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3676 julyjack739th Jul 2012 01:31:41 PM , Relationship Status: Not caught up in your love affair
the goddmn laugh track wouldnt shut up in mine.
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3677 Prometheus1369th Jul 2012 01:36:24 PM from Manganoochatrelacanootratreladeb , Relationship Status: It's so nice to be turned on again
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I had a dream a couple of days ago where I apparently was transforming into a woman bit by bit. I remember beginning to get breasts and my voice was getting higher all the time. I also acted more effeminate. But what really struck me as... odd in this dream was the fact that I actually had sex with a dude (keep in mind that I'm a heterosexual male) and we both liked it.

Worst thing about it was that it was peppered with other sorts of nonsensical imagery like video game clips and weird shit and it was all VERY VERY VIVID. I was touching my face and making sure I had the proper equipment when I woke up it was so vivid.

That may be the weirdest somewhat-coherent dream I've had recently.

EDIT: What also was kinda jarring was near the end I was getting excited about my "transformation" and started to tell my friends via gmail and at college.

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3678 Ghostninja10911th Jul 2012 11:31:47 AM from there, not here.
Here's one from I just woke up from half an hour ago. I was standing near a lake that some radioactive ruins had fallen into. The surrounding cliffs had trees and plants on them except near where the ruins had collapsed from. Then I was by a pipe that allowed a stream from a ditch to empty into the ocean. The pipe extended down to an area near a beach from a road up a cliff face. The pipe was at an angle relative to the cliff (both horizontally and vertically) such that I was able to walk up it. I was planning to go to a nearby forest from there, but I wound up in a town instead. After walking through the town for a bit, the scene changed again, I was getting a ride home from some other guy. We were at an intersection that I pass by a lot when driving. When turned the wrong direction, I reminded him to turn around. Then he did turn around. The the car was a motorcycle and we were driving in circles, repeating turning around two more times. Then the motorcycle was gone and SCP-106 was following us with that same creepy, walk from the Containment Breach game. Then I woke up. I'm not planning to go back to sleep, even though I normally wake up later than this, I'd only gotten five or six hours of sleep last night and I didn't get any sleep the night before.

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3679 InverurieJones12th Jul 2012 01:30:16 PM from North of the Wall. , Relationship Status: And they all lived happily ever after <3
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Last night I dreamt I was driving out in the countryside at night in the rain. I pulled over by a tree at a junction to check my map and when I looked up I saw a black horse with a rider in black plate armour gallop through the sky and disappear above the tree.

I saw him three times in total as I drove along my route.

When I woke up the words 'I beheld a pale horse and his name who sat on him was Death' were stuck in my head. Which is odd, as the rider (if he were indeed one of those four) would have to have been Famine, as he alone rides a black horse.

Though, perhaps I had seen three different riders and simply mistaken the colour of the horses in the darkness? Perhaps the binmen outside had woken me too early to actually see the fourth and final rider?

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3680 TairaMai13th Jul 2012 04:57:03 AM from El Paso Tx , Relationship Status: What is this thing you call love?
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I had a dream where my friends and I went to hell. Actual hell. Satan greeted us. We were promised eternal torment (I was a catholic girl...). And we got lose. We were chased by demons. Hunted by ghosts. We went and started playing with Hell. And then we broke it...

Satan got real mad and kicked us out.

Cue the following Seinfeldian Conversation:

Friend 1: "Okay, so we just got kicked out of hell."

Friend 2: "What do you wanna do?"

Friend 3: "I duno...what do you wanna do?"


and then I woke up...

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3681 Hobgoblin13th Jul 2012 07:57:44 AM from Jylland , Relationship Status: It's not my fault I'm not popular!
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[up]Was there a part before this dream where you were doing stand-up? tongue
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3682 RJSavoy13th Jul 2012 09:00:13 AM from Edinburgh , Relationship Status: I'm just a poor boy, nobody loves me
The dream that I can remember as having the most narrative cohesion: "We" (it's often not clear whose Po V I'm seeing) started by taking the first train back to a mountain village that had recently been cut off by a freak storm. The rails looked like a rollercoaster, the train was a classical steam engine. The place was a mix of the Alps, the Wild West and Hammer Horror's Eastern Europe.

It's a village where strange things happen, though the only one I remember is that there was a girl with wings, a horrifying gargoyle-like creature who was later retconned to be the beautiful lover of the heir to the local Baron. There was some trouble and conflict, but I don't know if it ever made coherent sense.

The reveal was that this Baron's heir had found a genie's lamp and wished that 1) All contact with the outside world would be cut off, 2) The girl he loved would be able to fly, 3) (Right as I marvel how much sense the dream's narrative made) That the Baron's park of tanks would be able to reproduce. Cue a scene with a T-34 spitting out a youngling, Tremors 2 style. Not sure how it was resolved.

The dream seems to make a lot of sense, but I think some of this was retroactively rationalised as I remembered it, and I remember that things were going in Anachronic Order as I dreamed, going back on previous events and placing them in a timeline.

That's the dream that formed the best narrative.
3683 RJSavoy13th Jul 2012 09:21:43 AM from Edinburgh , Relationship Status: I'm just a poor boy, nobody loves me
The scariest dream I ever had started with me sitting on a bed, with right above me a roof window, not far above the floor and angled at 45 degrees. Being dark outside, I could see myself and the room reflected in it, turned vertical against the night sky. Then I opened the window, swinging it upwards. The room's reflection went with it. My own reflection however stayed in place.

And suddenly, he looked solid, not half-transparent as before. Hanging in mid-air, seeming to rest on an invisible, vertical floor. Being a dream, it took me a while to realise there was anything odd.

As soon as I noticed, he jumped down at me and reached for my neck. I woke up tumbling in bed with my hands scrambling at my neck. And I stayed awake for a while after.
3684 JHM13th Jul 2012 10:37:24 AM from Neither Here Nor There , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
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Forum drama has invaded my dreams before. It's really bizarre.
3685 TairaMai13th Jul 2012 04:25:21 PM from El Paso Tx , Relationship Status: What is this thing you call love?
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3686 Malph18th Jul 2012 11:18:22 PM from The middle of somewhere , Relationship Status: I want you to want me
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[up][up] I've never had forum drama invade my dreams, but I did have a dream where I stole a truck because apparently I had to one-up Parable (I'm not sure why, but it was important to beat him by stealing a truck).

Then I ended up stopping at a restaurant and drinking with a waitress.
The other night I had a dream where I stole something (I think diamonds. And no, theft isn't a common theme in my dreams, these two dreams happened weeks apart) and grabbed onto the bottom of a boat to escape (it was a pontoon boat and had a pocket of air under it). I rode it all the way out to a barge in the middle of the ocean and met with some people. The guy who I guess was the boss was angry about me failing somehow and tried to cut me with a hacksaw blade. He managed to cut my leg a little. There was another guy getting threatened with a blade too. When we were let go the other guy told me to swim for it while he distracted the people. I dove in and swam to a boat, which I rode to an island. The other guy met me there and we headed for a fenced area that was guarded (it seemed to be a military base or something). We cut through the fence and hid behind shipping containers to plan our next move. Then I woke up.

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3687 wanderlustwarrior18th Jul 2012 11:40:16 PM from Where Gods Belong , Relationship Status: What's love got to do with it?
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There was this luxury hotel having some sort of World Peace Conference. All of a sudden, each floor got attacked by the United Alliance of Evil. Then Jason and Tommy busted in, kicked Goldar's ass in hand to hand on the ground floor, then when to the next where TJ was holding his own against Lord Zedd.

While Tommy was fighting Goldar on the first floor, Jason/I sustained a breakdance handglide to build up speed, then pushed off the ground for this superpowerful uppercut with this weird but strong looking kick at the end.
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3688 Olivetree19th Jul 2012 03:01:36 AM from A silly little Island off the coast of an island , Relationship Status: I'd need a PowerPoint presentation
I've had this semi recurring dream where there's this dream about some sort of dream team for fighting some enemy. And it goes wrong when trying to re-unite (Some guy looked like he was a plastic soldier at first appearance, he appears again, yeah, he's plastic and can't move) eventually my guy who was a journalist is fighting some marines because of a misunderstanding, surrenders, and then happens across a bunch of bad guys, including the Joker and Solomon Grundy, and we had to enter this facility through navigating past a really stupid trip wire. And then we were on a dance floor, and apparently you had to dance for some time to open the door.

Before all that, I did Goro's job by accident by taking out two guys near the power. And also, Joker was surprisingly in character, my guy says to him;

"So, what experience with guns do you have?"

Joker: -says something about having plenty i think-

"Ah right, I'm just a journalist, so I don't have any experience, glad to be part of the team though!"

Joker: "Yeah, great to have you, because that means you're going in first!" -shoves me past the tripwire in front of the door-
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3689 wanderlustwarrior21st Jul 2012 08:09:47 AM from Where Gods Belong , Relationship Status: What's love got to do with it?
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Mine could've been an extended deleted scene from Hot Fuzz. Once they ran out of guns, Angel and Danny started using glass bottels Angel had been collecting (literally cleaning up the streets. from litter). Throwing them like grenades, setting them like spike strips to ward off bikes and small suburban "attack" dogs. Whipping the bottles at people to get them to back off. And they looked like they were having fun, too.
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3690 Saiga22nd Jul 2012 12:33:47 AM from Sunny Australia , Relationship Status: Hoping Senpai notices me
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I just had a weird dream last night. Sadly, I can't remember the early parts of it in detail, so I'll just summarise what I do remember:

  • I went to an orphanage and stole all their food.
  • I was in a music video then got arrested for something and my sentence was sitting on a grill butt naked. My ass was literally grilled.
  • I got into a fight with some chick who could control wind with a fishing pole. I could also control wind, and I beat her after figuring out the trick to her powers and promptly forgot what that was.

Some other crap involving robot bats and a shopping centre happened (I think I bough a pack of Yu-Gi-Oh!! cards at the shopping centre or something) and then we get to the parts I do remember.

So I was walking home from the corner store with my fiancée and then saw a talking cat attacking a dog and electrocuting it while a border collie ran away carrying a syringe. This was because all of cat kind were infected with a mystical virus which turned them evil. The syringe contained the cure to the cat's virus, which had to be delivered to the "chosen human" who would cure the virus - because dogs can't work syringes as they don't have hands, you see. The cat was electrocuting this dog to learn the location of the chosen human so it could kill them, and then saw me.

The cat began questioning me on whether I was wise or good looking, and I already knew why he was asking. They knew the chosen human would be a tall, attractive, wise human. I denied it, and once the cat turned its back to me, I pulled out my own syringe and stabbed it into the cat, curing the virus inside it. For some reason I thought this would have destroyed the virus in all the cats, and was promptly surrounded by a few more evil cats. To make matters worse, they had hired other kinds of magical fighters to assist them. Also my fiancée is a cat person so she wasn't going to help me at all. Fucking cat people.

Luckily, some people who were going to help arrived: A car pulled up containing the people who were going to help me. There was Yusuke Urameshi], 0, [[{{Naruto Kakashi Hatake, the Straw Hats, a pack of Werewolves, and I forget the rest. Unfortunately, the enemy still outnumbered us: vampires, more girls with fishing poles, harpy ladies, catgirls, some tigers, panthers and once again I forget the rest. I don't even know why Yusuke was there, he doesn't really have anything to do with dogs.

So we all squared off against what would be our opponents, and I was up against all three of the girls with fishing poles. Turns out they were from an order called the Mistresses of Air, and the fishing pole wind manipulation was some secret martial art passed down through the order. Pretty lame actually. I really didn't want to fight them because fish hooks really sting and using them is kind of cheap. I asked if I could swap them for one of the tigers or catgirls and they insisted they avenge the Mistress I defeated earlier.

After they attacked me, I ran across the battlefield looking for people who wanted to swap opponents and stumbled upon the girl I had defeated earlier. She was still unconscious, so I tried to shake her awake to get her to tell me how I defeated her before when the girls caught up to me and started attacking me. The best I could do was deflect their attacks with my wind powers while I tried to remember their weakness. Eventually they got their lines tangled up with each other so I just beat them up.

Then I saw one of the vampires making out with their daughter, and I pointed out that that was gross. I got attacked for it, naturally. Said vampire was being all emo about not killing anyone yet and thought they'd cheer up by killing me, trying to skewer me with their bare hands. I caught both wrists like a pro, but it turns out vampires have four arms or something and I was caught off guard. But then I went "Lol, Hierro" and no selled it. The vampire then broke down in tears.

Having defeated four opponents by myself, I thought I earned myself a break. So I sat down in the middle of the battlefield and treated myself to the food I stole from the orphanage earlier. It was delicious. Having saved the day I then woke up.
3691 CrystalGlacia23rd Jul 2012 04:38:50 AM from Cedarpointland
Oh, here's a good one. This was last week.

For some reason, I was at my old house, heading up the hallway to my sister's bedroom. We started complaining to each other about having to clean out her closet/attic and how hard it was because it wasn't air-conditioned (even though this closet/attic is at our current house). So she got up and headed into the master bedroom to finish working on it, only for the master bedroom to have been replaced by a massive, concrete-floored warehouse.

When I looked back at my sister, she had been replaced by Taniya Nayak, who located a trapdoor in the ceiling just in front of the door and pulled it open. Cobwebs tumbled out- I am aware this doesn't really happen -and stuck to her nice clothes as she struggled to get them off. I turned away from her and started exploring the warehouse, barely getting ten feet from the door before I heard two new voices, of a couple debating. I looked back and it was... Hank and Katherine Green! Though I am a huge fan of those two, my first reaction was not to fangirl out or do the Nerdfighter Vulcan handshake-thing but to... hide. By getting on my ass and sliding across the floor until I was behind something as if I was sitting on a blanket and someone was pulling me.


The last thing I had before bed that night was a box of apple juice.

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3692 HouraiRabbit23rd Jul 2012 04:41:41 AM from Fort Sandbox, El Paso , Relationship Status: Hooked on a feeling
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A bit of a bizarre one last night. I dreamed that my enlistment contract was revised so that after I was done with Basic and Advanced Individual Training, I'd report to another school for some undetermined job that would run for a year and a half. That was it. I remember dancing around because it would mean that I've passed half of my 4-year enlistment in training. But that's just silly, there's no way the Army would do that.
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3693 wanderlustwarrior23rd Jul 2012 07:32:03 AM from Where Gods Belong , Relationship Status: What's love got to do with it?
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Some conservative-leaning classmates and I are in a park when my teacher, actually someone who taught some of us in high school, directs our attention to the door of the pagoda we're now in (it builds itself around us whenever I'm not paying attention). She dissappears, but in walks President Obama. Starting with a girl I went to elementary school with, we give him a barrrage of questions. Then he has us vote on this women's rights bill (with a gun control rider) currently on the floor of congress. All the women are for it, some guys are against, and some abstain. After asking a couple questions about it, I go over to the votes "for", and am the 61st and deciding vote. Only, we have to do a recount, because the votes for and against are signified by pairs of shoes on different sides of a small area, while the people abstaining stay put. The shoes themselves weren't put in order, so the President and I have to do so to be sure the count is right (as we do, I notice the shoes are all shoes I'd owned at some point). Then he takes some more questions, and he's about to leave, but I ask him about some issue I had that I wasn't allowed to campaign for him (local level, so he wouldn't know). He gives me a small box containing a couple bars of soap, and tells me that when he gets back to his office, he'll take care of it. So then I head out on a short bike ride around this park. I come back, and find he's playing basketball with some of my classmates, so I join in (I spit out one of the bars of soap, which I'd apparently bit in two and stored in my mouth to have a free hand. Then it's time for him to go. During the basketball game, the pagoda had turned into a park building complex. I escort him out to another building, where he has to pass a security test in a hallway. For some reason, that test is getting shot twice in the chest, though he's wearing a bulletproof vest. I'm suspicious of someone standing next to the shooter in that hallway, so I run back and describe what happened to my classmates, and they agree I was right to be suspicious. So we're about to do something, and then...

Then my dad calls for something IRL.

I go back to sleep, and this friend and I are at a theatre, about to watch the new batman movie (which I haven't seen yet). I describe to her the Obama dream, which she finds odd. I get a call before the movie starts that I'll need to pick someone up. There's no trailers, but an opening scene is played, something with Joe Chill getting transferred from regular jail to Arkham. Only, he's "Joe the plumber", complete with name plate over his Hannibal Lecter styled cell. As he's getting transferred, two nurse/attendants come get me, because apparently the person who needed the ride needed it now. My friend wasn't willing to come back to a later showing, so I wake up, realizing this night was ruined before it could even become a date.

And as I wake up, this two part piano and violin piece plays, hitting dissonant notes on the piano each time I make that realization.

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I have a weird dreams a lot, but usually they tell a consistent story. Last week, however, I had three nights in a row where the dreams had random situations connected together. If you haven't seen the original "Candyman", the last paragraph contains a spoiler.

The one I remember all of started with me walking down an alley where the police were investigating a murder. As I walked past, I looked over at the body and saw Flynn and Provenza from "The Closer" standing by it.

I continue out of the alley and decide to go up to the stands of a nearby racetrack. The race I was watching was an Indy race using Nascars. That wasn't the weirdest past of the race, though. There were only three racers: Ryan Reynolds, Katie Holmes and Todd Bertuzzi. Katie cut Todd off and he crashed into her. They jumped out of their cars (Todd was in his full NHL uniform) and got in a fight. Ryan drove around them and won the race.

I left the racetrack and went into a college where I finally find out who I am in this dream. I'm Professor Trent of the anthropology department. My intern and I discover she is being haunted by a dead colleague that I had mentored (the main character from "Candyman"). We didn't kow why she was coming after my intern; my intern had never met her and had not summoned her. I try to convince the dead lady she doesn't have to kill people if she doesn't want to, but I woke up before I finished my speech.
3695 sabrina_diamond25th Jul 2012 09:02:52 PM from inside my own belly... , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
Yesterday I dreamt I was back in my old house with these photos hanging on the wall and I was petting random lovely cats that were sauntering through my house, (until I realised I was allergic to them) - and I thought I saw a naughty 'young' Asian boy letting them in one at a time. Then he started smashing all the hung photos on the wall (which possibly represented my old memories) with a hammer- and I couldn't take this nightmare anymore and woke up with a terrified feeling in my heart. He reminded me of my brother.

The dream started out so nice, but then turned horrible... wtf had gone wrong with my mind?!

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3696 MikeK30th Jul 2012 10:20:48 AM from planet earth , Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
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So there was this episode of The Flintstones where the A-plot was Fred lecturing an aged-up teenage Pebbles about adult responsibilities, while the B-plot was Barney trying to build a house out of stones, which some off-screen voice keeps telling him needs to be taller. The weird part is that eventually a "commentary track" slipped in, talking about how the Barney subplot was obviously a metaphor for the futility of existence.
I recently had an... interesting dream. It was during "The Beast Below", when the 11th Doctor was was ranting about how the humans were awful and so was he since he was going to lobotomize the space-whale. Then, mid-rant, the 10th Doctor comes in out of nowhere and sucker-punches him, and tells him to shut up, as he has done worse. Then, ALSO out of nowhere, the 6th Doctor comes in, shoves 11 to the ground and he and 10 start kicking him while 11 (curled in a ball) starts muttering about keeping out of his shed.

Then the space-whale turns into Willy, jumps over a black hole and smacks into the Space Baby.

Then I fell out of bed.
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I had a fucking odd dream.

Basically, I was a cab driver, except my cab was yellow and pink (Colour clash much?) and said...something down the side.

And then I was driving it, and I had to pick up Tavros from some pub somewhere. Anyway he starts talking about problems, then I randomly start singing Land Down Under.

Somehow this made him more confident to face his problems, and then the radio said: "WELL DONE!"

I was an Elite Beat Cab Driver. I don't know either.
3699 Olivetree1st Aug 2012 06:54:58 AM from A silly little Island off the coast of an island , Relationship Status: I'd need a PowerPoint presentation
I had a strange dream. But not as strange as dreams before.

I was walking round in a town, shopping, I went into a supermarket to get something, and suddenly I had a toddler in my left arm cuddling me, I got an apple for him and we both started eating it, took it to the till lady (Who I apparently met earlier in the dream) and had a conversation, like how this toddler was actually My son who I named Aqueus (A-quee-us), and that he was going to be learning to swim soon (I hoped otherwise his naming would be for nought). I literally only bought one apple and avoided a 95p tip they had, I also paid for the apple with a £50 note, the excuse for not tipping was that I had to feed the family.

Bear in mind that I'm only 17 and It seemed like I was still 17 in the dream.
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3700 Hobgoblin1st Aug 2012 09:03:16 AM from Jylland , Relationship Status: It's not my fault I'm not popular!
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I had a dream that I was with all of my relatives and then suddenly Vaniity came to visit my house.

That was...unusual. o_O
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