Quotes / Tower of God

The answer is always at the top. That is the only thing I can tell you. If you wish to have you answer, if you wish to find her, head to the top. Money. Glory. Absolute Power. If you seek abilities and answers which are like magic, head to the top. All of the universe's wisdom, glory, and happiness- It has been placed at the top of this Tower. This Tower, is such a place.

You pathetic turtles. All hiding in your shells because of fear. That's why you're nothing more than baby turtles. Ones who never freely put out their heads in fear of being eaten. I will go with him. I don't care what happens next. I never lose my prey. You can all just keep hiding in your shell and live a long life.

I, the great Rak, accept you turtles as my underlings!

Whether you are strong enough. Whether you trained enough. This is not an issue. You have simply failed to be chosen. Go back to the floor you came from. You are not worthy to climb the tower.
Lero-ro telling it like it is.

Then let me be chosen!! 'Cause I choose for myself!
Ship Leesoo in answer to this

But not to me. If Rachel isn't there, that placenote  is nothing more than a pile of garbage. No matter what's up there, it won't change. You told me that a being like I am is strange, but to me, you are a person that can't even find a single thing that's precious within that huge pile of garbage. I don't care what others say. I will climb the Tower. And if all of you aren't a bunch of liars, you better prepare what I want up there

She threw you away on her own volition. You ending up like this, your friends having their lives threatened, all of them are things she caused in order to climb the Tower... It seems that to her, the garbage at the top of the Tower was more important.
Yu Han Sung to Viole in an ironic Call-Back to the above quote.

"After all, no matter how small it is, a baby shark cannot swim with the sardines."
Quant, and later Evan, on the relationship between Baam and the Regulars.

Rak: I am Raleader.
Ship Leesoo: Raleader?
Rak: A true leader of these times.

Let's fight. Just us bad people.
Androssi to Hong Chunhwa and Des Lion after Baam called her out and left.

For centuries, this ageless body has been trained and strengthened. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME!
Quant's Badass Boast

A man is an animal that exists to love. A woman is an animal that exists to receive love. Until the woman receives such love, she cannot show her true self. But when love begins, everything changes. The woman ends up giving everything.
Sunwoo Nare

I'll become the King of this Tower!! And I will destroy it all!! Even if - I have to hold hands with the Devil!!
Ja Wangnan

If you betray a woman, the world's ceiling will collapse.

A game without me is a game not worth winning!!!

Mom was happy. Mom loved chicken pie, and she lived with the only cook who knew how to bake chicken pie. The only misfortune my Mom faced was that her precious chicken pie cook died... I came into the Tower to take revenge for that chicken-pie cook.
Anak Zahard

Become the fence that protects Rachel. Always help her, be kind to her, and pretend to be "friends." But remember. Never get attached to her. Don't ever think of her as your friend. So that you can ignore her cries of pain one day. Despise her. Because she is the woman that killed my most precious friend.
Koon Agero Agnis

That's right... You were here... Damn... Why didn't I think of you? The real villain was right here... It's you, isn't it? You begged FUG to kill Koon, didn't ya? Get lost. If you want to walk, walk with those fine legs of yours. You kicked away two friends with those legs, am I right?
Edin Dan's Breaking Speech to Rachel.

Six years ago, on the Floor of Test, we met the boy who would fulfill our wishes. No, actually, we had been waiting for him for a long time. He who opened the door to the Tower himself. He who is free from all contracts of the Tower. He who shall pierce the heart of the king and drench the Tower in blood... The Irregular.
Hwa Ryun

I have something I fear more than death.
Jyu Viole Grace

I'll teach you... how to become a god.
Ha Jinsung

Everything I wanted, I... already had it.
Jyu Viole Grace.

Let's find that Jyu Viole Grace guy, and crush him.
Ship Leesoo.

Even if I end up broken, if I can protect everyone else, I will do it. If I can to that, it doesn't matter to me if I break one day. I lost my reason for living a long time ago.

Am I still your god?
Viole, to the fake F.U.G. supporters

Move your foot. Turtle. That foot, now. Move it. Turtle.
Rak about to smack a bitch.

It's a habit. Since I was young, when I found a jewel I really liked, I hid it away in case I'd lose it. That's why, to this day, I still haven't worn them.
Koon Aguero Agnis to Ja Wangnan

I guess it's all wrapped up, but soon, a new story will begin. She is a being that not even the Guides can foresee. Like you, a being that is most foreign to the Tower. A being that can change the Tower. If you stand before her once again, Baam, what will you decide?
Hwa Ryun