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    two characters going to fairy tales Reply
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    I saw a kind of series on national geographic or something like that about 5 years ago. A crazy grey hair physicist explaind the science behind funny fail videos from the internet. I am looking for this for an hour now and I'm really annoyed. Reply
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    I saw this film in a world cinema class during college. It's a Bollywood Musical about a British born Indian who meets this Indian girl during a European school trip. They fall in love but have to go their seperate ways. That's the first half of the movie. The second half is him going to India to meet with the girl's family and have her not get married to another guy.

    At least that is what a vaguely remember, so I may be be wrong on a few details. Reply
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    like 4 / 5 years ago i would watch this tv show and it was ehh stupid but i liked it since i was like 7 at the time and the show was basically abt these dogs, like there was a village or a town and i totally forgot most of the details except that it was 3d and that there was some princess dog who was in love with the main character whose name was also the title of the show and they were dating and some other dog appeared and started to fall in love with him its really confusing but if anyone could help me out that'd be great. It was on this like OK kids program thing i dont remember tbh but if any of you know a similar show please tell me . Reply
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    Thereís a movie about this woman with two *really* bright orange braids who is a famous Manic Pixie Dream Girl character irl, and thatís honestly all I can remember.

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    I have seen this movie a long time ago and somehow it came in my mind but I can't remember the title anymore. All I can remember that it was a drama, shown on Hallmark if I am not mistaken. There was this badass criminal guy, had a son who had leukemia I think and needed a blood transfusion. The woman in lead was a blondie. I can't really remember much, just some moments. If you have any tips, please help me out. :) Reply
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    All I can remember is that there was a little boy who would try something knew each weak, be it karate, horse riding or whatever. Eventually the actor was replaced with a younger Asian girl. Plz help me know what show this is (obviously not animated) Reply
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    Western Animation
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    Students, around 16-17 years, main caracter this handsome fit blonde guy. First episode,early in the morning, he is doing abs in his room, through the windows he can see her sister gettingback home after spending night away, and the guy pump up the volume of the radio to cover her from her parents view. He also can.see through the windows a milf neigbour spying him. The goal of this episode is to help his nerd guy to have a first time with a girl. They sent him to buy weeds for the party, and they get into the lake with their car after that party. Reply
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    I watched this scene from what I think is a movie a long time ago. It featured a senior man dancing at a wedding, and a gunman appears from behind and starts firing shots every so often. The man says, "Ooh! Ah!" as if he's showing off, but when he notices the blood on his outfit and notices the gunman, he falls to the ground in slow-motion as the entire crowd panics. What is this from? Reply
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    Live Action TV
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    I remember watching an advertisement for this show when it was on the ION network in 2011. One episode has a quick time change shot of the past smiling mother lifting her smiling toddler (a boy), both had brown hair, Lily Rush (not Roz sorry) was standing next to the mother looking up at the child also smiling, change to present adult son with his older mother. Does anyone know this episode? Thanks. I know I did not imagine it. Reply



      Please help.

      Bump. Please.

      I think it might of just been a bumper that featured a collage of scenes from various episodes in the series.

      I meant which episode. I know it is Cold Case, but which episode was that clip from.

      Should I describe it again?

      I just looked at various promos on You-tube of Cold Case as I saw on ION Network, nothing. It could have been an ending, because of the flashbacks. I do not know the song. All I remember is the mother picking her son up (both smiling) and Lilly Rush standing beside the mother, both the mother and son had brown hair. We see the son on the left and the mother and Lilly Rush on the right. It then switches to the much older mother (she had grayish hair) hugging her handcuffed son, they were seen in a building (same building as in flashback). I think he was handcuffed or about to be arrested. No, it is not Maternal Instincts. Does anyone know this episode? Please. I do not mean to be so annoying with this, it was just a heartfelt scene and I would want to match the title, thanks in advance.

      Bump. I asked this on Reedit, since no one is reply, don't know why. No one has responded yet, but I just asked yesterday.

      Bump. I am starting to think no one here ever watched the show before.


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    Live Action TV
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    Hi There,

    I'm racking my brains to remember a drama serial on UK TV at the end of the 80s, or perhaps start of the 90s. I don't remember too much, but the episodes were self contained dramas each week with a scary edge and a surprise ending.

    The only episode I remember clearly is where a young couple buy a school house that was still in use recently as a school but has now been closed and sold for renovation into a house, which the couple plan to do. A girl - an ex-pupil - loved her school and blames them for taking it over. She terrorises the couple. Throughout the episode we have seen drawings of a boat and also of a sickle. At the end - spoiler - the man falls through a jetty and I think drowns, and the wife is left tied by her hands in the old gym (the couple had been getting kinky before a noise interrupted them) and the girl appears around the corner holding a sickle - the implication being that she is now going to murder the defenceless wife with it.

    Any ideas? I've looked a lot on line for spooky/paranormal/twist in the tale type drama series from the age but I can't seem to find one that fits this.

    Many thanks! Reply

      I remember that very episode, but I can't remember for sure which series it was. (you didn't make it clear in your summary, but the little girl was actually a ghost)

      As you described, it was an episode of a British anthology horror series. My first guess would be "Tales of the Unexpected". But it doesn't seem to match any of the episode descriptions for that series.

      Thanks a lot for the answer. Actually - I didn't remember she was a ghost in my (admittedly hazy) memory she was just a psychopathic ex-pupil.

      I'm relieved to hear that you remember it at least - I was beginning to doubt my memory as there is so much information on line about such "spooky" shows and series and I couldn't find it amongst them. I'm fairly sure it's not tales of the unexpected. I've looked through all of those episodes.

      As you say this was a British show, or at least if it was produced abroad then the actors had British accents. Small chance I'm misremembering that and it was Australian/NZ but not US I think.

      I am pretty certain that I saw this on UK television.

      A couple more details: I think this is the one where the ghost girl kept singing "Lord of the Dance", which is a British religious song often sung by schoolchildren (An American child wouldn't have sung this, but I don't know about Australian children). I think there was only one classroom in the school, which means it would have been in a rural area. The wife actually was hoping to reopen the school and be a teacher, the husband wasn't completely supportive of this goal. I don't remember the ghost girl's motive was, I guess she wanted the school to stay closed. I also remember that when they were getting kinky in the classroom the husband had the line "Sex games in the classroom!" which would not have been a line used in American TV at the time, so I am pretty sure this MUST have been a British or Aus/NZ show.

      I don't know the movie either, but we used to sing Lord of the Dance all of the time here in Kentucky. It was in our Catholic hymnal (for those unfamiliar with it, it's sung to the same tune as "'Tis a Gift to be Simple").

      Hi, with the Lord of the Dance info I was able to google it - it was from a series called Unnatural Causes, the episode being Lost Property. http://ftvdb.bfi.org.uk/sift/title/383840.

      Thanks all.

      I love you! I thought I had imagined the show. I was about to write up about it myself but typed in 'sickle' as a search and found you'd already done it. You remember it better than me too!
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    I'm putting this under anime because I remember watching it on a website that hosts anime, but it could've been a cartoon. It was about this group of four or five kids that in the first episode walked into an antique shop (though I can't remember if all four or five were together in the first episode. I think only three of them were there) and found what looked like Lego pieces. The pieces were blue yellow and red i believe but I could be wrong. Anyway these 'lego pieces' bonded with the kids and the old man that owned the antique shop showed them a portal to a different dimension and when they went through it they turned into lego-like characters (everyone else in the dimension were also Lego like people). At the end of season one I faintly remember them turning gold and becoming much more powerful because of it. Sorry if I'm bad at explaining it English isn't my first language Reply
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    Western Animation
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    Okay. There is a work, where a girl goes to a magical ream, thanks to a grandparent's journal, and it's a cartoon or anime, I THINK European Cartoon...and she turns into either an Elf or a Pixie/Fairy. It is kinda similar to Lego Elves...and it TASKS ME! Reply
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    I'm not sure if this was anime or just a cartoon because I was pretty young at the time, like early 2000's. The scene I remember is a group of 4 or 5 people, with a mix of girls and guys, were in this multi-story room with wooden barrels and and wooden floors and similar things, fighting this vampire-esque thing that could possess people, and possessed each of the members of the group so they would fight each other. There was a younger girl and a large guy in the group and a few others. The fight scene had a part where a bigger guy was thrown through some wooden barrel or support or table, and ended with one of the group bursting out of a door from that room and running away down a hallway. I get the feeling that the vampire was just the bad guy for that episode or arc, not to the show in general. Any ideas? Reply
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    In 90s I watched this cartoon could be Japanese or could be American. I have only vivid memories but I remember I really like them. It had two similar looking human like probably bald characters, brothers or may be twins. Living in a wooden house and they never spoke like Charlie Chaplin but move like him. In every episode they will go about their daily chore and one of them will mess things up and than they will try to fix it or build it. They will mess more things and get in lot of trouble doing that and all that was hilarious. Another interesting thing about them was they were more 3D that other cartoons of those years, a different kind of graphics and animation. They were probably not famous but I liked them and trying to find them to watch again with my kids. I watched them in Pakistan so not sure about network as PTV must have exported them from some other network. Ring a bell? Reply

      Pat and Mat?

      YES!! Exactly they are, wow they are running from 1976 to 2003. Nice. Thanks
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    Hey guys this has been bugging me for a while. When I was a kid I would go over to my grandma's house and watch this one specific film about I would say four human sized animal friends hanging out. It was on a vhs tape. All I really remember is that there was one scene where the friends were lying in some grass looking up at the could sand every one said what they saw (example: a bird or a dog) well this blue bird character said I see a cloud in a kinda deep voice. That's all I remember I've tried contacting all family members that I remember watching it with to no success and I've even tried looking for the actual tape but nope I can't find it

    I really hope someone can tell me what I'm thinking of so I can watch it again and maybe even show it to my kids one day. Reply
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    Western Animation
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    This may possible be a Dutch tv show or it was just dubbed in Dutch. So for the Dutch people out there, think extra hard. It was just a cartoon, not CGI. I only vaguely remember the theme song and in there, the kids just sang about the fact that they were smarter than the teachers. I'm sorry that that's all the info I have. Reply

      Do you remember what time period you saw it?
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    I vaguely remember seeing this skeleton wearing a jester outfit in a horror film. Can anyone please tell me what it is? Thanks. It is seen in this catalog.

    (please disregard) Reply
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    Can anyone tell me the title of the song from '30 Years Of National Geographic Specials', that goes something like: 'Onma, onmanisha/ Onma, onmanisha/ CHO KO!' Reply


      could've just bumped it, dude. And since I'm guessing it has thirty years' worth of Nat Geo specials, and the song could be in any of them, and very few people watched a documentary that aired over 20 years ago, the most likely way you're going to find the answer is to play the song and use some kind of song finder app (like shazam) to tell you. From the 'lyrics' it also sounds like some kind of tribal chant, so it may not be a proper song, but someone very kind from Africa doing a recording for the tv show.

      Jay Chattaway wrote the music in that special. Canít find any other information though

      Thanks anyway, but I've already tried Shazam. If it had told me, I wouldn't be asking. It was in the segments between clips, so I thought it might have been recorded for the purpose.
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    Western Animation
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    I can't remember the name of a fat cartoon character. He was heavy, mustache, bald, and maybe glasses. I feel that he was also in some way trying to be a hero or someth8ng like that also I don't think he had hands. Maybe fins or something Reply

      Where did you watch the show and what time period?
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    OK. The show involved this guy piloting a small mecha in a setting with a bunch of floating islands. I renember that the same mecha came to try and either kill or kindap him, and that he left his mother or some other female relative behind. The bad guys had some kind of floating brick wall ship (not actually a brick wall, I renember it looked a lot like one) and the show was definately a dubbed anime. It aired on channel 3 of the Australian Broadcasting Company, back during the Roller Coaster era. I've been trying to find it ever since. Please help!!! Reply


      THANK YOU SO MUCH! I've been searching for this for sooo long. I just remembered one specific scene but I would've never been able to find it like that.
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    There was a short lived tv show in the early to mid 80's (may have been a cable network) it featured two guys that had weird long chins. sorta cresent moon shaped. I believe they mumbled and were fighters. they may have been British. anyone remeber this al t all? Reply

      The Kipper Kids
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    I remember this show about like talking instruments and it was animated and it was revolved around food. I have super super SUPER cloudy memories of it, but i just cant seem to find it Reply

      Oscar's Orchestra?

      No, it was more simple animation and i dont think anything had black borders

      the title had "Jamboree" in it i think

      Could it have been Taratabong? It doesn't revolve around food, but that was the only other one I could find

      Symfollies? [1]

      Also, someone found a cartoon on YKTS recently called Musicland Band which had talking instruments in it [2]

      Edit: Found another cartoon called Jammers [3] None of these series seem to have food in them, though
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    I heard of this game a while ago. It's a 2D open-world game set in a world that's bright and colorful with a style similar to LocoRoco,, but based around a town that's ruled by a totalitarian mayor who has cameras spying on everyone. The character you play as is a red oval with long skinny legs and white dots for eyes, and can retract its legs to roll down slopes. You start the game by rescuing some citizens of the town who got lost, and mention that they aren't allowed to leave the town. You can also get a home in the town complete with a switch that activates dance-party lights. The title was some kind of nonsense words, which is why I can't remember it. Reply

      Never mind, I found it. It's called Pikuniku.
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    Live Action TV
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    I have a memory of a segment from a children's show that no one in my family seems to remember. I remember the characters of the show walking through a tunnel. It was a natural-looking tunnel, like it was made of light-gray clay. I remember there being arc shapes. I feel like there were two tunnels on either side of the space. They exited from the first tunnel into the space, which was also light gray. It was pretty void-ish. From what I remember, they went into the center of the space between the two ends of the tunnel, and they told a story. I think there was a mix of human and puppet characters or adult and child characters. I think a campfire was involved somehow, and I distinctly remember them using a felt board for the story or lesson. If anyone knows what this could possibly be, I'd love to know. I don't know when the show would have been from because we watched a good mix of shows from the 70s, 80s and 90s when I was a kid. Reply