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YMMV: Sega Superstars

The series may provide examples of:

  • Ear Worm: Almost all of the songs are taken directly from the source games, so those songs that you can see under Ear Worm in the pages for Jet Set Radio and Samba de Amigo have found their way here as well. See also: Awesome Music.
  • Gateway Series: The series has helped bring new fans into old franchises. In particular, thanks to Transformed, a lot of people have become interested in trying out Skies of Arcadia, Panzer Dragoon and Burning Rangers and have even joined those asking for HD re-releases.
  • Most Annoying Sound: Beat's "Go-go-gooooo!" line. Made even more annoying by the fact that he says it practically every time he scores a point in Superstars Tennis. Thankfully, he doesn't say it as much in Transformed.
    • The announcer in All-Stars Racing, who never shuts up. There's a reason they give you an option to turn him off. That said, many adore him because his lines are hilarious and said with Narm Charm.
    • Pudding's tendency to scream her own name after being hit.
      • Made more annoying by the fact that it's NOT EVEN HER! The clip in question is Pudding screaming as she's knocked away and Ulala calls her name.

Sega Superstars Tennis may provide examples of:

  • That One Level: Just TRY to get through the 8000 points Space Harrier Level on your first try. Go on then.

Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing may provide examples of:

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed may provide examples of:

  • 8.8: Kotaku's review of this game has sparked a ton of complaints from readers since the reviewer spent most of the review complaining it was too hard.
    • Official Nintendo Magazine UK's review of the Wii U version has also received a lot of flak as most of the review was about how bland the game felt.
      • It is worth noting that they had just changed to a much harsher reviewing system (50 is an average game) and they said in a later issue that the online mutiplayer was a lot more fun, but still...
  • Awesome Music: It has its own page.
  • Base Breaker: All of the guest racers but Team Fortress qualify.
    • Particular attention goes to Simon Lane of the Yogscast; to say that fans of the game weren't pleased with his announcement would be an understatement. The roots of this backlash can be found in the DLC character poll taken over a year priornote , combined with the fact that Simon previously had nothing to do with Sega prior to his appearance as DLC. The fact that all of the money made from the DLC goes straight to charity has actually made the backlash worse due to accusations that the DLC was created as a publicity stunt by Sega. The Simon supporters, on the other hand, silently made him outsell Metal Sonic by a wide margin on day one.
  • Best Level Ever: Rogues' Landing is an insanely fun track to play, taking you through the docks, over the floating islands, through a sky tunnel and across a lake (or around it if you prefer) with a great layout, all with an awesome backdrop of the Valuan Empire flying overhead and attacking the islands. But it becomes truly amazing on the transition to Lap 3, when you're confined solely to the air and have to follow the Delphinus towards the Hydra, flying between Valuan and Blue Rogue airships shooting at one another. The final island even has a Valuan ship crash into it for dramatic effect admist the war and race. All this is set to exceptional music which really drives the atmosphere for the laps, and it's not a stretch to say it feels like you're actually playing Skies of Arcadia, at least ship travel-wise. Add in all the fan-pleasing cameos that still add something to those who have never played Skies like Rhaknam circling under the islands and you've got yourself an amazing, memorable level.
    • And the cherry on top? When Sumo presented the Skies of Arcadia level to the game's original producer for feedback, she was moved close to tears. You know a level is amazing when you get a reaction like that.
    • Burning Depths is this for those who don't consider it That One Level, due to being amazing for drifting and boosting once you've got the hang of it, having an amazing atmosphere with backdrafts of fires exploding everywhere and the track progressively flooding. Chris's navigation lines are also a fantastic touch for the setting, as well as having the Burning Rangers fly around the track constantly. Did we mention how amazing the song is and how it goes hand in hand with the track?
    • Galatic Parade gets a lot of love for its ease, wide track and simplicity.
    • Adder's Lair is loved for epic visuals and an incredible remix of "Wilderness".
  • Broken Base
    • NiGHTS and Reala being vehicles instead of actual characters are also victims of this.
    • The removal of several characters from the first racing title, most notably Ryo and Opa-Opa, and additional characters from franchises being put in place of them.
      • Word of God states it wasn't a case of swapping Ryo and the others for the additional characters as these characters were added with no extra time or budget given, and if they weren't included, no characters would be added in place of them, resulting in a smaller roster than the final one the game has.
    • The voices for the PC-exclusive TF2 characters sounding incredibly off, Pyro in particular.
    • Hatsune Miku's possible inclusion as DLC, due to her coming in 2nd place in the DLC poll. Though Word of God stated that she won't be in, since they don't have the rights.
    • The fact that the PC version has received a steady release of exclusive DLC characters while the console versions have been left to stagnate is also beginning to cause a bit of a rift between the console buyers who feel cheated out of content and the PC buyers who feel that having to wait for their copies entitled them to the extra content.
    • The 3DS version locking your opponents to Sonic, Tails, Big, Beat, Meemee, BD Joe, and Amy, with Aiai severing as the replacement if you play as one of the others in all modes but Grand Prix. There's also the case of the glitch that keeps you from doing stunts after using an All-Star until turning back into the plane. Also in the fact that even the newly released IOS and Android version have more variety in missions.
  • Ear Worm: The Burning Depths theme, and how.
  • Flip Flopof God: Ryo Hazuki missed being a part of the original line up but was quickly one of the most requested characters to be added as DLC. This was pretty much ignored until the Humble Bundle incident where Sega chose to add Simon Lane over Ryo or one of the other requested characters. He did later join the cast as DLC, however.
  • Good Bad Bugs: A flaw in Alex Kidd's A.I. makes him race horribly. He'll often get stuck.
    • Sonic and Tails, when using specific mods, have performance that doesn't match their stats. This results them in having superior performance compared to the rest of the playable characters.
  • Game Breaker: Sonic and Tails, thanks to the fact that they're glitched using certain mods.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: All instances of Team Fortress 2 characters coming up when discussing the eponymous protagonist of Wreck-It Ralph (and vice versa) come full circle now that both are part of the roster for the PC version of the game.
  • Mondegreen: One of the lines shared by Meemee and Aiai when passing the player sounds like they're dropping a F-bomb on you. 3DS players are going to hear this a lot because of how the game is coded.
  • Most Annoying Sound: Simon Lane's high pitch "AAAAAAAUGH!" cry, which he makes whenever he passes another racer.
  • Most Wonderful Sound: The announcer yelling "All-Star!" You know you're ready to blast ahead when you hear it.
  • Nightmare Fuel/Body Horror: Allow this video to explain. Beat's skeleton doesn't even remotely resemble the human anatomy.
  • That One Level: The Classic Cup stages get in on this, mainly Sunshine Tour and Roulette Road, because placement is mostly based on luck.
    • Burning Depths, the penultimate track in the game (not counting the Classic Cup), consists of a lot of extremely tight turns along very narrow corridors, and it's entirely different each lap. It's quite possibly the hardest track in the whole game. In contrast the final track, Race of Ages, is practically a Breather Level in comparison.
    • Chilly Castle has its share of awkward turns.
  • That One Sidequest: Traffic Attack challenges drive many players insane the most out of all the World Tour missions.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: The Speed Star. It got more "realistic" and "modern". No announcer and the interface can count, too.
  • They Copied It, So It Sucks: Some Mario Kart Fan Dumb accused Transformed of ripping off 7 just because it had similar vehicle transformation sections on water and in the sky. The producer retorted by saying that they were actually surprised that Mario Kart 7 had transformation sections as they started the game's development in November 2010, whereas no one knew about Mario Kart 7's features until the E3 2011 trailer, and that the boating and flying sections are very much different from MK7's underwater and gliding sections. In fact, Transformed better resembles Diddy Kong Racing than Mario Kart 7.
  • Uncanny Valley: Gum looks... off... Also, Beat looks like they tried too much to make him look like a real person.
    • And Alex Kidd looks downright terrifying and stoned...
  • What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs?: Sunshine Tour, Samba Studios, and Dream Valley.

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