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Funny: Tower of God
  • Yuri's introduction to Baam. With her FOOT!
  • When Yuri asks Repellista to find Baam, she starts with what seems to be an emotional motivational speech, but her reasons quickly devolve into: HE IS A TOTAL HOTTIE! Cue a nosebleed that would put many a male to shame.
    • Ah, who could forget Maschenny's Big "Shut Up!" to the Royal Guards.
      Royal Guards: FOR THE GLORY OF ZA-
      Koon Maschenny Zahard: SHUT IT, YOU FANATICS!
  • Ship never agreed to take part in the special examination for Baam. He was forced into it, when after Anak agreed to take part in the test, she grabbed his shirt and dragged him screaming offstage.
  • When Yeon and Ja suck up to Baam, Ja calls her a team killer and backs her into a corner. Under pressure, her only reply is "I HAVE BIGGER BREASTS THAN YOU!" Beat. Ja wants to prove that as a man, he is well endowed, but gets stopped as Yeon, Arkraptor and Kang activate their weapons.
    • Yeon realising that Viole is actually a guy.
    • It got lost in translation but even Love thought Viole was a girl. Cue sweatdrop upon realisation.
    • And in the same chapter, SIU rubs in his disposition of Viewer Gender Confusion with Nia.
  • When Mauchi objects to being disqualified and is beat up, Koon announces that he also objects to the results - and claims that Mauchi hasn't been beat up enough yet.
  • When Baam, Agero, and Rak sit together after the Hide and Seek test, the background randomly changes to a scene from The Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The characters lampshade the change, but the lack of mention afterward makes it BLAM moment.
  • Chibi Rak
    Koon: Where's your daddy?
  • Yeon announces that she will be cooking instead of Viole, and Miseng starts crying.
    • A bit Hilarious in Hindsight, but Yihwa had learnt how to barbecue. Remember what Wangnan wanted to make her do after she burned him in her first appearance? Wangnan got his wish.
  • Volume 2 chapter 29 - at the beginning of the test, even Viole is looking on amazed at the sea. Considering his usually reclusive nature, may double as heartwarming for some.
    • Not long after, Yihwa, Prince, Horyang, and Viole's looks of Oh Crap when Zygeana flips over. If you look closely, Horyang squashes Prince as he backs off.
    • In the following chapter, Viole and Prince ride Horyang to safety while Yihwa swims. The reason why she didn't get to ride was because Viole thought it'd be 'rude to interupt'.
      Viole: That's because you were swimming with such effort...
  • Agero's "Requirements To Becoming A Jahad Princess's Friend" plan in Volume 1 chapter 34.
    'Oh my, you're so thin.'
    • The listing of the "credits". Basically, Koon came up with the whole entire plan and the equipment. Baam provided the spoon.
    • And Ship's attempt to re-enact Agero's plan with Anak. It didn't work out well.
  • Most of The Suspicious Arcade chapter. Highlights include Blueberry note  scaring Quant by popping out of nowhere, Quant losing ten times in a row to Blueberry in a game (followed by Blueberry using Quant's dead character to practice combo moves), Quant losing all his money after losing to Blueberry in more games, and finally Quant being shot down by Blueberry's death-star.
  • The completely random panel with Wangnan as a chicken in the 28th floor test as he tries to convince Quaetro that he is Chirpy, his pet bird. It must be seen to be believed.
  • The gossips. Especially the one about Viole becoming the underground junk food supplier in the group.
  • Ran and Novick argue a lot. Ran does not like Novick note . This gets to the point where Ran accidentally breaks Agero's lighthouse when he shouts at Novick to shut up. The look on Agero's face was gold.
    Ran: "Not my fault."
    • Ran ranks how 'bothersome' the people he meets are, and by default, considers no one 'not bothersome'. He considers Novick 'Too Bothersome', the second highest level, but not 'Wants To Kill' only because he likes Novick's cooking.
    • Novick makes excuses to fight Ran every time someone joins Agero's team. Edin Dan makes the mistake of accepting Novick's challenge while the others forfeited and gets flattened in one shot. The kicker comes when Agero gathers his team for a talk, but finds them dressed in clothes denoting their 'rank' within the team. The best part: Novick intended to give the second place shirt to Ran, but since he lost, Ran was wearing a shirt way too large for him while Novick wears a shirt several sizes too small. Edin Dan, despite the others forfeiting, was last place.
  • Three might be a magic number, but... *ping* *ping* *ping* *ping* *ping* go five little stars lighting up. And, even with five, he can still out-power what you can do with your three fireballs, pumpkin. Oops. The Blitz family: Butt Monkeys forever... once they've opened their mouths to boast, that is.
  • In the previous chapter, Wangnan and the others discus what they are going to wear when they meet Horyang's friend Cassano. This turns into a Brick Joke in the next chapter when Wangnan, Prince, and Yihwa turn up wearing Horyang's coat. It looks like Yihwa even got to wear pink, just as she wanted.
  • Sigh... Ran and Novick mistake Horyang for Cassano just because he 'fits' their description: wing and bandages. Both of them note that the Devil of the Right Arm, "Cassano", but actually Horyang, had gained some weight. Horyang was not pleased.
    • When fighting him, Ran refers to him as "fat/chubbynote  Devil of the Right Arm."
  • When Koon shows up, Baam plays up his role as a Slayer to try and intimidate Koon into leaving safely, and Koon's reaction to it.
    • Basically, Koon literally criticizes Viole's acting skills, comparing them to 'some third-rate fantasy pulp' note . Yup, Koon Agero Agnis just called FUG's Slayer Candidate a bad actor in the face.
    • This moment also serves as a Call Back to Koon's first chat with Baam on the second floor.
  • On the way to the Workshop Battle, Wangnan fantasizing about meeting Androssi.
    • In the following chapter, Wangnan and Dan fanboy over Androssi during her TV interview. Koon Agero's reaction sums it up.
      Wangnan/Dan: "Beau.Ti.Ful. An.Dro.Ssi! An.Dro.Ssi. I. Love. You!"
      Koon (thinking): "Wow... it's so embarrassing that I can't even handle it. Seriously, who likes that sort of thing?
      *Wangnan and Dan continue fanboying*
      Koon (thinking): "... Oh right, my team does... Maybe I should just quit..."
  • When Anak tries to talk to Black March, she goes to Leesoo after realising Black March will only listen to a man. When Black March refuses to communicate with Leesoo, Anak's response is to question if Leesoo is actually a man.
  • "Jyu Viole Grace (Slayer Candidate), installing a bomb." FUG would be proud.
    • There's something funny about 'Traveller' making Viole install a bomb to destroy the Workshop's Blue Dog Patrols, when, according to his own words, only Zahard Princess or Jyu Viole Grace could defeat by themselves. But no, he's not here, so the guy who saved his life should help him set up a trap to destroy them.
  • Androssi attacks Viole and Traveller, and Viole tells Traveller to throw all his explosives at Androssi. Traveller tells Viole that he can't because they're anti-tank bombs. Viole's response? "There's a tank coming."
  • Chang flipping Koon off after he and Quatro get sent up.
  • Novick getting impaled by Anak's spear (Which was aimed at Ran) Made even funnier by the fact that Ran likely did this on purpose.
  • "Freakin' hax punching octopus bastard." Notice the Octopus flexing its muscles.
  • One of the competitors in the Workshop Battle is named Gas Bill.
  • This little bit in 169.
    Beta: Didn't you say you guys weren't Viole's friends?
    Rak: I am his friend. This turtle is his wife.
    Yihwa: Please don't make up unnecessary details.
    • In general, Beta wandering around and asking people if they are Baam's friends only to get replies such as "He's my prey!" "Do you think a child of the 10 Honourable Families would be friends with an FUG agent?!" "He's my rival!", prompting him to leave to go find other people who might be Baam's friends. Everyone he asked was actually on Baam's side.

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