





      Was it the parody game, Pyst?

      No, it was serous and was not directly related to Myst (I think)
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    Live Action TV
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    A show about investigating paranormal things/reports in the US starring a dark skinned boy, a girl I can't remember much about, and a 'mad' scientist who I believe was named Dave. He once demonstrated how to create a realistic vampire bite. It aired on either YTV or Discovery Kids (long before The Hub happened.) Reply
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    Western Animation
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    I once saw this on a trip, I believe, so it probably comes from late 2000s-early 2010s, and in America, probably American in origin. It had a similar style to Ben 10 (and there's the possibility it could be it, I've never seen Ben 10) but I'm not sure if that was it. It involved a young man and his sasquatch-like friend running through this facility (iirc, it looked vaguely like a modern mansion from the outside, but the rooms were mostly empty) with a vehicle bay running from this villain who I think looked humanoid but had a really long tongue/weird mouth. There was a scene where, after the young man and the sasquatch split up, the young man realizes that the weird mouth guy isn't following them for the reason they initially thought, he's following them because he wants to eat the sasquatch. TYIA! Reply
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    Live Action TV
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    I need help finding these:

    1. A life-size puppet show, possibly PBS Kids, aired in either 2001 or 2002. The intro of the show is somewhat similar to the Hoobs, although it is not because I checked. The episode of that particular show involves kids sitting in front of blue tarp or sheet (Video is somewhat similar to [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdGL4hbWV4Q]); does include animation, somewhat similar to Sesame Street. The ending shows the same clip of kids in front of blue tarp or sheet (1st half shown), and 2nd half shows credits with audio of clip still playing.

    2. An American TV sitcom (1960s through 1980s); A woman dressed in blue falls in water, probably a fountain. The next scene shows the same woman, still dressed in blue, being questioned by another person.

    If any of these descriptions are wrong, please let me know. I have been trying to find these for a very long time. Please help me. Thanks. Reply

      So far, I have no one replying for mine, and I do not want to bump this at all.

      I have no clue, sorry. Are there are any more things you remember?

      For the first one, I remember watching it in Gadsden, AL. The show was somewhat similar to Sesame Street, it might be "Play with Me Sesame". For the second one, it was from an episode of the sitcom with the same description.

      I just don't know the names of these shows, unless I was just imagining about them. That's all.

      It could be "Play with Me Sesame", I think there was also a Spain version of "Sesame Street."

      Many, many, many countries have their own version of Sesame Street, often just called whatever "Sesame Street" would be translated to in the local language.

      It's American, but is show is similar to Sesame Street, but I don't think it's it. Also, how is it going with the second one? Any ideas yet?

      You may have to give us some more info about the second one.

      The second one is from a retro television program. I think the woman also wore something that looked like a shower cap, which was also blue. Probably still airs on either TV Land or Hallmark. I think that's all that I can remember.

      A woman, in blue, with a cap on her head, lands in water, then is later interviewed. The clip is notable enough to be reshown. Your very vague description makes me think of Lynda Carter's appearance on "Battle of the Network Stars" where she competed in a swimming event. The way her blue swimsuit fit her was quite memorable. If that's not it you are going to need to give us a better description.

      The woman was wearing either a blue dress or miniskirt, and she was interviewed in a different room after the commercial break, so I don't think that is it. I think it was more of a retro sitcom.

      Why was she being interviewed? I think there is a show that cuts between Lynda's appearance on Battle of the Network Stars and a later interview with her about that appearance.

      Why do you think it was a "retro sitcom"? What about what you saw and heard made it seem like that to you?

      That is not it! It was a retro television sitcom that still airs reruns. The woman accidentally fell in a water fountain, making her dress wet, at a party somewhere. She was really wearing a blue dress or miniskirt. I actually believe that she was also wearing a blue bonnet on her head. In the next scene, one man was asking the same woman, dressed in blue, about the incident. It took place in a different room and she was sitting on a stool. That's all I know for now.

      Also, the party was indoors. I checked Lynda Carter's appearance on Battle of the Network Stars and it was not it. I know for a fact it was a retro television sitcom.

      Maybe you should explain to us what you mean by the phrase "retro television sitcom".

      A retro television sitcom, in my definition, is a comedy or drama that has aired between the 1950's and the 1990's.

      The show that I am struggling to find aired in either the 70's or the 80's. I am pretty sure of that.

      I decided to separate into two different topics so each user can figure out much easier.

      Bump. BTW, this is the old version of my long-waited topic.

      Bump. It's been a long time since I last used this. And now, I'm still on a mission to figure out what these two shows are. If anybody here has an idea, please let me know.

      Would the first one maybe be Puzzle Place? I know that aired on PBS and had some Sesame Street qualities to it.

      I know, but it's not it unfortunately.

      Is #1 "Elliott Moose", "Storytime" or "Someday School"?


      Oh my god you're still looking for this.

      I'll try to investigate this further when I can lol

      Thanks Automation. Yeah, I'm still having trouble figuring out what these two shows are.

      I think I also remember about the second show mentioned that the woman who fell in the fountain was elderly (I think). And after the commercial break, the next scene had the same woman (I think she was still wearing the same clothing from the party) and I think she was interrogated by a man in a suit and tie (at least that's what I think). I think it was also on TV Land at some point, so it may or may not be rerunning.

      Yes, KEVP, so many countries have their own version of Sesame Street, but that does not mean it was a terrible suggestion. I have this account, but I vaguely remember posting that, anyway. Can you remember anything else Ipbtheactor?

      To answer your question, I believe that the tarp was held on each side vertically by the two mascot-like puppet characters. Unfortunately, I don't remember the characters' names. I think it also took place in some sort of classroom if I remember correctly. The kids were sitting on the floor dancing (almost like swaying), and then cuts to another puppet in front of the action. So there would be the intro, a live-action segment, an animation segment containing a certain number of objects, then the song performed by the kids and puppets, then the same animation segment with the same number, then another live action segment, and it ends off with the same song performed earlier. And in about the last quarter of the song (the shot when the puppets does its little dance in front of the action), the footage fades to black and then the credits roll. And I think that's all I can remember.


      I did a quick bit of digging on the PBS kids channels as I remember you mentioned Sprout last time. I found this intro, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ELdEwV1wSE which leads me to believe that you might be misremembering?

      https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sprout_Sharing_Show Wikipedia says it aired in 2008 which is well out of your timeframe though :/

      Ooh what about this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07sNn9avpNw

      Has an animated intro and a fake blue window you could've mistaken for a tarp

      If it wasn't either of those then you might like to have a browse of this list if you haven't already: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_programs_broadcast_by_PBS#PBS_Kids

      Now that I think about it, I don't think it may have appeared on Sprout because that show was around before Sprout existed. And I do remember seeing two mascot-like puppets holding a blue sheet though.

      I know that PBS airs a decent amount of British programming so it could very well be something that I am familiar with.

      What other channels could it have been on?

      Not that I can recall, unfortunately.


      oops, I already suggested Someday School. Sorry for the double post.

      1. 1 kind of sounds like the old Muppets tv show to me. I never watched it so I might be wrong



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    Live Action TV
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    It was this show that took place in a park or zoo and there were people dressed up in an owl costume and a frog costume. I think I watched it on some sort of local channel, but i'm probably wrong. Reply

      New Zoo Revue

      Yes! Thank you!
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    Live Action TV
    Can someone tell me the name of a show that was on in syndication? It was on in the first decade of the 2000's and it was half a hour. It was a reunion themed show where someone calls the show wanting to meet someone they used to know in high school or sometimes college. They lost contact over the years, the show calls up the other person, tells them someone wants to meet you and we get to film it, there's a surprise meeting, the people talk... Sometimes, it was a old girlfriend, sometimes it was a best friend, sometimes it was somebody hoping for a date, sometimes it was a victim wanting to confront a bully. 2 different pairs met in each show. I can't remember the name of this show and the internet isn't helping. Reply
  • 3 May 14th, 2018 at 5:05PM
    Live Action TV
    Lastest Reply: 22nd May, 2018 07:48:11 AM
    About 18 years ago I saw a show where a family was BBQ ing and there was a dead bird on the ground (close up.pf dead bird). Suddenly the family starts spontaniously bleeding and dying. Blood everywhere, and it ends with everyone dead. It seemed like a twilight zone type show... but I can't find it anywhere. Reply

      That was an episode near the end of the second season of Millennium (I believe it was "The Fourth Horseman") in which a terrible disease begins killing people in the U.S. Northwest and threatens to destroy humanity. The show took a different turn in the third season, and after killing off a major character, the disease was all but forgotten.

      Yeah, Chas Fink has got it. Definitely the 2nd season finale of "Millennium."

      Actually the penultimate episode of season 2, leading into the finale.
  • 6 Apr 15th, 2018 at 3:03AM
    Live Action TV
    Lastest Reply: 21st May, 2018 09:42:01 PM
    I've got this memory of an old, I think American TV show, in the intro a man jumps into a spinning black and white spiral then spins with it and maybe goes back in time or something, my brain hurts please help Reply
  • 0 May 21st, 2018 at 9:09PM
    Live Action TV
    He had his back against a door/wall and was slowly assembling a gun, hitman-style, out of kitchen parts (grinders, spoons, etc). Maybe while singing/muttering to himself? The bit was definitely comedy-focused, might've been a cameo by Ainsley Harriott on another show but I can't say for sure. I think there might've been bullets whizzing past him all the while. Pretty sure at the end of the scene he finishes the gun, says the punchline, and then kicks down the door/runs out guns blazing.

    My brother and I both remember seeing this but can't remember much beyond that. It's been driving us insane for ages trying to figure out what it was from. Reply