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YMMV: Tower of God
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Baam looks a lot different when you consider the entire story from Rachel's perspective. She rejected him, left him behind, and asked him not to follow her; he swore to follow her for the rest of her life, and entered the tower that can grant any wish asking it to give him her — after she rejected him. The words "creepy stalker" feature prominently in most interpretations along these lines.
    • Not really, from what we've seen she was the only person he knew before entering the tower and she abandoned him anyway. Flashbacks show her telling Baam that he can't go outside the cave he's in and so she ensures she's the only person he ever knows. Also her reason for hating him has nothing to do with his following her.
    • From a different point of view, When Rachel entered the tower, Headon all but said flat out that she was trying to steal Baam's place in the tower, implying that the ONLY reason she was even 'friends' with him in the first place was for that reason. Every time she told him to stop chasing him, she was saying, "I'm in the Tower, I got what I wanted and I don't need you any more, get lost!"
      • There's no real saying what Headon was actually alluding to. The words are that vague, they could mean anything from "you were selfish in how you cared for him for your own reasons and never really loved him for himself" or "you deliberately scammed him from the start" or "you're a self-delusional fantasist and know in your heart of hearts you've never been what you've advertised yourself as to anybody, least of all him, but also yourself". There's no saying which he was after. Until we know how or why Rachel knew to look for Baam in the first place or what her situation actually was, we don't have a clue what specific thing Headon was getting at.
  • Arc Fatigue:
    • The Workshop saga had gone on for over 50+ chapters that people were left wondering if the cast is even trying to climb the Tower anymore.
    • The Hell Train's Revolution Road segment got this feeling from some readers due to its sluggish pacing.
  • Awesome Art: Was pretty good to start with but had a major art bump when SIU hired someone to do the colouring.
  • Base Breaker: Rachel, to put it mildly, though the break is more between those who find her an interesting character and those who just want her to die. It doesn't help that a lot of things about Rachel are still a mystery such as what her motivations exactly are and what she is truly trying to accomplish.
  • Broken Base: The ending of the Workshop battle ended up as this. Fans are either happy because it's a perfect reunion for Baam and his friends from the test level, or they are disappointed for being a simple happy-go-lucky ending that didn't amount to any major twists, or turns, that Tower of God is famously known for. Or, you're in the third camp that actually liked the reunion, but was disappointed that an arc that lasted for over 50 chapters didn't amount to anything noteworthy.
  • Canon Sue: Pre-timeskip Baam is sometimes accused of this for various reasons, mostly being a fairly quiet and passive character who nontheless manages to make some very powerful and devoted friends effortlessly and gains a lot more power than would be normal at this stage. This seems to be deliberate, given that he's called out for it by both Rachel and Ho, and it mostly disappears after the timeskip, where he becomes a lot more proactive.
  • Creator's Pet: Word of God stated Rachel was his favourite. The fandom share this viewpoint NOT. At all.
    • It may overlap with Trolling Creator, since he said that she's really quite charming once you get to know her in the comments for a page where she does something particularly objectionable.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Several. Though it should be noted that somehow none are more popular then Baam.
    • Most notable are Yeon and Hon Arkraptor, who appeared in Season two and almost immediately became immensely popular despite contributing very little to the plot.
    • Further along the line are Hwa Ryun, Androssi Zahard and Ha Yuri Zahard.
    • One of the oldest fan favourites is still Rak Wraithraiser.
    • On the Ranker's side, Lero-Ro and Yu Han Sung are also quite popular.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Ja Wangnan's shinsoo bombs were completely ineffective against Jyu Viole Grace, and yet when he used a far weaker regular bomb, it did a fair bit of damage to him. Viole/Baam is completely immune to shinsoo so of course the shinsoo bomb wouldn't do anything.
    • Horyang has a crush on Goseng. Seems like pretty standard comic relief at first, until we find out about Teddy's past, and Sophia Amae, his first love, who Goseng happens to resemble.
    • On the twentieth floor, originally S.I.U. had planned for Love to mistake Viole for a girl and for Augusgus to correct him, as foreshadowing that Augusgus was a spy from FUG. Although this was changed because he thought it was too obvious, there is still a leftover of this original plan - Viole is assigned to the same room as Yiwha, a girl.
  • Growing the Beard: Ho committing suicide is seen as a turning point as to how dark this series can actually be.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Koon, you suave, sharp-witted, manipulative, scheming son of a tyrant.
    • He managed to hide several allies in his bag and let them out later as to reduce the number of participants in the test without killing and to help his team win the Crown Game, managed to get Rak, who was out to kill him, on his team, tricked Quant into protecting Rachel and improved Baam's chances by making his team lose without endangering his or Anak's chances, made it so that Baam and Rachel could take the Guardian's Exam and manipulated the rest into helping them.
      • On the other hand, he himself sometimes seems to see himself as a Smug Snake, admitting that there's something fundamentally missing from many of his plans — he has a tendency to lose sight of what he ultimately wants (or to fail to consider what he should ultimately want) while obsessively focusing on the immediate problem in front of him. Rak calls him out on this when pointing out that his plan to make his cousin (who he loved) into a princess was ultimately self-defeating.
    • Headon might count too. We don't know, since he is one big, creepy rabbit.
    • Yu Hang-Sun.
  • Holy Shit Quotient: Without a doubt, when SIU ships out Wham Episode after Wham Episode in increasing wham-ness, this will apply. Case in point, the Devil of Right Arm arc from start to finish.
    • Meh — that's peanuts. Try pausing for a few days during a read-through of One Shot, One Opportunity to test your mettle. Good luck, oh ye of great fortitude: you'll cave in to the plot-hooks after an hour.
  • Ho Yay: Many, many characters take an instant liking to Baam and put a lot on the line for him. Special mention goes to Koon who seems to have fixated on Baam after the events with his own sister seemed to have left him without purpose.
  • Memetic Badass: Parakewl. Everyone else is just trash.
    • Rak Wraithraiser. To the point where March was declared Rak appreciation month when he showed up in chapter 53 after his very long absence. A comic without Rak is a comic not worth having, after all.
    • Recently, Edin Dan, Mr. Badass 2013. Well deserved after his Moment Of Awesome.
    • If it can bleed, Boro will slaughter it in a never before seen fashion with a weapon not fit for the job. If it cannot bleed, think again.
  • Memetic Mutation: Phantamiseng. Miseng is in fact Phantaminum; her unique weapon is her cuteness.
  • Moe: Miseng, with her backpack, school girl outfit and humble attitude, easily cries and tends to be cheerful. She's pretty much the Loli.
  • Paranoia Fuel: FUG moles are everywhere, and they know everything. Woe to you if you are in any way acquainted to Viole. Such as, you know, being his old friends.
  • The Scrappy: Parakewl, the Dirty Coward and Rachel, whom the fandom sees a traitorous bitch that stabs Baam in the back, even though he came all the way for her.
    • As of the workshop battle, Parakewl has come to cross the line twice as the Scrappy, as the utter ridiculousness and unexpected success of his Dirty Coward antics has made him into a bit of a Memetic Badass.
    • Ironically due to his initial Jerkass bahavior Hon Arkraptor was hated by many fans and a lot hoped Baam would one shot him. Fast foward a couple chapters latter and he quickly became the most popular season 2 character because he's funny.
    • Even more ironically, Ensemble Darkhorse Hatsu became this during the Workshop Battle arc as his subarc is being derided as detracting from the other arcs. Of course, knowing SIU, these will tie up together soon.
  • The Woobie: Baam is adorable, kind, optimistic, determined and gets to suffer quite a bit.
  • Teasing Creator/ Trolling Creator: Sometimes, it can certainly feel this way for either or both of them. Sometimes both at once. Whether this is perceived as overall a good or a bad thing varies from reader to reader, as the twists are usually entertaining, at the very least. But, they just keep coming. About the only thing safe to say about SIU's style is: all bets are off the table, unless you know for certain. And, even then, double-check.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Has pretty much become a meme among the fandom. The list of named characters that cause hassle is currently this: Yu Han Sung, Ho, Nya Nia, Ran and now we have Quaetro. Baam skirts this trope himself from time to time, and his great friends Agero, Hatsu and even Wangnan would do so, too, if drawn in the wrong clothes. Possibly even Leroro. Rachel could cause a few problems herself, should she ever start wearing trousers. Compare and contrast with Rak and Urek, friends.
    • Even the translators sometimes get confused and initially use female pronouns for a male character before correcting the mistake in later chapters. The author seems to purposefully make things a bit confusing as well. Heck, when Quaetro is introduced, the author states that his/her gender will be revealed later but for now most translators seem to be using male pronouns. Only time will tell if this turns out to be correct.
  • Woolseyism: The Company leaves a lot of translation notes in their scans explaining their localizations, and are quite good at adapting the many Korean cultural references to fit an English reader's context. See Volume 2, Chapter 13 for a particularly awesome example.

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