YMMV: Pump It Up

Hey! Why don't you just put these tropes in the right place, man?


  • Awesome Music: Many songs out there.
    • Beethoven Virus which as the title says is inspirited by Beethoven's "Pathetique".
  • Best Boss Ever: There are some memorable boss style charts in World Max. Try playing the full version of Deja Vu where the chart can randomly change at two points.
    • The speed of NXA's boss song Final Audition 2-X hits seventeen steps per second in places. God only knows what Fiesta has in store... Vacuum Cleaner in Fiesta EX!
  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome: Many of the Mexican speed players love to play the hardest songs over and over. This backfired spectacularly during the World Pump Festival a few years ago, when the random songs chosen for the first two rounds were two of the easiest ones, and none of the Mexican players made it past the 2nd round due to lack of practice on said songs.
  • Ear Worm: Kara's Wanna from Fiesta. It is so much an Ear Worm that there is a dedicated course for just that song, five times in a row. The course is called Wanna's Train.
  • Fandom Rivalry: With Dance Dance Revolution, unsurprisingly.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Central and South Americans love Pump It Up to the point of surpassing DDR in popularity in some of those countries.
  • It's Easy, so It Sucks: NX1 brought Chimera. Not many songs, if any at all, are harder than that one (going by Arcade Station).
  • Scrappy Level: Some World Max missions. While many of them can be skipped after failing enough times, the Boss Songs can't be.
  • “Stop Having Fun” Guys: Until recently, all official tournaments required players to not use the bar.
  • That One Boss: And how! Every mix since Exceed seems to have at least one.
    • Dignity on Exceed
    • Canon-D and Solitary 2 on Exceed 2
    • Love Is A Danger Zone 2 on Zero
    • Chimera and Final Audition Episode 2-2 on NX
    • Final Audition Episode 2-X on NXA
    • Sorceress Elise and Vacuum on Fiesta
    • Cleaner and Crashday on Fiesta EX
    • Flew Far Faster and Ignis Fatuus on Fiesta 2
    • Even the Pro series gets involved as well: VVV (not VVVVVV), Rockhill, and Dream to Nightmare are just a few of the very difficult charts.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: Pump It Up Pro uses the StepMania engine instead of Andamiro's engine. While most of the basic features are in, including counting combos on holds (however, it doesn't do it the same way the main series does however, by counting every 8th note instead of using arbitrary "tickcounts"), one thing missing is Split BPM, or the ability to have two simultaneously playing charts for the same song have different BPM changes and stops. An example can be found with Phantom Hard and Crazy.
    • The current main series, PIU Fiesta, changes many things related to how to select songs and options. The core gameplay is still the same, however.
    • The recent fork-turned-official StepMania 5 (Pro 2 was based off what was then StepMania 4) finally adds support for split BPM's in its extended ".ssc" file format. Yay.
  • They Copied It, So It Sucks: What some DDR fanboys say about this game.