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Fridge: Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger

Fridge Brilliance

  • Zangyak's coat-of-arms has a black biotic dragon on the left and a blue mechanical dragon on the right, reflecting the nature of Super Sentai villains who most generally originate from either mysticism note  or technology note . While the exact categorizations of each group is arguable, the monster designs definitely fall into either of the two categories depending on their series.
    • Moreover, many of Zangyack's own Action Commanders have a combination of organic and cybernetic parts.
  • Following the above, the Gokaiger symbol (i.e. the one at the back of the logo during the opening) looks quite cool at one glance, but it looks mainly like just two swords with some random thing in the middle. Then you realize: it's actually a RANGER KEY!
  • Surprisingly for a Sentai team, the Gokaigers aren't exactly the most heroic of, er, people. Reminds you of a certain photographer used to passing through dimensions, perhaps?
    • They also happen to be looking for treasures. Reminds you of anyone?
      • Gokaiger mirrors Decade in another way: as mentioned above, Marvelous, Joe, and Luka often play Tsukasa's role as strong fighters but also kind of rude and self-serving. Don and Ahim, the nicer members of the team, are the ones who more often than not make peace with other Rangers — just like Yuusuke did in Decade.
      • Episode 34 has Luka's friend Cain introducing himself as a businessman "just passing through." And considering how he once played as someone who opposed a Kamen Rider...
    • There are also a number of references to the follow-up series.
  • The fact that they named this years red Captain Marvelous: It's not just a random English name, but an actual homage to the company that helped with creating some of the first Super Sentai. Even though the collaboration was rather small compared to the franchise's "size", they did help provide the inspiration that put the Super in Super Sentai. That's right: Japanese Spider-Man and his giant robot, Leopardon.
  • Luka being cast as the Tomboy of the series seems natural when she's the Tomboy to Ahim's Girly Girl. Then you realize that since a large number of past Yellow Sentai were male, she has to wear their costumes, helmet included, when she transforms into one of them. The fraction is significantly lower for Blue, which makes this much less of a problem for Joe.
  • The Gokaiger's Transformation Sequence features the Roman numeral XXXV; they're the 35th Super Sentai.
    • Gokai Silver's uses XV and an anchor; Gai's surname Ikari means "anchor" in Japanese, and there are 15 officially recognized Sixth Rangers (the ones whose power Gai draws upon to become Gokai Silver).
      • The anchor could also represent I, adding with XV to make XVI, or 16. The first officially reconized Sixth Ranger came from the sixteenth Sentai.
      • Or it could represent the fact that Gai himself is the 16th Sixth Ranger.
    • An Unintentional one: AkaRed was for the 30th Super Sentai as show by his belt's XXX but add in his VS lapel badge and...XXXV...and who gave Marvy-Chan the Mobirates?
  • Something from the Mecha battle in the 199 Hero movie that ties into the Grand Powers(and supported by the Gingaman episode): The mechas seemingly manifested from the Ranger Keys when they all glowed. Since the mechas are part of the power sets of the previous Sentai, it seems that the Ranger Keys hold(in part) the Grand Power, and that the final release is the approval of a member of the past Sentai.
  • In the beginning of #2, Don notes that the Zangyack have stationed their fleet between the Earth and the Moon. Sounds like an appropriate place for them to be storytelling-wise, until you realize that that's where Lagrangian Point L1 is, which means that they have easy and quick access to the Earth, as well as the Moon, without having to continuously maneuver their ships in order to stay out of the gravitational well of either.
  • In Episode 3, Joe is the first to transform into Big One, when it is mainly Luka's key. This is because the actor who played him, Hiroshi Miyauchi, was also Aoranger, so it makes perfect sense why the Blue warrior should become him. In a meta-sense, he did.
  • A blindingly obvious one upon hindsight. Why isn't Marvelous fazed at all by the wall of fire? He's Red - most of the past Reds have fire as their element already.
  • In Episode 4, Joe's choice of Ranger Keys for his Blue Slash finisher were all Blue Rangers who explicitly had water-based Elemental Powers.
  • GokaiSilver's Gold Mode armor, when not in use, is shaped like an anchor. The same is true for the key used to summon it, as evidenced by scans of the upcoming action figures.
  • Why didn't Shitari grow after being defeated by the Gokaiger in Goseiger vs. Shinkenger? Because he had already given up part of his life energy to an Ayakashi.
  • The Action Commander in Episode 9, which introduces Gao Lion, is dog-themed. No wonder the big guy swipes him away.
  • ShinkenGokaiOh's weapons include scaled-up Rekka Daizanto and the mech's normal swords attached end-to-end. The latter makes little sense, until you rewatch the Shinkenger's first use of their Kajiki Origami.
  • In number 12 during the flashback of who joined the crew at what time is shown in the same order of how whatever One Piece character they're slightly based off of joined.
  • I was a little surprised that Carranger's grand power was so underwhelming, especially since Carranger was such a popular season. However, if you look at the fight, they do a pretty close approximation of what was translated into Turbo as the Turbo Megazord Spinout. Even though they got the funny scenes, there's still a Carranger finisher in their arsenal.
    • The name of the attack was Gokai Gekisou Giri, which obviously comes from Gekisou Sentai Carranger.
  • The Gokaiger's using Gaolion to form ShinkenGokaioh is ironic since the red ranger and user of the Lion Zord in Gaoranger's Power Ranger adaption Wild Force appears on Shinkenger's adaption Samurai as the current red ranger's archenemy.
    • Also, Wild Force was the last series Saban worked on before Disney took over, and Samurai is the first one Saban worked on after they took over again.
  • In Episode 18, the team tries to do a group Shinkenger morph, but Marvelous mistakenly gives Gai the Kingranger key. The obvious joke is that Kingranger's visor is a kanji like the Shinkengers', but the funnier part comes when you remember Gaoranger Vs. Super Sentai, where Kingranger is listed amongst the master swordsmen of past Rangers — meaning he fits in with the Shinkengers quite well.
  • The drills in GoJyuJin's Triple Drill Dream finisher are actually color-coded to the Sixth Ranger of the series they represent. GoJyuDrill's is red for TimeFire, GoJyuRex's is green for Dragon Ranger, and GoJyuJin's is white for AbareKiller.
  • GoJyuJin has the "Jin" suffix to it's name. But AbareKiller's key is used to activate the form, and in Abaranger, the mecha all had the "Oh" suffix to their name. While this might be a Shout-Out to Zyuranger as well, it could also be a subtle refrence to another Sixth Ranger to fall in the line of duty (or so it seemed) who came from a series where the mecha had the Jin suffix.
    • Speaking of name suffixes, GojyuRex is derived from Zyuranger even though the V-Rex in Timeranger is the only mecha in those three seasons to use Rex in its name; and GojyuDrill may be derived from Timeranger, but the drill weapon was featured the most prominently in Abaranger since the primary mecha AbarenOh uses it. So basically we have the three GojyuJin form names rotated around where their respective sentai is concerned.
  • Gai's unique ability to create/unite new keys from his stock by using his imagination may seem downright odd at first...until you realize that both he as a character as well as his actor Junya Ikeda are both Sentai fanboys. Junya's blog post even mentions that he as a kid would write (and thus imagine) being Kiba Ranger. He's merely joining his new powers with one he's had all along.
    • Further, it seems like his three mentor Rangers foresaw this, as both his Gokai Cellular as well as his helmet have been predesigned to allow for the Gold Mode transformation.
    • Related to his favorite ranger: when he got his first ranger key, guess who he transformed into?
  • GokaiSilver's has a gold visor, the only other Rangers with a color visor are AbreKiller, who gives him his Transformation Trinket, and TimeRanger, who gave his his mecha.
    • And when GokaiSilver goes to Gold Mode, his visor instead is black, very much like DragonRanger, who as the first Sixth Ranger had a golden Chest Armor which Gokaisilver Gold Mode has as well.
      • The helmet change also brings to mind Shurikenger's Super Mode as well, fitting as Shurikenger also seemingly fell in battle (though he apparently survived in the Team Up with Abaranger, that might not be canon) like the other three.
  • Notice that the ranger keys Don has represent the Big Guys of their teams, like MagiGreen and GaoBlack, even though he's a Lovable Coward. If you notice that he also has the Wrestler in All of Us, his keys make a lot more sense.
  • In episode 18, Gai receive his powers from three dead Sixth Rangers in reference to him being the actual Sixth Ranger...and Gai being probably dead. But it also represents other things.
    • First of all, Burai represents the first generation of Sixth Ranger, being ''the'' Sixth Ranger, and the one who must be present at the birth of a new Sixth Ranger. Naoto represents the destiny, or better said, the Screw Destiny. Gai was probably destined to live a normal and boring life...okay, as normal as it can be in the sentai universe, but in the very instant that he saved that girl without caring for his own life just to change the "destiny" of another person, they changed his "destiny" of a boring life...or, you know, die from the accident. Mikoto respresents the previous generation, he is the Senpai of Gai, but the kōhai of Burai and Naoto. he is the one who has to pass the "name" of Sixth Ranger to Gai.
    • Second, even if they already pulled a Heel-Face Turn and Redemption Equals Death, it's probable that they still feel bad for the wrong things they do, especially since weren't able to fully help their friends until the end. Even if they helped their comrades in the war, the fact that it ended with a "Downer Ending" (let's face it, the fact that they didn't defeat the empire, besides the fact they lost their powers and the earth was defenseless to another attack, wasn't exactly a "happy ending") didn't make them feel like they had compensated for the wrong things. giving the Gokaigers another member, besides of three more powers, probably represent their desire to help even if it is a little.
    • Third, the very fact that these three Serious characters gave someone like Gai his Gokai Key is proof enough that he deserves to be a Gokaiger.
  • Having Fuuraimaru as the product of the Hurricaneger's Greater Power makes sense, considering that the Gokaigers have both the Hurricanger Keys and the Gouraiger Keys, as both teams of ninja used Fuuraimaru to combine into Gourai Senpuujin.
    • Also, the Tenkuujin elements could be a throwback to the Hurricanger VS. Gaoranger movie, featuring Tenkuu Gourai Senpuujin.
    • Group henshins? Theme Music Powerup from both shows? Combined attacks? They're not just calling back to Hurricaneger in particular, but essentially homaging the traditional sentai VS movie, without the usual argument of continuity since it's actually part of the series.
  • Why is Gai's reward higher than Don's? Because he completely ruined Gil's plan of the bomb! Of course he wants his head more than the green gokaiger.
  • When the team changes into Liveman they have three guys and two girls, in the first episode of Liveman what was the group of friends? Three guys and two girls, in a way this shows what it could have looked like.
  • Engine Machalcon is designated as Engine no. 13. As the last new mecha and part of the GokaiOh final form, he's a harbinger of the series' end.
    • He's also the son of Speedor (Engine No 1) and BearRV (Engine No 3).
  • In episode 31, when Gai defeats his Extra Ranger Key enemies, they were able to grow into large versions of themselves. At first I asked why was that possible? Then I remembered who he was battling, Wolzard Fire and Zuban. Those two had the ability to grow big in their original series! With Wolzard Fire being Wolzard at the time of course
  • The preview for #36 pretty much confirms something we've all suspected - the existence of the two-in-one Go-on Wings key is specifically to enable the upcoming Gokai Change into Go-Onger, representing the first seven-man team with only six members.
  • Why is Kaoru the one who shows up in the Shinkenger tribute episode? Because Takeru needed some time to himself in order to find his true self after so many years of pretending to be someone he wasn't. Of course, being who he is, he wouldn't admit it at first, and so he didn't step down until after the Legend War when it became apparent that he wouldn't be needed anymore (hence why he appears in Goseiger vs. Shinkenger).
  • It may seem a bit strange that Kanzen Gokai-Oh uses less mecha to form than the original Gokai-Oh. However, if you recall, it actually requires a grand total of five great powers in order to use: Zyuranger, Timeranger, Abaranger, Go-Onger and Gokaiger. So it is indeed worthy of being the final mecha.
  • The Gokaigers' own Ultimate Power is a massive Engine Cell that triggers Machalcon's transformation and the ability to become Kanzen Gokai-Oh. It may seem odd for it to take the form of something from Go-Onger, but when you think about it...even the Gokaigers' own ultimate power continues to be co-opting (or pirating) someone else's gimmick.
    • Alternatively, Machalcon did join the crew, so one could read the transformation as something belonging to all the crew, not Go-Onger. (Though Navi would be a more obvious choice to integrate this way.)
  • Another reason why Kanzen Gokai-Oh is more Go-Onger based could be related to the Transformation Trinket of said season: The Engine Soul. The name of the anniversary song in Gaoranger? Super Sentai Soul.
  • Why is GorenGokaiOh's finisher named the way it is? Because the stars you would use to find the constellation Cassiopeia are five stars. Five stars are shining in the heavens, indeed.
  • Ahim using the MagiPink ranger key and then changing herself to look like Matsuri Tatsumi in the Gogo-V tribute episode is a subtle reference to Magiranger, where Houka Ozu (MagiPink) could change herself into any object but they would become pink in color or gain a pink bow, like when Houka transformed in Vancuria. Someone somewhere made a note how Ahim using the MagiPink transformation spell was off from Houka's version, that there should have been a pink bow on Ahim/MagiPink]= as Matsuri. However, it was spot on to Houka's version, since who she transformed into was [=GoPink.
  • Why does Kanzen GokaiOh have a similar attack to V-Rex Robo? Keep in mind GouJyuJin also contains Timeranger's ultimate power, and TimeFire was the one who gave it to him.
  • Gai's Gokai Supernova contains one when you realize what happens to a star as it goes...supernova. If you watch the effect, it sheds off energy as it heads toward the MotW; a supernova does the same thing, in what's called a helium flash.
  • All of Ahim's transformations in episode 41 bear some sort of reference:
    • Ahim and Gai transform into the Go-On Wings. Reason: Gai and the wings as a unit are considered the sixth rangers of their respective series as well as the Wings having one male and female member.
    • Ahim and Don transform into the Gouraigers. Reason: The Gouraigers were the fourth and fifth members of the Hurricangers just as Don and Ahim are the fourth and fifth members of the Gokaigers.
    • Ahim and Luka transform into Gosei Pink and Gosei Yellow. Reason: Yellow and Pink are usually reserved as female roles in previous Sentai.
    • Ahim and Joe transform into Deka Swan and Deka Master. Reason: Deka Master and Deka Swan were for the most part a couple. Deka Master is also navy blue and is a sword master like Joe.
    • Ahim and Marvelous transform into dual Shinken Reds. Reason: Shinken Red has been the role of both heads of the Shiba Clan: Takeru and Kaoru.
      • It's quite likely that they were chosen for being members who share a familial bond - siblings for the Go-On Wings duo and Gouraigers, lovers for the Dekas and parent/child for both Shinken Reds. This also ties in with the speech by Marvelous earlier about how Ahim is not alone, and that she is like a family to them. Though how the Gosei duo fits in this theme is beyond me.
      • Gosei Pink and Yellow were notable for becoming close friends despite being from rival tribes, which could arguably be a parallel to Ahim and Luka (since the show often makes a divide between Marvelous, Joe and Luka vs. Don, Ahim and Gai).
  • 199 Heroes (AkaRed and GokaiSilver are already included in the count)? Why not make it a perfect 200 already? As episode 40 shows us, there's at least one hero missing.
    • Actually the hero count was right as the movie takes place before the Gokaigers travelled to the past to prevent the destruction of the temple housing the special jar but it adds a bit of horror as to why the 200th hero was not there.
  • Why didn't the God Hand work on Stone Wall Shieldon in #32? Because that attack has a horrible track record in it's own show, despite it's legendary status.
    • Another brilliance is that Shieldon withstood four of Changeman's '(insert mythical animal here) Attack', as well as Dynaman's New Super Dynamite, the last would've destroyed any normal Monster of the Week. Of course a single attack like God Hand, while powerful, not used for a monster finisher, is going to fail.
  • The Christmas episode being the Battle Fever Tribute makes perfect sense. When Gai changed into Gokai Christmas he had red on the right, a gold gokaiger symbol on his head and was green on the left, those three colors are also on the Portuguese flag. Portuguese missionaries introduced Christmas to Japan in the 17th century. So he also got around the lack of a sixth ranger in the Battle Fever team.
  • The apparently random choices for the Gokai Legend mecha may have been Toei's attempt to ensure a smooth adaptation into Power Rangers - every one is from a season that's been adapted (Magiranger-Mystic Force, Dekaranger-SPD, Gaoranger-Wild Force, Shinkenger-Samurai, Hurricanger-Ninja Storm and Go-Onger-RPM), and even the ultimate powers granted to Gai (Zyuranger-MMPR, Timeranger-Time Force and Abaranger-Dino Thunder) fall into this range. Which may be why the Gokai Galleon Buster is connected to Ohranger (Zeo) rather than Changeman for using the first team cannon.
    • It's also noteworthy that the only team post-Jetman not to get a tribute in-show is, well, Zyuranger itself (though Gai covers that technically), and that the Legend Mecha were based on series with either good toy sales (e.g., Go-Onger and Gaoranger) or good reception (Dekaranger, Shinkenger).
    • It's not just the mecha; all but a couple of the pre-Zyuranger Grand Powers didn't even get tribute episodes, but rather were granted to the team with a simple nod of approval in the 199 Heroes movie. This actually makes a lot of the suits less neccesary for any Power Rangers adaptation.
    • The convenience doesn't end there- other than Wild Force, every Sentai series with a Grand Power had their Power Rangers adaptation made in New Zealand. In other words, this decision would cut down on the need for the series made before the move to NZ, to cut the new production team some slack.
  • In an interview he gave for Gokaiger vs. Gavan, Kenji Ohba (Gavan) said (possibly paraphrasing) "I have a thick face, while they're all younger and clean-faced, and yet they're more serious and less easygoing that I was at their age." You could chalk it up to a difference in personalities...until you take a look at the circumstances of their careers. Kenji Ohba starred in Sentai in it's third and fourth installments, although at the time it was considered the first and second (Goranger and JAKQ were considered Sentai, while Kenji's first series were considered Super Sentai). His character of Gavan was also the very first Metal Hero. If he screwed up at all, there wouldn't have been as big an uproar as the fanbase hasn't been established and it wouldn't have been that big a deal for Kenji Ohba. The only fans were the young ones who were the audience for the show. For the Gokaiger cast, not only has Sentai now become an established and beloved franchise, they were working on the anniversary series that was bringing back past heroes. The Gokaiger cast had a lot more to live up to and are under more scrutiny than the past actors, especially Kenji Ohba. I mean no disrespect to Kenji Ohba, as he helped define Super Sentai, as well as define Metal Heroes, but the Gokaiger cast, as well as their successors, are the ones (along with the other cast and crew, but they're not the face of the show) that have to maintain Super Sentai for both the older fans and the current ones.
    • It could also reflect the tone of several Toku. While they now have pretty looking actors (younger and clean faced), the stories they are in are not so cheery (serious and less easy going).
  • There's something to be said for the last two Sentai ultimate powers Basco gets his hands on - Taiyou Sentai Sun Vulcan, representing the sun, and Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman, representing the earth. Basically Basco is rubbing the extent of his abilities in our heroes' faces, making him something of a Fridge Jerkass.
  • Ahim delivering the Aesop for the Kakuranger episode makes a lot of sense when you realize the leader of that team was Ninja White.
    • Not only that, but Ahim's Kakuranger ranger key is white. At first, this coloring choice seems straight enough, until you realize that both Tsuruhime (the original Ninja White) and Ahim are both princesses.
    • Same for the Timeranger episode. It was a Gai-focused episode because the original Time Fire was the team's original leader.
  • No wonder it's the Kakurangers' Grand Power that the Gokaigers have to get last. They are ninja, after all, and the Grand Power itself may have been Lost Forever if it weren't for Time Yellow sending the Gokaigers to the past.
  • Tsuruhime's cameo at the end of #45 wasn't simply there for the sake of a cameo. Had Ninjaman actually been destroyed in 2010 if the Gokaigers hadn't interfered, then she could have still helped the Gokaigers by giving them the ultimate power. Though it also results in some Fridge Logic in that Ninjaman is the ultimate power...
  • Why is it the Gokaiger and the real Goseigers are so much stronger than any Super Sentai clones summoned via Ranger Keys? Super Sentai teams pretty much run on Heroic Resolve and Heroic Willpower, two things a mindless clone can't have!
  • Navi is often called "Torii" which is Japanese for not only bird but also gate. Guess how Navi leads the Gokaigers to the Greatest Treasure in the Universe? Puts a whole new meaning to Navi's catchphrase. "Let's otakara Navi-GATE"!
  • Why is Gai the one to use the Grand Power of the Megaranger? Because Megaranger was the first sentai to feature a silver ranger
  • The lead cameos in episodes 49, 50, and 51 are there for a reason. Episode 49 was San Vulcan; episode 50 was Juuranger; episode 51 is Goranger. Take those three and put them together, and you get SanJuuGou...which is Japanese for thirty-five.
  • Just a thought, but why is it that the Gokaiger turn into the super modes of Shinkenger, Dekaranger, Magiranger, Gekiranger, and Goseiger? This could be because Magiranger, Dekaranger, Gekiranger and Shinkenger were some of the first few Greater Powers they received, while the Goseiger were their predecessors and the ones who helped them obtain a majority of the other powers.
    • Partly that, and partly because those teams are the five most recent ones with Super Modes.
  • In #50, Goushi reveals that during the Legend War the 34 sentai teams intended to use the greatest treasure of the universe to get rid of the Zangyack once and for all. Why did it fail? Because they didn't have access to Ninjaman, the ultimate powers of the Kakuranger.
  • Basco's motto, "Can't gain something without sacrificing something else." Just think about it.
    • Give up? Foreshadowing for the Greatest Treasure, which gains the destruction of the Zangyack at the sacrifice of the powers of Super Sentai.
    • Even better: The Gokaigers' rebuttal to that motto, "If we want something, we'll just take it, because that's what pirates do" foreshadows their actions upon learning that: Destroying the Greatest Treasure and defeating the Zangyack on their own, without sacrificing anything.
  • Dekaranger and Signalman Kobaan are allies not only because of Super Sentai but both are Space Police. Special Police Dekaranger handle interstellar crimes while Signalman Police of Police Planet handle lower priority stuff such as space traffic safety.
    • Space Sheriffs being linked to Super Sentai may seem to be confusing considering they were called Galactic Union Police not Space Police but watch Sun Vulcan episode 45 it references a Galactic Union and Galactic Police. Shaider episode 17 shows Galactic Police is another name for the Space Sheriffs. Shozo Uehara who wrote for Sun Vulcan would also write for Space Sheriff Gavan, Space Sheriff Sharivan and Space Sheriff Shaider.
      • Thus SPD being an offshoot of the Space Sheriffs make sense given like the Space Sheriff's combat suits Dekaranger Deka Metal suits are teleported from their baseships.
  • The Go-Busters being able to fight evenly with Basco actually makes a bit more sense than similar Early Bird Cameos from other movies. Even more than physical power, Basco's greatest strengths are his knowledge of previous sentai and the fact that he's always thinking two moves ahead. Having a new Sentai, with new powers and abilities that he knew nothing about, show up out of nowhere to be a Spanner in the Works would have seriously thrown off his game.
  • Gavan Bootleg's name may imply the notion that the Zangyack wanted someone who could pirate Gavan's power without using the P-word; after all, they're fighting pirates!
  • Why does Gai have a Super Mode while the other Gokaigers don't? Because Sixth Rangers generally don't have Super Modes and the other Gokaigers can access the Super Modes of the other rangers. As a Super Sentai fanboy, Gai is aware of this and created Gold Mode as a way to compensate this fact and catch up with the rest of the team.
  • Gai being the only one of the team to initially want to use the Greatest Treasure in the Universe to wipe out the Zangyack at the expense of all the other Super Sentai members' existences makes a lot of sense when one considers that Gai is the only Earthling in the group. As an Earthling who idolizes the Super Sentai, it is only natural that he would want to do the same as his predecessors and place the Earth above the lives of the Super Sentai. Of course, him being convinced not to do this in the end is also proof that not only is he a Sentai member, but also a Gokaiger pirate who attempts to grab his dreams.
    • Another thing; Gai can't see the way the Super Sentais have inspired people from Earth like the other Gokaigers, because Gai himself is an example of that. He is an Earthling who was inspired by the Super Sentais to be brave, strong and do what's right
  • The Megazord changes in the Go-Busters vs. Gokiager movie all are a part of a Mythology Gag
    • Gojyujin changes into Daizyujin. Both share similar names as well as Zyuranger being one of the greater powers that Gojyujin was created from.
    • Go-Buster Li-Oh changes into Gao King (and later Gao Kentaurus). Both Li-Oh and Gao King have a lion as the central component. The Kentaurus transformation is a reference to both being the final mech for their respective Sentai teams.
    • Go-Buster Ace changes into Geki Touja then Flash King and finally Ryuuseioh. All of these mechs were fast and agile like Ace plus Ryuuseioh is also a red mech with its own robot form.
    • Buster Heracles changes into Magi King. Remember that Jin's actor did play Magi Yellow.
    • Gokai-Oh chages into Daibouken. Both the Boukengers and Gokaigers are treasure hunters, not to mention both were anniversary Sentai series.
  • Why does Magi Gokaioh have the dragon just sticking out its front end? Because that's what Magi Dragon did in the "Magi Phoenix riding Magi Dragon" costume!
  • The order of each of the original ranger's flashback (Marvelos', Joe's Luka's Ahim's and Don's, not including Gai) were revealed are of the same order of the Goranger's number.
  • A lot of people assumed that Tanba is back to his Jerkass ways from Shinkenger, but they have to realize that his problem in Shinkenger wasn't just that he was a Jerkass but an Ungrateful Bastard on top of it, showing absolutely no respect to the other samurai, especially Genta. The end of the series humbled him enough to at least trust in the very samurai he disrespected, but that doesn't mean he's not going to mouth off to those he feels are disrespecting his princess, especially a bunch of rude pirates who have the powers that rightfully belong to his princess and her fellow samurai.
  • The Gokai Galleon/Gokai-Oh has a red flag. If you know anything about pirate lore, you know that a red flag basically means 'Prepare to Die' in pirate. While Aka Red built the thing, they were always intended to fight the Zangyack and obviously have quarter towards the Zangyack. The message of the red flag is aimed towards them, not towards people in general.

Fridge Logic

  • The Other Gokaigers can combine keys they just never thought or think to do it. Gai only discovers it by complete accident because he can't decide which Go-on Wing to be. So the others could, if they wanted to, create their own Gold Mode keys.
  • In #6, an infinite source of gold would severely increase the supply of gold in the world, causing its value to decline sharply and crashing the market. It's the same reason why you can't just print money, as Zimbabwe found out the hard way.
    • It was just one tree, and a fairly small one at that. Even though the supply was theoretically infinite, in reality they could probably only "harvest" so much gold at any one time. If the 'gold tree' method leaked to the public and everyone were suddenly able to plant forests of gold then yes, there would be some major problems. But in the short term a single family with a single tree wouldn't make that big of a dent in the overall gold supply.
  • In #19, the MOTW "debones" civilians, apparently removing their bones. All this does is make them lazy and lethargic. Shouldn't removing a person's entire skeletal strucutre kill them, as there's now nothing protecting their vital organs?
  • In #51, the Gokaiger return the Ranger Keys to their rightful owners. While this makes for an appropriate and nice ending, there is a bit of a problem for them: namely, their abilities are severely reduced since all they have are their own Ranger Keys. Now none of the main five can perform double Final Waves anymore, and even worse, Gai is now officially mecha-less. This might not seem like a problem, but remember that the series ends with them heading to the Zangyack homeworld, which is currently in the middle of factional in-fighting — in other words, a time when they would need all the power they can muster.
    • You have to remember two things: 1. The Empire has been severely crippled due to the crew killing most of their forces from across the universe, most powerful generals and monarchs. They should be even worse with all their in-fighting. 2.They have been shown fighting Zangyack forces in flashbacks without transforming. They are much more powerful than they were when the series began and the galleon is still strong without the greater powers.
  • So, the Gokaigers returned the Ranger Keys to Earth—all of, where did the keys for Black Condor, Dragon Ranger, TimeFire, and Abare Killer go? Episodes 18 and 28 both show that the dead Sentai can transform without the keys (sort of), so when the keys flew out, what happened to them? Couldn't they at least have kept the keys that gave Gai his mecha?
    • I think the rationalisation for this is that the powers of the 34 sentai belong to the Earth, and as such it wouldn't be right to keep them. Maybe the powers of the keys can be harnessed and made into new Transformation Trinkets? Or it could just be Honour Before Reason, which would actually show some good Character Development for the group.

Fridge Horror

  • In the Timeranger tribute keep in mind how the temple was destroyed before the Gokaigers interfered via Time travel,also keep in my Domon Jr. and Honami were taken to safety by Gai who wasn't there in the past to defend there might have been a little more to Domon's sadness in the beggining and tears at the end of the episode.
    • That is sad but you also forget that inside the temple was Ninjaman's jar, the movie had 199 heroes but what happened to the 200th...Oh, Crap indeed
  • Because the Goseigers have to return GoseiKnight's Ranger Key, he returns to his palm-sized Headder form...and he's fine with it?! At least he's still able to move around on his own, but...
    • He was a Headder before he was a Knight, so he probably wouldn't mind.
      • Zuuban would be stuck in his sword form and Signalman doesn't even have an alternate form, so who knows what happened to him, although he does show up in episode 51 after the Ranger Keys are returned to their original owners.
  • The Greatest Treasure in the Universe? The power to reshape the universe in any way the user wishes. Try to imagine if someone like Basco would get his hands on that, which he came within a hairs breath of obtaining. Even moreso is the fact his "give something to get something" mentality would mean he'd have absolutely no hesitation about sacrificing the powers of the Super Sentai in order to use the wish.
  • #51 shows Doc, as Zubaan Saken Mode being used by Joe as DekaMaster. When Doc transforms back into Gokai Green, you can see him briefly readjusting his limbs. Painful Transformation much?
  • Because of the Anti-Flash phenomenon, if the Flashmen stay away from the Flash system for too long, they'll die. And from the looks of it, they've been stranded on Earth since the Legend War…
    • They probably weren't stranded though. Even if the Round Base was destroyed during the war, they could have easily gotten a lift back to the Flash planets from the SPD, assuming that Zangyack didn't get in their way of course. Once the Gokaigers appeared, they might have sent Dai back to Earth to make sure that the Gokaigers got their power, and if it had taken more than a year for the Gokaigers to collect the powers he would have left and another member would take his place. Of course he ran into Basco, so he might have ended up leaving Earth earlier than he expected, unless he felt like staying around for the year...
  • The villains in vs. Gavan are imprisoned by the Zangyack because they were not completely evil, sympathetic, and/or comic relief villains. Keep in mind that one of Super Sentai's tradition regarding these kinds of villains, and you'll start to wonder what happened to a couple of others like them...
  • Overlaps with Brilliance: the Space Police are aware of the Zangyack's galactic conquest, and yet they haven't done anything to prevent it, because Zangyack sent an agent to infiltrate its ranks, possibly to prevent the Sheriffs from taking direct action against the empire. It might also explain why Sharivan and Shaider are missing, too; in Shaider's case, maybe...
    • One has to note as per Gokaiger episode 5 SPD has a delete order for Zangyack action commander Bramdo. So the Space Police does fight Zangyack in some capacity. As noted in the movie in attempted negotiation with Gavan SPD cleared the Gokaiger as the piracy charges were fake. The Space Sheriffs and SPD work for the same organization, the Space Police. Signalman is also a Space Police from Police Planet. Thus while Super Sentai may serve as Earth's super heroes, the Space Police are more akin to the Green Lantern Corps. That makes them more of a overall threat to Zangyack than Earth's heroes. Which why Zangyack had Space Police Director General Weeval replaced with an impostor to spy on them and have them fight their enemies for Zangyack. Likely SPD higher ups and Gavan had their suspicions but they can't act without luring the impostor, Ashrada, out in the open.
  • Rio and Mele condemned their own souls as the price for going briefly Back from the Dead to help the Gekirangers in Vs. Go-Onger. If they were the same ones in the Legend War, you'd actually be thankful for the writers to not reveal how they came back.
  • Did all of the previous teams encourage the Gokaigers to keep the ranger keys knowing what would have happened once the Gokaigers got the legendary treasure?

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