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    Live Action TV
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    Okay... so I'm looking for a TV movie that was aired in the 90's (possibly the late 80's but I doubt it). It was a sort of psychological thriller/horror movie that I remember being very dark, in content & visuals. I remember a mother & daughter, a piano, the ocean. (It's not the movie "The Piano.") I think the mother ends up going crazy & running into the ocean, killing herself at the end. Lots of gray skies and rain. I think what I remember most was the overall feel of the movie. A very spooky sort of uncomfortable story. But that might have been because I was probably about 7-10 years old. A few years back I googled some keywords & found it, but stupid me didn't write it down & I've tried a google search again with no luck. If anyone can help I would so appreciate it! Thanks! Reply

      The Haunting of Sarah Hardy?

      Yes! Wow, you're good. Thank you so much!

      You're very welcome. Glad that is the one you are searching for!
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    TV show I watched when I was a kid,probably 10 years ago. There was a guy who would turn into a girl or the other way around and that would always happen in a school or something. Reply
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    Live Action TV
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    So I remember scrolling through the channels as a kid and came across this TV show that aired only during certain seasons (on an Estonian channel called ETV). So I tried watching it often but was forbid by my grandma and I'd like to find out what happened in the end because I never got to see it entirely and before I get started on describing the TV show I'm going to say that I don't remember much of it but it WAS NOT a ANIMATED TV show.

    Anyway, the story surrounds on a young boy who's in this small town and he's in the woods and goes through somekind of a magical bush (the bushe's entrance is golden) and once he passes it he's somewhere else (perhaps a wonderland?) and then there's this woman/witch(?) following him or looking after for him after he does it. He visits the bush very often and is in the woods. I remember there were a bunch of scenes of him at school aswell but don't remember many details of the TV show. But if anyone knows the name of the show I would be grateful. Thanks Reply

      What time period did you watch it in?

      I can't remember. It was around year 2005-2009 I think
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    I used to watch everyday as a kid this stop motion kids show about a little boy with bright blonde, wool looking hair. He had two siblings as far as I recall and I remember a few moments from different episodes. Such as when he was trying to find a Halloween costume but his siblings claimed it first or when he played made up stories with his siblings in a cardboard box. One of my most vivid memories is an episode which ends with him sat by a fire with his granddad roasting sausages. The little boy never spoke a single word in the show and the story was told by a narrator. I also remember the faces of the adults never being shown. I never saw this show on TV but I had a video with the picture on the front being this little boy pulling a red cart. If anyone can find the name of this show, which I'm sure is the name of the boy, I would be so grateful as its driving me insane! Reply


      YES!!! thank you I never saw it on TV which made it harder to find
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    Print Comic
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    A single stand-alone comic page I read in a kid's magazine sometime in the early 2000s. The premise was that there were so many characters in the comic that they could barely fit. Each panel would be a single body part (usually the hand) of two different famous cartoon characters, and it was a guessing game to figure out who they were.

    It opened with Homer Simpson finding his donuts stolen. In the next panel, he asks for help from... someone, then perhaps in the following panel that someone accused Garfield of the theft, and in the panel after that Garfield suggests that Scooby-Doo can find the thief, and it goes on like that for a few dozen tiny panels all squeezed into a single page. SpongeBob was in there somewhere, and Sulley from Monsters, Inc., the Powerpuff Girls, Batman, and many others I don't remember. It ended with Spider-Man accusing the Grinch, then the Grinch confessing and George W. Bush thanking him for his confession, and finally Bush giving Homer a new box of donuts.

    I don't remember exactly what magazine it was in or what month and year it was, but it was obviously during the George W. Bush administration, almost certainly within the first half, so around 2001-2003. If a scan of the strip exists online, I'd certainly like to see it. Reply

      I remember this! It was in Nickelodeon Magazine. Pretty sure it was actually around 2004-2005, but not completely sure. I'll see if I can find it. Update: I am not having luck finding it, but I might still try. I also feel like this was called "A Show Of Hands" or something, and likely originated in an April issue(probably 2004 or 2005), which was always cartoon themed. This comic was reprinted in a Nick Mag Presents comics issue I got in 2008. A few years ago I got a bunch of 2004-2006 issues from a thrift shop, and am pretty sure this was in one of them. It's not impossible, but would be very hard for me to access those copies. I'm afraid it would also be weeks before I even have the chance. Really sorry I couldn't be more help.

      That's all right. Thanks. Would you happen to remember what the exact lineup of characters was? Off the top of your head, did I miss any?

      I specifically remember(likely not in order) Homer Simpson, Spongebob, Power Puff Girls, Garfield, Sulley, Batman, Snoopy, Scooby Doo, Angelica Pickles, Spiderman, The Grinch, and George W. Bush.(Possibly Bugs Bunny?) Pretty sure that was all there was, not many more if not. I also remember each character showed up in exactly two panels, consecutively, except Homer who appeared again at the end.
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    In the late 80's or early 90's, my mother recorded an episode of something off Channel 2, the public station in Minnesota. It involved George Melies' films and the groundbreaking special-effects technology he used. Most of the commentary was in French, with a delayed English voice-over. Several of Melies' films were shown, including 'A trip to the Moon' and 'One-man band', but there were modern films made in tribute to his work as well. My favorite was one about the Devil trying to lure an older gentleman to Hell using the Seven Deadly Sins and mostly failing; the main music used was a brassy, loud classical piece that I simply cannot find the name of, but very fitting for the action. In the end, Satan caught the old guy with Lust, dragged him to Hell, and made some very tasty soup out of him. It was hilarious. Reply
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    Western Animation
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    What was that pilot show called the one about a kid who got summoned by this elf that was trying to summon a hero and when the kid showed up he tried another spell but all it did was give the kid a tail and there was this feral girl in it too Reply
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    I remember watching an episode or clip of this show years ago. It was animated and on a kids channel I think but, I'm pretty sure that it wasn't Disney Channel. I think there were four main characters, 2 girls and 2 boys, who are all friends/ partners. One girl had brown hair and tan skin and her hair was up in either 2 pig tails or a pony tail. The other had a short, yellowish type of blonde hair and lighter skin compared to the other girl. I don't remember how the boys looked though.

    From what I can recall, these 4 friends would work together to stop or contain monsters of that nature. Specifically, I remember a small bit of an ep. where the girl with the brown hair had either a cast, concrete, or some other substance stuck on her foot and she had to drag it down the street to try to stop someone for reasons I don't know. If you have any ideas about this title please comment and thanks for the help in advance. Reply
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    Western Animation
    So i recall an old tv show about small beings that fly around on helium baloons of different shapes, and can posess things by turning into eyes and flying towards the thing. one episode had a character end up posessing a piece of melted snow(flake?) when their snowman melted, and another one had tone of them posseses the body of a fox that was killed by a hunter to help its ghost? Reply
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    Live Action TV
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    Alright this show that I've randomly remembered had these major points that I remember: 1) I believe it was a cartoon network show. Im 90% percent sure, if not it could possibly have been disney or nick. 2) I believe there were 2 or 3 main characters. Mainly a guy, and possibly a girl and another guy. They were supposed to be teens in High School if memory is good. 3) There was this episode that i remember where they were trying to stop a Basilisk. This particular basilisk was more Velociraptor like, meaning it stood on two legs and had a long neck where its head rested, and made in some CGI animation. I believe the whole show was about capturing monsters. 4) Im pretty sure this show aired between the years 2005-2011 based on other shows i've watched before and after that time. However i cant remember shows that i for sure watched along this one.


      The Troop?

      Does this look right?

      Aw yes that's it! And it's from nick too haha. Thank you lots my man, that was quick
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    Live Action TV
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    I'm trying to figure out a show I watched as a child that had both real people and puppets. The specific episode that comes to mind includes a man who visits the characters house with a basket of kittens for the kids to play with. I also remember either the man giving them pineapple upside down cake, or the main female character giving it to him. I also vaguely remember the female talking on the phone and the phone is the type that is see through with the inside mechanisms being rainbow colored. According to the only other person that I found on the internet who also remembers this episode, there is a talking clock, an inch worm outside of their window, and a mouse family who plays rock n roll. At first I thought the show was "Under the Umbrella Tree", but I can't find this specific episode within that series. Reply

      Captain Kangaroo? Just a shot in the dark here.

      It could be either
      • The Fox Cubhouse
      • Out Of The Box
      • Big Bag

      I don't think it's any of those :( it's definitely not out of the box or captain kangaroo

      I've been trying to figure this out for a couple days now! I remember there being a catapillar or lizard thing lounging while talking on the phone (inside a tv screen). This is driving me nuts!

      I've been trying to find this show for YEARS..... I remember everything you said. I'm so happy someone else remembers it too, now I don't feel as crazy. Have you found anything else yet?
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    Western Animation
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    Hi, I'm trying to find the name of 2 TV shows (or perhaps animated movies) that I saw on TV when I was child, around 2000. I can't be 100% sure that it was western animation.

    1) The first one was about the 2 heroes (one female and one male characters, child or young adults), that were trying to arrest a mad scientist. This one has built / taken control of a satellite weapon, firing laser. The Army also tried to arrest the bad guy, they send several tanks to his base. The heroes decided to hide on one tank. However, the bad guy used the satellite, destroying the tanks, except the one carrying the heroes, which turn and fell in a lake.

    2) The second was about a group of soldiers, agents, or mercenary (I'm not sure if they were the good guys or not), piloting little hovercrafts. If my memory is ok, they were dressed in blue and white. They were trying to intercept / destroy / steal a giant cargo truck, escorted by an other faction (if my memory is right, they were in red and black). While the "blue and white" faction was piloting their hovercrafts, they begin to argue, until a female character used her hovercraft gun to shoot a net on an other pilot. When they reached the convoy, they destroyed a building to try to block it, however the convoy escorts used their weapons to clear rubble.

    Any help would be appreciated,

    Thank you in advance ! Reply

      1 is most certainly an episode of Johnny Quest, but I cannot assist with 2.

      Wow, nice job for the 1, that's it ! Thank you a lot ! If somebody is interested, I found the episode, it's Nemesis (The real adventures of Jonny Quest).
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    Western Animation
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    I remember years ago, either very late 90's or very early 2000's, me and my dad were up early in the morning, as he was flipping through channels. We came across part of a cartoon involving a pair of either mice or rats. It was a traditionally animated cartoon, and from what I remember, it definitely looked like it was made in the 80's or 90's.

    We only saw a short clip from the show, where both rodents were presumably in a kitchen. They had both been covered by some kind of sticky substance, and one of them mentioned something about being in a "sticky situation". Then, large glass (or clear plastic) bowl is suddenly placed down over them, and the second rat says something along the lines of "Now we're in a bowl in a sticky situation!" As he says this, we're shown the angry looking face of the human who had just trapped them with the bowl. After that, it went to a commercial break. I'm pretty sure my dad changed the channel after that, because I'm certain I never saw what happened after that.

    To this day, I have no idea what this cartoon might be. My first guess would be Capitol Critters, but I don't think that show ever reran past 1995, and I definitely know that wasn't the year that I saw this. Any help on this would be appreciated, thanks! Reply


      One show that comes to mind is Ratz. It's a long shot, but it could be it, I don't know.

      Sorry, it was neither of those. Again, it was a traditionally animated, pre-2000's cartoon. The only other pieces of information I could give is that I live in the United States, and the latest that this event happened was 2001, but even then, there's a good chance that I saw it prior to that year.

      Could it be "Pinky and the Brain"?

      Possibly, but I can't be sure.

      Was it Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers? The title characters are chipmunks, but two of the other characters are mice.

      I don't think so. I actually watched that show growing up, so I would've recognized it.
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    I couldn't find my old syllabi, and I would really like to watch these shows...

    1. I watched this in my Japanese class two years ago. It's an anime movie, about a girl who goes to an island with her mom to visit her grandparents during vacation, or something. She can see the guardian spirits of the island and they follow her around. At first she's annoyed by them—or they are annoyed by her—but they become friendly. I remember a scene where a girl gets lost in the mountain and is stranded during the rain in a shrine(?).

    2. This one is a J Drama, about a Japanese teacher for non-native Japanese speakers. It's a comedy, but quite educational too. She is constantly belittled by her colleagues because she's young-ish, and was a delinquent in the past, I think? The episode that I remember was that the teacher was helping one of her students, an Italian, ask his crush out, who works at a maid cafe. It also pointed out the difference between formal Japanese vs. informal/casual Japanese.

    3. This one is a European film. German or Russian? We watched it in film class, also two years ago. I don't remember much about it, except that it was weird and had some animated segments that was trippy af, but the music was nice. In the ending, the woman wins a lot of money in a casino, and gets supersonic screaming powers, or something. Reply

      Haha, disregard #3. I found it buried in my hard drive. It's "Run Lola Run".

      1 sounds like A Letter To Momo.

      Yeah, it's definitely "A Letter to Momo'. Thanks!
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    Western Animation
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    In the mid 2000s I remember watching a show that was in many ways your typical scooby doo rip off. There were 4(?) kids/teens with a dog (80% sure there was a dog) who went around solving mysteries in their local community. The only character I can remember is the girly girl daphne clone who saved them in one episode by using her makeup and a hair dryer. I have a feeling that the town they lived in was by the ocean? at least I remember them being at a lightouse at one point. I can also vaguely recall them driving around in a yellow car or vehicle of sorts. I know it wasn't the clue club because the quality and overall presentation was very....not 70s. I'm also pretty sure it wasn't drawn in the hanna-barbera style, and at the time at least it felt like a contemporary cartoon. Reply

      This would be Famous 5: On the Case.

      Yep, that's definitely it. Thanks!

      Pleasure's all mine!
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    So this is going to be a jumble of shows that i can remember bits and pieces of. All of them watched about 10-15 years ago and they are all pretty much australian teen shows (i think at least). The oldest one is about two kids and a man in a black trench that seem to travel to different realms and there is this blue crystal like thing, that is seriously all i can remember. Another is a kid and maybe his family i think they live near a zoo? And someone can transform into a tiger? A very specific scene i can remember, though i have no idea where it is from is an autralian girl eating an apple and talking to a boy, maybe her brother, i also think they are at school. The apple was green if that helps XD. Soooo if anything here seems familiar do comment Reply

      For the kids and crystal I would suggest the traditional Josh Kirby... Time Warrior!, but that's a very long shot.

      Well the tiger one is probably Wild Kat

      Thanks! Pretty sure Wild Kat is the right one, not sure about Josh Kirby

      The other could plausibly be [1].
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    I could have sworn I added it to Queer Romance but I don't appear to have had. I've forgotten the name. It's [x] and [x]. I remember it's about two women in a relationship during the 1800s where one is Disguised in Drag. Reply

      I think it may be called Patience and Sarah? Edit: That is almost certainly the book you're thinking of, and no, it's not on the Queer Romance page yet.
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    Live Action TV
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    Hi! I remember watching two shows when I was younger, between 2005 and 2010. Note that I live in Spain, but I'm positive these shows came from an English speaking country.

    1. A Disney Channel show about a boy and a girl. One of them lives in a warm place (like California) while the other lives in a snowy place (like Alaska). The boy's parents force him to sleep in the basement, and there he finds a weird... slimy portal, hidden behind a closet. It turns out he can use said portal to travel to the girls house, and vice-versa. I'm pretty sure it was a show, but it could have been a movie.

    2. A Nickelodeon show about a boy who use to be a bully, so an old man (not sure if he was a wizard or if he had weird sciencey/cosmic powers) transforms him into a dog as a punishment. He is then taken in by the boy he used to buly. The show is about the bully trying to redeem himself by doing a series of good deeds (100?) so the old man will turn him back into a human.

    It would be awesome if you could help me. Thanks! Reply

      2: 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd?

      Yeah, that was it! Thanks a bunch. Now I just gotta know the name of the first show.

      The second one definitely sounds like Eddie Mc Dowd.

      1 : Small chance but maybe Foreign Exchange?

      Yep, that was it! Oh my god, I thought I'd never find it, I can't describe how grateful I am!

      Ah, the comment about snow threw me - I don't remember much about snow on the Irish side

      The comment about California threw me - unless a special US adaptation of the programme was released, the other end of the portal was in Australia, IIRC.
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    I remember reading this book that featured these teenagers finding an abandoned shack on the beach, and inside the shack was a door that would send you back in time. I'm pretty sure the 80s were involved- either as the time period the book was set in or the time the door sends you back to. I don't really remember the plot, but it featured a guy tying a girl to a post in the middle of the ocean with a slashed wrist , so that sharks would smell the blood and kill her. A girl survives this treatment after getting rescued by fishermen, and uses the door to get revenge. This is all revealed in an expositional monologue/through flashback chapters , though- the main characters didn't know about that backstory. Any ideas on what this book could be? Reply


      i remember reading a book with a door inside a cliff that sent these 3 kids back in time, Ulysses Moore and the Door to Time. it was a series, but i dont remember if those specific events occurred. hope I helped

      It sounds like one of the Point Horror range I read in the 90s. Quite possibly #22, Beach House (RL Stine).
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    (2/2) On the cover there was a distance picture of the female mc from behind I believe, the title had a lady's name in it I think that name begins with G,B,J,or E (it's not the Bell Jar), the color was tan off white for the outside of the book with Violet purple for the text on the back that possibly described her as being more cheerful or morose than Holden Caulfield only she was older. My library had it for sale but when I went recently it wasn't there. It's one of those books I'm not sure it was a memoir and I would instantly know if it was the book I'm looking for as soon as I see it. When I looked at the front it gave me a Catcher in the rye/Scott Fitzgerald feel kind of. The time frame it might've taken place is 1920-1970. Well a reviewer compared the main female character as Salinger's Holden and there might've been mention of jazz and drums on the back for something, either to describe a character and her likes, or the time period. Reply
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    my memory is very vague but i used to watch this asian show when i was a kid early 20s, i got it from a cd and it had multiple episodes about this kid that is very young that seemed to live alone in a house, and it had educational episodes, in one of them he went to eat multiple types of food/snacks and then falls asleep with his mouth open then they zoom to germs? bacteria getting in his mouth and drilling or making a hole in his teeth and the episode was about brushing teeth i think, it was very high quality drawing or most likely CGI though i checked many lists of shows and couldnt find it so it has to be not that well known. Reply
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    Western Animation
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    Hi! I was wondering if maybe tropers could help me figure out this one work I recall seeing somewhere.

    It was a CGI cartoon, I don't remember if it was a movie or a tv series.

    I think it was from France? I'm not sure though; I looked through the French cartoons list on Wikipedia and nothing rang a bell.

    What I do recall is two characters designs. One was an adult woman with a bobcat haircut, black-rimmed glasses, black suit, white shirt, black pants and black fingerless gloves; maybe a beauty mark too, I'm not sure. She was one of the bad guys, I think; not sure about that either. The other was a small child, pink shirt, long sleeves, brown hair and a pink hat; I think it was a beret. She was one of the main characters or a one shot character.

    As for the show, I think it involves aliens? Again, my memory is fuzzy. I drew a terrible doodle of them if it helps. http://imgur.com/a/y7NLx Reply

      Code Lyoko???

      Oh wow, sorry it's been so long. No, it wasn't Code Lyoko. This show was full time CGI, It's CGI character design was similar to Monster Buster Club, but with smaller heads and smaller eyes, If that helps. I remember watching this show or movie on Jetix? Fox Kids? Some Canadian channel? I'm not sure, somewhere along those lines.

      I do vaguely remember the character design, you said it was on a Canadian cartoon channel?

      I remember French had something to do with it, and Canada is the most likely culprit. Here's the character designs attempt 2.0. if it's of any help: https://imgur.com/a/wEOrG
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    Lastest Reply: 14th Sep, 2017 04:51:24 PM
    I saw a movie a couple of months ago and went to show my mum and can't for the life of me remember it, hoping you guys can help.

    I'd say it was made it the 80s but was set way before then in America at a time that getting a job was difficult. A guy is sent to this prison and befriends one of the new guards. The new guard enters his cell and drops his baton but the inmate doesn't attack him, he just hands it back to him. The inmate befriends an older guy at the prison and also gets friendly with the head of the prison who is trying out a new rehabilitation technique of sending prisoners out to town for good behavior and trusting them to come back. So the prisoner is allowed to go to the library everyday and in civillian clothes but he ends up sexually assaulting the lady he met at the library and isn't allowed out anymore. The head of the Prison lost his job because of this and was really angry.

    I remember the prisoners beat a guard to death in the laundry room and I remember the prisoner ended up asking for the death penalty and talking to a priest a lot.

    I know it sounds depressing as hell but it's really really annoying me and the only similar movie I can find is the Shawshank Redemption which it isn't. Please Help! Reply

      Do you remember if any of these prisoners you described were in a gang? Did the sexual assault prisoner survive the money? Is sexual assault guy the main character in this movie? These 3 items will help my google search a little more.
  • 1 Mar 20th, 2017 at 3:03PM
    Western Animation
    Lastest Reply: 14th Sep, 2017 04:14:28 PM
    I remember seeing this in the early 2000's, but it's possible that it could have been made in the very late 90's, like '99 or something. It was a traditional hand-drawn animated show about a group of kids, probably in middle school or elementary school. It was strictly for adults.

    No it was not South Park or Drawn Together. It was very liberal with foul language and one episode's plot revolved around the main character, a blonde-haired boy, being hypnotized and couldn't look at anyone or anything without seeing breasts and female genitalia attached. The only other episode I remember was a Halloween special where they receive treats from an old lady and fear that those treats might be poisoned. One of the things that stands out in my mind is a bully character who frequently used the word "fuck" and wore a shirt with a hand giving the middle finger printed on it.

    I have tried to find this cartoon for several years and nothing has shown up. I couldn't even find it in the Wikipedia list for animated shows. Does anyone know what this show is? Thank you! Reply
  • 9 Aug 9th, 2017 at 8:08AM
    Lastest Reply: 14th Sep, 2017 02:35:40 PM
    There was this animated adult cartoon on late at night yeeeears ago (i'm thinking early 2000s) & it kind of reminded me of South Park. It was a bunch of elementary or middle school kids & they would swear. I remember a blonde hair kid & there was an older kid who was basically the bully. I remember a specific episode where the blonde kid (who was basically the main character of the show) went into a diner & saw the bully & the bully told him "I'm undressing the waitress with my eyes !" & the blonde kid is like "How do you do that ???" & he tells him to stare at her, rip off her skirt with his mind, then the shirt, & it's "as easy as that" apparently. But, when the kid does it, he sees blank spaces where her body parts should be. So he finds a porn magazine with his friend & they find out what a woman's body looks like. So he undresses the waitress at the diner with his eyes again & "sees" how she looks naked. But, then he can't stop doing it to literally every women that approaches him, so he freaks out & runs home. He doesn't want to inagine his parents naked so he keeps his eyes closed & his parents are like "What's wrong ? Why are your eyes closed son ??" & he's like "They are ? Oh, so they are !" & his parents convince him to open his eyes, & when he does everything is back to normal.

    The theme song was the kids walking around with their arms in the air or something going "Nyeah nyeah nyeha nyeah nyea nyeah nyea nyeah" & it would pause every couple seconds for the blonde kid to talk.

    Weirdest show, but for some reason I can't find it online anywhere ??? Even with how specific I remember the episode. I remember another episode was a halloween one &the blonde kid dressed up as some weird fish thing. He ends up running into someone with the same costume as him & freaks out running. & The bully kid goes "Ha ha ha, what a fucking idiot !"

    It wasn't a popular series or anything, I literally only saw it once . Reply

      Do you remember what channel you saw it on?

      Not at all ...Possibly HBO or Showtime or something...it was on at like 2 or 3 am & it was only about 4 episodes I think being played in a marathon. So i believe I watched the same episodes over & over again. I had comcast & it was in the something hundreds channel...definitely not Spike or Comedy Central.

      On the list of Showtime programming I found Free For All which has a blond kid as the main character. Maybe it's that?

      It's not Free For All. The animation style was different. The kids were all in like middle school or elementary school. It MIGHT have been a special. I THINK it was based on the creator's life ? I THINK the show was something like " __(name here)—'s life of something"....or like __(name here)__ presents something something"...


      The Life and Times of Tim?

      The first thing I thought of when I read the original post was The Three Friends And Jerry; could it be that?

      Gahan Wilson's The Kid?

      Was it the same show that this troper requested? http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/query.php?parent_id=50991&type=ykts The "everyone's naked" episode seems to be in both.