Awesome Music / Virtua Fighter

Much like many other Sega titles, Virtua Fighter has quite the memorable library of music. This series is also perhaps the starting point of one of Sega's best composers - Takanobu Mitsuyoshi.

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    Virtua Fighter 1 

    Virtua Fighter 2 

    Virtua Fighter 3 

    Virtua Fighter 4 
4 saw a change in style to more of a techno/rock/industrial sound.

    Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution 
  • The new intro music, a hard rocking track which helps kick off Goh and Brad's addition to the roster. It goes from heavy to fast and back and just makes you want to kick some ass.

    Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown 
  • Ai wa Tsuienai (Love is Never Wasted), the Special Credits music played when you beat Dural in Arcade Mode without continues. Hearing this song will make it even more satisfying doing the objective as it is sung by Takenobu Mitsuyoshi, who sang the Second Opening of the anime!

  • The intro to CR Virtua Fighter Revolution, BREAK OUT, really gets the blood pumping, and the outro, The Heart of a Champion, is simply inspiring. Both are performed by Eric Martin, and both have a classic 90's rock charm. It's a wonder why they weren't used for the main games.


    Image Songs and Music Videos 
Dancing Shadows, an image album for Virtua Fighter 2:
  • Dancing Shadows - Sarah. A somewhat melancholy piece with a nice, heavy guitar riff which captures Sarah's angst while she's under J6's control.
  • Believe in Love - Jacky. A song that goes both upbeat and downbeat, exemplifying Jacky's naturally cheerful personality, but also the seriousness of his mission to save his sister. It shows the familial love he still feels for her and the hope she still remembers him.
  • Go Beyond That Wave - Jeffry. A surprisingly soothing track for such a boisterous and rough character like Jeffry.
  • Summer Tempest - Akira. One of the best songs in the whole album.
  • Oh My Shinin' Star - Pai. An easygoing, lowkey J-Pop song that shows how despite being a celebrity, Pai is still a normal girl.
  • Everyone is a Stranger - Kage. A heavy, downbeat rock song that's just right for the stoic ninja on a mission.
  • CHAIN REACTION - Wolf. A little cheesy, but an Ear Worm too.
  • Golden Rain - Lau. Nice, smooth guitar with a bit of an R&B style.
  • Winner or Loser - Lion. A song about finding one's own inner strength and confidence, win or lose.
  • Confusing Dreams - Shun. The kind of song you just want to sit back and listen to with a good drink.
  • Embrace the Unreachable Heart - Dural. Hard, catchy guitar riffs, with some unusual vocals.