Fixing zero context examples:

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Comment out Zero Context Examples and leave this comment note on the page itself:

%% Administrivia/ZeroContextExample entries are not allowed on wiki pages. All such entries have been commented out. Add context to the entries before uncommenting them.

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Dragon Mango doesn't explain any of its tropes. Can somebody take it on?
Good Shepherd appears to have a lot of these.
[up][up]Done. I pretty much copy/pasted the crosswicks.

Money Spider, Thanatos Gambit and Webcomic Time are still blank, but it's a lot better than originally when it was just a list of tropes on their own.
Both Peek-a-Bangs and Femme Fatale have a bunch zero contexts examples. I'm gonna move all them the discussion page.
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Peek-a-Bangs is one of those visual tropes whose examples don't require much more explanation beyond a character name.
[up] No, there other trait often times associated or paired with characters with that hairstyle. They should be mentioned especially since most of the Zero Context Examples do fit the traits mentioned in the description.

There was a similar discussion for Blinding Bangs. Basically just a hairstyle isn't a trope.

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Razorback's tropes are almost all Zero Context Examples.
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Femme Fatale is done.

I dumped all of the zero context examples or some plain wrong examples that actually fit The Vamp in the discussion. It was a lot. I think the description isn't as clear as it be.
Everything Explodes Ending looks really bad with this.
Red-Headed Hero has a problem. Does this trope only apply with the lead heroic character is a redhead or just any red-haired hero in a work.
Dreamblood Duology <— almost all the tropes need elaboration.
Seeking for Light
Bran Mak Morn and Bloody Moon consist almost entire of X, Just...X.
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I just posted this on the other thread we have on the same topic, and it obviously fits here as well:

Note that a lot of people seemed to think (especially in the early days) that a trope should be described on the trope page and merely listed on the work page. So if you find an older work page with a lot of Zero Context Examples, it may simply be a victim of this sort of thinking. I've fixed up several work pages simply by copying the descriptions over from the trope pages, e.g. Retief, which was almost entirely Zero Context Examples when I found it. (It's still not perfect, but it's far better than it was.)

(Also, a few people seem to have thought the reverse—that if a trope was described on the work page, the work could be a Zero-Context Example on the trope page. Basically, a lot of people seemed to think that forcing lots of click-throughs was a good thing—this was also a common excuse for cryptic trope names.)
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We should have a page we can list trope and work pages that have example sections that need help.

Anyway, White-Haired Pretty Girl has ton of zero context examples and it really shouldn't considering white hair usually indicates a unique or inhuman trait about a character. I'll add some contexts to the ones I know and move rest to discussion tab.
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[up]Again, check the work pages! The missing descriptions may well be hiding there. As I say, it used to be fairly standard to only put the description in one place, and it should only take a few moments per work to fix the problem.
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[up] The work pages don't seem to be fairing any better either. It's a physical descriptor trope so I'm not surprised.
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Doctor Mortis has 8 tropes with brief elaboration and 24 with none. It hasn't been edited other than cleanup for over two years. Would the best thing to do be to start a thread in a media forum asking if someone's read it?
I just took a raft of the things out of Italian Spiderman and moved them to discussion.

Meanwhile, Jellyfish Stew and Kull consist almost entirely of these.

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Significant Greeneyed Redhead <—I tried to add some context, but after I got through with anime, I realized that I didn't know enough to fix the whole page.
[up]I could try to help except... what is this trope? What context can you add? Character has green eyes, red hair, and... is a semi-main character? That's it?
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I've been adding stuff like "she's the hero's love interest' or 'her red hair causes her to stand out in her society"
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lonelygirl15 is almost entirely descriptionless trope names. I checked one (a trope I'm working on renaming), and the description was on the trope page, so this one's probably pretty easy to fix, but I'm in the middle of three other things right now....
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Land of the Lost has a lot of these.
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