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YMMV: Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger
  • Alternate Character Interpretation:
    • When Basco took the Final Wave for Sari in #39, was it because he needed her alive for his Pseudoroids, or did he actually show concern and care for Sari? #47 subverts any possibility of the latter, HARD!
    • Did Akudos Gill truly care about Warz Gill and mourn his death? Or was the memorial to his son and his You Have Failed Me moment just going through what was expected of a man in his position who lost his son? Or worse, did he send Warz Gill there to be killed off in the first place, to justify a war of Disproportionate Retribution?
  • Awesome Music:
  • Base Breaker: Hurricane Gokai-Oh spamming in the summer episodes (ends right before the Go-onger tribute, where Machalcon took Furaimaru's stead) is either received well by some fans because of the Pirates-Ninja factor or too repetitive and spotlight-hogging for the others.
  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment: Unless you know Goranger's attack, the Goranger Hurricane with a garbage truck really comes out of nowhere, even with the Rangers calling it out during the attack.
  • Complete Monster: Basco ta Jolokia's boss (Warz Gill) is a General Failure, and his replacement/dad (Ackdos Gill) just sits down on his throne and gives out normal orders like how every other normal Sentai villain behaved fits right in, but he himself represents greed and It's All About Me to the max. The guy betrayed the Red Pirates, leaving Aka Red to his apparent demise and Marvelous alone, while stealing several of their gathered treasures under the pretense that "you have to sacrifice something to get something else", which means that if he wants something, he sacrifices anything to get it and isn't above blackmail. He would [hurt children, blow up schools and youngsters, betray allies (including the Morality Pet) for anything he wants. He does all that with a cheery smile befitting of a Troll and did it for profit and whatever fun he wants. Basco's disposition is usually cheery and jovial, but when he is the enemy of the week, the situation gets even worse than when Zangyack is the enemy of the week.
  • Continuity Lockout: As cool as all these Call Backs to previous Sentai seasons are, it's probably going to leave a few newer fans who aren't familiar with the older seasons a little confused, like the Goranger Hurricane mentioned above (and, let's go ahead and mention the inevitable, it's going to be hell for whoever ends up adapting this into Power Rangers, since they're going to either have to explain away or completely disregard the 16 teams that were never seen stateside (everything from Goranger to Jetman, with Dairanger on top of it...unless Saban retreads the path of the Masked Rider episode "The Invasion of Leawood", which just plonked in every Showa era Kamen Rider without any prior context.)
    • The PR group won't have to worry, at least for the Legend War. Toei is making new footage just for Power Rangers — that doesn't use anything from before Zyuranger. Turns out that other teams that haven't been adapted ARE going to show up in Super Megaforce, like Dairanger, with their existence handwaved as "powers never seen before on this planet".
  • Crosses the Line Twice: Several monsters turning into a Twinkle In The Sky? Seen it. Said monsters smashing through the Zangyack fleet that's always in Earth's orbit? Funny. One such monster smashing into the flagship and still capable of walking up to the bridge? HILARIOUS.
    • The ending is even more of an Ear Worm. Lampshaded in one line of the song itself, which, roughly translated goes like:
      Singing loudly so you'll always remember
  • Ensemble Darkhorse:
    • Much like another attractive and personable Yellow Ranger, Luka is quickly becoming the one of the most popular character on the show.
    • The Gormin have become some of the best Mooks ever in a Sentai series, especially after the poker game in episode 10. It helps that they're portrayed as not quite as mindless as many of the grunts before and after them.
    • After only two episodes, a vast majority of the fandom is already clamoring for the return of Basco. Though with recent events, he may be straying towards Draco in Leather Pants territory.
  • Family-Unfriendly Aesop:
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment/Harsher in Hindsight:
    • All those mentions about piracy in the show (I.E. "We're the pirated versions") might be a little uneasy considering most English speaking viewers of the show are pirates in a whole different sense.
    • Not to mention the one bill everyone is focused on in 2011, the Stop Online Piracy Act. It's very ironic that it was the Pirate Sentai that was playing during the anti-piracy craze.
    • The whole Villain-falls-in-love-with-Red Racer plot might sound funny, until it's reported later in the year that Yuji "Kyosuke Jinnai" Kishi goes into divorce for yet-undisclosed reasons. Worse, his wife was another Sentai alumni - Umeko/Deka Pink.
    • The way the villains are portrayed in the movies can be Played for Laughs. It can also be jarring when you compare them to what they've been doing in the series proper. For example, in Gokaiger vs. Gavan, how Basco "punishes" Sally for not helping him fight the Go-busters...
    • The "pirating" connotations become more unbearable when one hears stories like this.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: In the western world, Gokaiger is one of the most popular Sentai series in recent history. In Japan, however? Fifth-lowest rated series in history, in terms of TV ratings (just behind Ohranger, Carranger, Go-Busters and Kyoryuger). This is comparing older fans watching in other Western countries via fansubs to kids (and the older Periphery Demographic) watching in Japan, the popularity for other countries watching either by fansubs or official releases like South Korea's "Captain Force" dub tends to get...ignored.
  • He's Just Hiding: After the end of episode 21, this might be true of Aka Red. The final episode has Aka Red showing up in the end, then disappearing in a flash of light. So maybe?
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Female versions of male yellow rangers...kinda makes you look back, eh?
    • Also, Female Red Rangers?
    • Pirates are in this year, indeed.
    • We can now remake "The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny" with a real picture of every single Power Ranger.
    • It's possible that the popularity of Manta Headder from Goseiger (which turns into a pirate-themed mecha head) inspired Gokaiger as a whole. This gets lampshaded in The Movie.
    • Joe's mentor, Sid, is a sword-wielding, one-eyed cyborg.
    • The Mobirates' announcement for Sentai names during any Gokai Change is exactly the way the Carrangers announce their team name, which itself was a Running Gag in its seriesnote .
    • Goseiger's card system brought Decade's card system to mind. Gokaiger brought everything else in Decade to mind.
    • As Ryouma and Hyuuga note, the Gingaman fought Space Pirates, and then we got a Space Pirate Sentai.
    • A Red Ranger's actor initially declined to appear in a tribute episode because he wanted to put that part of the career behind himself. Other members of the cast and crew convinced him to appear, though as a result, he has limited screentime. Now, am I talking about Kazuki Maeharanote , or Danny Slavin?
    • In Kamen Rider Decade, during his stay in Kabuto's world, Tsukasa talked about an explorer by the name of Vasco de Gama, who is similarly named to one Basco ta Jolokia. Bonus points for Vasco being interchangeable with Basco.
    • In #39, a space newspaper has an article about the death of Warz Gill on a page that's headered as "Space Sports Extra". Wonder if that means the space sports had to be totally cancelled...
    • The entire "Don as a dragon slayer" arc, with a certain video game about dragon slayers being released at about the same time.
    • Compare Navi's excitement over finally getting a bounty to Chopper's reaction when he saw his first bounty poster (if money exchange isn't applicable, they both start out at a mere 50).
    • Still on One Piece, Sanji is noticeably missing from the Expies in the main cast...but his voice actor isn't, being the voice of Machalcon.
    • And another from One Piece, with Kazuki Yao a.k.a. Franky reprising his role as Ninjaman.
    • Ninjaman says that he was trapped in Negakure Temple for roughly ten years, because of the rampage of zoo animals. Wait, what was the Sentai team around that time? Bonus points for all the animals pictured having counterparts in the then active Power Animals.
    • While there's been no shortage of pirate Ranger fanfics before Gokaiger, at least one managed to predict the characteristics and assigned colors of the core 5 heroes.
    • We finally get some idea of what the riders were going through during the Final Form Rides in the form of Don being the Zuban sword in #51.
    • In the movie, the Gokaigers intend on hunting down the God's Eye, so that it will grant their wish to gain the greatest treasure in the universe. Of course, what the great treasure actually does is grant a wish.
    • Throughout Gokaiger there was a lot of Fan Dumb desperately trying to find references to Power Rangers when in reality there were very few. Well come the next series...
    • In the first episode, Marvelous asks Luka for her ring to be pawned, which makes the initial rumors that started circulating around their actors inherently funny.
    • At the start the series, Magi Gokaioh have one Bizarre Anatomy with a dragon head in a chest, and now see the Kamen Rider Wizard All Dragon, and both use Magic.
  • Holy Shit Quotient:
    • Clips from the 199 Heroes movie show ALL 33 Giant Robos, plus Sky Ace from JAKQ and VariBlune from Goranger. Cue massive gasps of HSQ.
    • And now the newest trailer from the Gokaiger movie show us Gokaioh vs Fake Gokaioh above the moving ghost ship and Gokaioh swingin from a rope(!).
  • Ho Yay:
    • Marvelous and Joe in episode 12.
    Marvelous: "The one I want is you."
    • The first time Luka and Ahim slept together on the couch, it was a cute moment that came after Luka tried comforting Ahim. The second time...well, here we are. There are other moments that can be be seen as shipping, especially episode 23, their focus episode (and Gogo V tribute).
    • With the villains, Marvelous and Basco have their Foe Yay going on, while Joe and Cid act very, very close in some of their flashbacks.
    • Don and the Soccer Kid in episode 32.
    • In a flashback, Basco asks a wounded Marvelous, "Want me to feed you ... like a couple?" He's teasing, yeah, but still.
  • Memetic Badass: Marvelous, oh, so very much.
  • Memetic Mutation:
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • Basco:
      • Him threatening to kill a little kid in order to try and get a Great Power from it's owner. His actions were previously only centered on the Gokaiger, but going far enough to try and kill a child for a Great Power is going too far.
      • Basco goes even farther in episode 39 by threatening to blow up an entire high school for a Great Power.
      • And if he didn't then, he most certainly did it by blowing up Sally, the only thing that he appeared to have any semblence of morality towards, with no remorse.
    • Warz Gil:
      • He crossed this by ordering a large number of people to be converted into copies of Barizorg.
      • Some say he crossed it earlier when he had strapped a bomb to an Action Commander so that he would take a large city with him. And the only reason why that is because said Action Commander irritated him.
  • Most Wonderful Sound: Whenever the mobirates yells out the name of the sentai that the Gokaigers are transforming into.
  • Narm Charm:
    • Sally (Sari) the Monkey, Basco's sidekick. It's clearly someone crouching in a monkey costume. But the constant antics and the suit actor's surprising devotion to really acting like a monkey make you forget how silly she looks.
    • In episode 14, it's painfully obvious that the monsters are dragging around a dummy dressed as Red Racer, but since it's a Carranger episode, it just adds to the funny.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • Sid's transformation into Barizorg.
      • What's worse is Warz Gil has no problem about doing that to a great many other people.
    • When Basco transforms into his 'true form' in Episode 31 and he breaks Gai's arm. You can hear the crack, followed by the sound of Gai screaming...*shudder*
      • And let's not forget that his true form scared Aka Red. There's a reason why he had a 3 million Zagin bounty on his head, and it's not because he cooked meals for the Red Pirates.
    • Basco using summoned Gokaigers! Seeing mindless puppet duplicates of our heroes serving the bad guy can be quite chilling. The dark atmosphere of commandeered Gokai Galleon and their hunt for Navi does not help. This of course was predated by the Ranger puppets created by Black Cross King in the movie.
    • Something can be said about Gokai Silver's Gold Mode. The chestplate has miniature faces of previous Sixth Rangers, making it look eerily like a Super Sentai pelt or a witch doctor's shrunken head collection.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Most people's first impression on Warz Gils is that he's a pathetic excuse of Big Bad thanks to his Spoiled Brat, General Failure attitude and temper tantrum. Lately, thanks to some level ups in competency, some Moral Event Horizon crossing and especially the events at Episode 37, people started acknowledging why he's the Big Bad. Though he bites it soon.
    • Also, the Goseigers. Many fans found them to be either dull or annoying, but their more aggressive behavior during the 199 Heroes movie won a lot of viewers over. The fact that their series got Vindicated by History also helps.
  • Retroactive Recognition: GokaiPink first appeared as the last Victim of the Week in Kamen Rider Double.
  • Special Effect Failure:
    • There's a moment in #26 where the Hurricanegers and the GokaiOh are in the same shot, and the fact that they're all standing on a model city set is really obvious due to some bad perspective.
    • The staff made a "stunt spear" for scenes where Gokai Silver gets knocked around, since obviously the plastic prongs would break easily from all the rough-and-tumble of the fight scenes. The problem is that the stunt spear has large sheets of black plastic connecting the prongs, which solves the fragility problem but sticks out like a sore thumb every time it's used.
    • Some of the suits haven't aged well, and it's easier to spot in HD. This is more common with Extra heroes whose armors aren't as easy to restore as the fabric in Ranger suits.
      • The first major instance of this happens in episode 20 with the Black Knight suit, whose shoulder pads and chest armor are slightly peeled off in the edges and corners, a detail exposed within close-ups of the suit.
      • Another case happens in Episode 31, when Zubaan and Wolzard Fire grow to giant size. As Zubaan tries to stomp GokaiSilver flat, his lower leg looks very crinkly. This is especially noticeable because, being a giant, the stomping leg occupied half the screen.
  • Spoiled by the Format: In many ways, #38 feels like a final episode. The Gokaigers recover from their Curb-Stomp Battle, learn An Aesop about seizing your dreams, earn their own grand power, and use it to kill both the Big Bad (up to this point) and his right-hand man in an epic manner. However, being a Super Sentai series, we knew that there were some 12-15 episodes still remaining, and on top of that, not all the Greater Powers were gained.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot:
    • Episode 13, the absence of Ahim from the group would have made for ideal opportunity to use the four member Abaranger keys.
    • Episode 27, when Luka and Don body swap, they don't modify Gokai Green's costume into a Mini Dress Of Power, thus missing the chance of having the first female Green Ranger in Super Sentai history. But then #49 happens...
    • Some decisions seems to be weird. Sure, Gokai Galleon Buster being introduced the way it was played nice, but it would have made much more sense if the introduction of a bazooka was made with Changeman's ultimate power, since this series introduced this concept to the sentai genre. Ohranger's ultimate power would go very nice if used to apply different hats to GokaiOh's head.
    • In Episode 14, they gained Carranger's Grand Power, which is traffic safety. That probably would have been useful to help contain Machalcon in episode 36.
    • Episode 39, which is Megaranger's tribute, didn't have a Nejiranger like enemy. It would be really cool if they had it instead of Basco and Sally. Or if Basco had Nejiranger Ranger Keys and debuted them in that episode.
    • No explanation has been given by how the entire Ranger Key quest, Basco's mutiny, Marvelous recruiting and tightening a strong bond with his crew in the vast space in less than 1 year. All those events took place between after the 34 Rangers sacrificed their powers and the first episode of Gokaiger. Considering this series takes place right after Goseiger.
    • The lack of a Super Mode for the 5 initial rangers.
    • Now even Gokaiger vs. Gavan has this. Tetsu Inada confirmed in his twitter that Doggie Kruger/Dekamaster (who is close friends with Gavan in-universe) would not be appearing in this movie.
    • Show hands for those who thought that the rumor of the finale being a Second Legend War was true?
    • At the end of the Boukenger tribute, Akashi mentions AkaRed. Some people thought that this line indicated that AkaRed would have a larger role in the story than he'd had previously, but by the end of the series it turned out that he didn't have any more of a role than being Marvelous' former mentor and the one who gave him his powers. The line was just meant to refer to AkaRed's first appearance in the Boukenger vs. Super Sentai movie.
    • How did Gai's ability to merge ranger keys together not have a larger role beyond the Go-On Wings, Gold Mode and Gokai Christmas? At the very least, combining all the red keys should have created an Aka Red key.
  • Villain Decay: Damaras probably got this the worst out of any Sentai Dragon - going from a bruiser to a punching bag in one episode.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion:
    • Navi is technically without gender, being a machine, but fans and even some subbers can't decide on male or female pronouns. Since Navi seemed to enjoy getting fawned over by the schoolgirls in episode 8 and uses "oira", which is generally spoken by males (there are females that do so, but it's rare), evidence leans towards Navi being a "he".
    • A small handful of fans thought Basco was a woman upon seeing the episode 15 preview, although that was soon cleared up. Sally on the other hand...
  • The Woobie: Ahim gets this treatment in #41, especially in the crying scene. You just want to give her a big hug!

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