YMMV: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

  • Awesome Music: Oscar Araujo returns for the sequel with an arguably even better score than the first game's, with amazing pieces such as Titanic Struggle, Castlevania, Chaotic Battle, and Return to the Castle.
  • Breather Boss: Whilst trying to evade him in the garden maze is incredibly frustrating, the actual boss fight against Agreus is considered to be one of the easiest battles in the game due to his predictable attack pattern.
    • Abaddon is another straightforward boss, considering that the two bosses following him Victor Belmont and Inner Dracula are much, much tougher.
  • Best Boss Ever: Although most of the bosses are awesome (The bosses are a highly praised feature of the game), special mentions goes to Victor Belmont, for being an epic Mirror Boss, and, Inner Dracula for sheer Nightmare Fuel
  • Complete Monster: Satan returns in the modern world, casually murdering his summoner-his own son-for not eliminating Dracula and Alucard quick enough. Deciding to simply destroy the world, Satan also possesses Alucard to force Dracula to choose between losing his life and killing his own beloved son.
  • Cult Classic: Didn't do really well in sales, and got mixed reviews by critics, but got very positive user reviews, and is generally considered an improvement over the first game by Castlevania fans. Gabriel, and the portrayal of Drcaula, as a character, is also very endearing to people who played the game
  • Crazy Awesome: The Chupacabra. Originally The Scrappy of the first game, it's revealed to be an all-powerful god-like trickster, that nearly drove the Prince of Darkness to madness, forcing him to lock him in the deepest, darkest, dungeon in his castle.
  • Critical Dissonance: While it has mid sixties in critic reviews, it's done much better with an average of 80 (XBOX 360), 79 (PS3), and 90 (Steam) from users.
  • Demonic Spiders: Dark Cultists. Cultists show up just before the game's finale for good reason; they always come in packs and all attack at once, all but one of their attacks is unblockable, they have standard health but can teleport away if they're not locked in a combo for more than three seconds in inclusion to already being able to fly, they can summon a demon portal that if you fail to close quickly will flood you with infected, and if five or more of them are present at once, they can fuse together to become a chaos demon that's hard to kill by normal means, and killing it just makes them turn back into the cultists. And during the endgame and post-game, these are just about the only enemies you'll fight in the City. Thankfully, the draw-in moves for the void sword and chaos claws (L2+Triangle or LT+Y) utterly destroys them.
  • Evil Is Cool: Dracula. Highly Bad Ass? Check. Highly philosophical?. Check. Highly sympathetic backstory? Check. Monster? Check. Voiced by Robert Caryle? CHECK. It's like this Trope was made for him. Then again, "Evil" is not quite the right term for him.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Carmilla.
    • And Dracula himself has a fair share of fangirls.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Dracula's dialog at times implies that he still thinks of himself as a sort of hero. Even when he's massacring villages he still acts like he's doing good, saying that he's sending them all to a better place. So, if Dracula isn't a monster, then why are there all these scrolls and memorials around describing him horrifically torturing people for fun? Simple. In the case of the memorials you find around the city in the present day those are all propaganda written by Satan's acolytes, intended to make Dracula out to be worse than he actually was. In the case of the Brotherhood's scrolls that litter the castle, almost all of them describe tortures being inflicted not by Dracula but by his minions who (as this game repeatedly shows) are all only barely controlled by Dracula if at all. While Dracula was definitely a villain prior to the events of this game, he was never as bad as people thought.
  • Narm:
    • Dracula needs blood badly.
      Dracula: So weak now... must find blood!
    • Dracula's over the top Roaring Rampage of Revenge speech from the second trailer.
      Dracula: They will pay... Even if it takes an eternity, they will pay!
    • The ridiculous Church Militant knights after you.
      Golden Knight: God is with me, monster!
    • Dracula barfing blood all over the Siege Titan's core.
    • The generic stock scream used when Dracula feeds in the modern era for the first time.
    • Marie's crying during the fight with Carmilla.
    • After Carmilla is speared through the face, it looks like she's giving the spear a blow job. This was probably intentional, if not a reference to the original Dracula.
    • Thanks to some unfortunate set design, some doors in the city look like they're either twice as big as Dracula, or that he's really short for the lord of vampires.
    • There's the cutscene where Dracula and Alucard come up with their plan to kill both Zobek and Satan, and Dracula agrees to be stabbed in the heart to put him to sleep.
      Dracula: Push... that damn sword... into my heart! Before I change my mind!
      • The hilarious part about that sentence: He's saying it as the sword is already partway through his chest!
    • The final cutscene in which Dracula destroys Satan once and for all takes place in front of that very same church where he was sleeping all that time. No, they did not choose some huge, open, grandly designed venue for either of these key moments in the game, they chose the dark street with a rundown cathedral engulfed by more modern architecture on one side and a pizza place on the other. That giant pizza sign hanging on its side is one of the last things you see following the death of Satan. Also, the fact that one of Dracula's neighbors has been a pizza place for who knows how long, and will continue to be so after Satan was destroyed right across from it.
    • It's pretty hard to take Satan seriously when his choice of pants is armored chicken legs.
  • Narm Charm / So Bad, It's Good: Well, they're certainly upholding this series tradition. See above.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Has a page.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Chupacabras was widely hated in the first game thanks to his tendency to steal your items and force you to play an annoying game of hide and seek to get them back, all the while being taunted by his annoying voice. His appearance in this game starts out with a nice bit of catharsis when you find him locked in a magical cage and you get to listen to him grovel and beg for his freedom. After he's released he opens a shop selling a variety of useful items. He also has a new voice which is far less obnoxious than it was in the first game.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: If you try to avoid encounters with enemies by finding a ledge to parkour to, the enemies (every enemy in the game) has some form of ranged attack that's super fast, incredibly accurate, and always knocks you down. This mechanic stays even well past the point in the game where the only reason you'd be going through there in the first place is backtracking for collectables, when you can easily stomp flat every enemy that tries.
  • Tear Jerker: Has a page.
  • That One Boss: The Hooded Man, aka: Victor Belmont. He frequently parries your attacks, throws a flurry of projectiles that inflict a lot of damage if you get caught in the barrage, and rarely stays still long enough to hit him with a combo. If you try to jump up to evade his attacks, he will leap up and continue to strike you in mid-air, where you cannot escape his blows. However, parrying his blows and counterattacking makes him considerably easier.
    • The Riders of the Storm are three separate opponents who aren't too challenging to deal with one on one. However, they will not hesitate to strike from behind whilst you are attacking one of the three warriors and they will constantly bombard you with projectiles if you try to create some distance between them. You WILL be slaughtered if you allow all three statues to mob you at the same time.
  • That One Level: The Greenhouse maze has infuriated many a gamer with Agreus' aggressive moves, how easy it is to get his attention, and how quickly he can zero in on you. Using the mist ability is a must for getting through the section without tearing your hair out.
    • The truth of the matter is, the maze is actually pretty easy when one uses the mist ability... but the game never tells you it's an option and instead try to encourage you to take the million times harder ledge-jumping, bell-distracting route...
  • Magnificent Bastard: This incarnation of Alucard. He manipulated the events of the entire second game, and succeeded in all of his plans.
  • Ugly Cute: The Chupacabra.
  • The Untwist: A lot of players figured out that Zobek's bodyguard was Alucard long before the reveal.
  • The Woobie: The Toy Maker. In his backstory, he was offered a home by the owner of Bernhard Castle, who ended up summoning a demon to curse him, forcing him to make deathtraps and such until the curse is broken by a child. Once he's reawakened, he suffers from temporary memory loss, and the blood of the castle transforms him into a demon, attacking Dracula. After he turns back to normal, he seems genuinely confused and concerned, and once he remembers who Dracula is (and presumably, what he's done), he breaks down crying.
    • Dracula himself. It's quite clear poor Gabriel still retains what made him human, even if his humanity is long gone. And he's utterly miserable whenever his attempts at enjoying being evil fall flat.