Funny / Pump It Up

  • The course "Wanna's Train", in which you play "Wanna" five times in a row.
  • "Bee" Another Nightmare's chart, a hilariously impossible chart.
  • "Pumptris Quattro"'s Single 17 chart, which is composed entirely of hold steps. The game will give out all Perfects for a hold note so long as you keep it held down the entire time, even if you "buffer" the note by holding it in advance. Some players' solutions to getting all Perfects on the chart? Sit down on the panels for the entire duration of the song.
  • "Dawgs In Da House"'s Routine/Co-op chart. Yes, you and your partner are supposed to go "doggy style" for some parts of the chart. Have fun getting kicked out of the arcade!
  • Infinity has the song "Girlz Buttz", a song that is about, well, "lookin' at girlz buttz". The video consists of various Pump players fooling around, while the Routine chart occasionally has either player holding down one set of panels while using their hands to hit the other panels, sticking their butt out in the process.