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07:24:43 AM Dec 30th 2012
Removed because some of the things have been disproven (though there was admittedly no "all archers" change, though there were still some mad combinations in the final episode):

  • They've done an all-red and all-silver team, and half the team has done all-black and all-white, but there seems to be no indication that they intend to do a full team of Blue, Green, Yellow, or Pink, or any other combinations that would be cool to see (such as an all Archers team of Spade Ace, Ptera Ranger, Pink Racer, Blue Dolphin, and Shinken Blue.)
    • [[spoiler:All-Pink, (Gokaiger vs Gavan), full All-White (Gokaiger vs. Gavan), All-Green (#43), and All-Yellow (#44) can now be crossed off the list.]
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