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YMMV: Virtua Fighter
  • Americans Are Apathetic Towards Virtua Fighter: The series generally has a lot of respect all over the world due to its extremely balanced gameplay and being the first 3D fighter, but it's far less popular in America than Tekken or Dead or Alive, and much more popular in Japan and Europe. This is due to a number of reasons; Virtua Fighter has always been arcade first, and arcades are practically dead in the States. The consoles the first three games were released to were the ill-fated Sega Saturn and Dreamcast, as opposed to the much more popular PlayStation (granted, VF is a Sega IP, so there wasn't anywhere else for the ports to go until the company went multi-platform after the death of the Dreamcast). And finally, because of Virtua Fighter's lack of story development, its lack of gameplay gimmicks, and its major focus on substance and depth over flash and style, it just doesn't attract many casual players the way other fighting games do. Despite the series garnering high praise from players and critics for its deep and balanced gameplay, it's often shut out from the main tournament rotation at the Evo Championship Series.
  • Awesome Music: All across the series, but Virtua Fighter 5 and all of its revisions qualify.
    • Note must also be made of VF2's OST and the arrange tracks from its Sega Saturn port.
    • The second opening of the anime, "Ai Gatari Nai Ze," is great, as well as the second ending "Kyohansha" by Vivian Hsu.
    • The attract intro for 4: Evo. Really gets the blood pumping.
    • Let's just save you all the trouble and say the music in every game. All of it. You'll have a hard time finding a piece of music in this series that isn't pleasing to the ears according to most fans.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Vanessa. When she debuted in 4, Vanessa was one of very few Amazonian Beauties with a tough attitude, and had a fairly dark skin tone, making her very unique among female fighting game characters.
    • Broken Base: However, many other players apparently found these unique qualities unattractive, resulting in Vanessa's skin getting bleached, losing some of her muscle mass, and her tough attitude and voice getting toned down, all in an effort to make her less intimidating and more attractive. At the very least Vanessa is still the tallest, buffest, and most tanned lady in the series, and certain customization items can give Vanessa back her dark skin and muscles.
    • Vanessa aside, Wolf was popular enough to become a "real" wrestler in Japan for a few years. Goh and Eileen have proven to be fan favorites, and Taka-Arashi has gotten a lot more love ever since his return in VF5R.
  • Foe Yay: Between Aoi and Brad of all people. The developers even seem fond of poking fun at the development, judging by their brief scene together in one of the fifth game's arcade intros. Depending on how things turn out, this may or may not make Akira an Unlucky Childhood Friend of the former. (But then again, who knows if romance is on Akira's mind in the first place.)
  • Game Breaker: Siba.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Brad bears many similarities to Tony Stark, to the red clothes, black hair and goatee, arrogance and playboy attitude. Granted, Tony's been around since the 60s, but Brad was around before the films made the character massively popular outside of comic book aficionados.
  • Ho Yay: Sarah/Vanessa has some popularity among fans who can easily see a Bodyguard Crush forming.
  • Incest Yay Shipping: Jacky and Sarah. Oddly, Sarah's desire to kill to Jacky while she was Brainwashed and Crazy does not seem to be a deterrent.
  • Memetic Mutation: "Juu'nen hayain da yo!" Jacky's Big YEAH! and El Blaze's "Hot Dog!" also seem to be catching on.
  • Moe: Eileen, hands down.
  • Narm: Anything spoken in English.
  • Polished Port: If there's anything the console versions of the various versions of Virtua Fighter 5 are known for, it's two things:
    • They look prettier than their arcade counterparts.
    • The online netcode is considered by even the most casual fighting game fans to be the best netcode for fighting games out there, with practically no lag except in the most extreme conditions.
  • Porting Disaster: While the game isn't unplayable and it is quite decent, the Sega Genesis port of Virtua Fighter 2. The game was 2D obviously, but you can tell by gameplay footage that the magic is lost. Clunky animations and very basic feel makes this game compare very poorly to the 3D arcade version. Made worse by the fact that inevitably when porting Virtua Fighter 2, this is the port Sega uses, ranging from online game services like Gametap to iOS, both of which are easily capable of handling 32-bit graphics and gameplay. Thankfully, SEGA finally got around to releasing the real-deal VF2 for PSN and Xbox Live, with online play to boot.
  • The Scrappy: A very mild case, but Lion's bratty voice and quotes can be very grating for some fans.
  • Self-Fanservice: A strange example in that this is used to revert a canonical design change between games. In her VF4 debut (and in Virtua Quest), Vanessa (see above) was shown to be dark-skinned and rather buff, accentuated by her wearing only a sports bra and shorts as combat attire. Her first costume was swapped out for a differently-colored version of her far less revealing special forces uniform in Evolution (though it returned in the Japanese arcades-only Final Tuned), but the real point of contention came in 5, where Vanessa suddenly lost most of her muscularity (the same thing happened to Sarah, though she wasn't quite as muscular as Vanessa to begin with) and had a progressively lighter skin tone (think Storm). While some fans originally complained that Vanessa looked mannish in 4 because of her physique, many more disliked the unexplained changes for 5 and continued to portray Vanessa in fan art as she appeared in the previous game. Sega AM2 must've caught wind of the Internet Backdraft, as Final Showdown has customization items that bring Vanessa's skin color and build more closely in line with how they were originally.
  • That One Attack: Jacky's somersault. It does insane damage on a counterhit, and it's a very easy move to execute. Many players tend to throw out this move, even though it's incredibly unsafe on block and can be reversed by Akira and Aoi.
    • Wolf's Burning Hammer in Final Showdown, the single most damaging move in the game.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy: Jacky in Final Showdown. While it is a very balanced game, and Jacky isn't even considered the best character, he is still high up thanks to a lot of very good moves. This combined with him being one of the easiest characters to learn and one of the most used makes him unpopular with some competitive players.
  • Toy Ship: Lion/Elieen for some. Granted, both of them are teenagers, but they're still the youngest in the cast.
  • Uncanny Valley: Most of the character models and faces in 3 look rather off by today's standards. Dural in general also invokes this.
  • The Woobie: Everyone who has been a victim of J6.
    • Kage-Maru and his mother Tsukikage. Kage's mother was abducted and turned into Dural, not to mention his father being killed and his entire clan being wiped out. Even after he saved her, Kage's mother ended up turning back into Dural, and he resolved to finally mercy kill her. The poor ninja has lost almost everything. The only bright side is the Dural he destroyed was just a mass production model.
    • Jacky suffered a massive injury that took two years to recover from because of J6 sabotaging his race car, and then they kidnapped Sarah and brainwashed her into trying to kill him when she investigated what happened. Jacky failed to save her in the first tournament, and even after he did in the second she suffered amnesia and felt no connection to him. Thankfully Sarah got her memories back, but now she's left wondering if she subconsciously really did want to kill her brother. She sees Jacky as a rival now, and they have become much more distant. Jacky is trying to reach out to Sarah, but the ordeal has changed her. And J6 still continues to harass them.
    • Vanessa's parents were killed, she was kidnapped, and she had her body experimented on when she was just a child, all to turn her into another of J6's assassins. She was rescued by Lewis, but he was killed by J6 years later. When Vanessa entered the fourth tournament, she was captured and experimented on yet again for who knows how long before being rescued. She has no memory of what happened, and is struggling to remember. Vanessa became friends with Jacky and Sarah, and her missing is implied to be a big deal to them.
    • Pai lost her mother because of her father Lau's obseesion with martial arts, and has spent years trying to defeat him. She has only recently started to patch things up with him, right when he's dying of an illness. Now Pai just wants her dad to be proud of her before he dies.
    • Goh and Jean could each be considered a Jerkass Woobie, as neither of them were rescued from J6 and ended up becoming the brutal assassins that Sarah and Vanessa managed to avoid.
    • Lion has some major father issues, and is implied to be a Lonely Rich Kid since he lost his friend Jean when they were young. It doesn't help that his father's company is being manipulated by J6.
  • Woolseyism: The English dub of the anime has a lot of these, making some jokes work better in English, adding in some extra funny lines, and making characters like Jacky and Pai more snarky.

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