YMMV / Sonny

The Flash RPGs:

The iOS Reboot:

  • Demonic Spiders:
    • The electric robot birds in the Electric Zone are extremely fast, and they gain power whenever they dodge an attack.
    • The Plague Assassins in the sixth zone are Gradual Grinder Fragile Speedsters that can attack almost twice as much as any of your characters, spams an attack that reduces your hit chance, and gains power every time he dodges your attacks. Clearly he wasn't meant to be a fun experience.
  • Game-Breaker: The Frost Strain. First of all, one of the Frost Strain's strongest abilities is Frost Charge, which heals the user, restores 100 Focus, reduces the cooldown of the previously used ability by five turns, and grants Clarity (increases critical strike chance for one turn). These characteristics are all extremely powerful, but the game-breaking part comes from the Mutation system. If you evolve Frost Charge with Diffusion, then Frost Charge will restore health and focus for all allies while reducing the cooldowns of the user's previous ability and the Frost Charge ability, creating an infinite loop of damage and healing. This can be combined with Kara's EMP Blast (deals heavy damage to all enemies while draining 100 focus from each enemy) for even more power. However, the Mutation system relies on luck, and the upgraded Frost Charge becomes less effective if an ally falls in battle.
  • Porting Disaster: The iOS and PC ports certainly look better than the original flash games, but they also removed all animations as well as 90% of the voices, which was one of the main draws and most liked aspects of the originals.
    • To be fair, the reboot has significantly more dialogue than the original games, so the difference between the amount of voice-acted dialogue in the flash games and in the reboot is actually very small, if not nonexistent.
  • That One Attack: When you finally fight Captain Vendara for real, he uses an extremely irritating combination where he will 1. use Frost Nova to empty your entire party's Focus and slow them down by 35%, 2. use Scatter Shot to empty your entire party's Focus AGAIN, and 3. attack and kill someone. God help you if he is able to outspeed you.