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Heartwarming: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2
  • Dracula still has the human element of Gabriel Belmont during his interactions with the younger Trevor. While he's pissed off at God, and is willing to prove himself more evil than Satan, he still genuinely loves his son.
  • Marie's unwavering faith that the good man who was Gabriel Belmont still lives within Dracula.
    Dracula: I've seen our son here. This is no place for a boy.
    Marie: It's no place for you either, Gabriel... It never has been. It's time for you to go. It's time for you to return to us... To your family. Now you must drink my blood. It will help fight Carmilla's spell.
    Dracula: ... (bites into her lovely neck and feeds. Recoils, wipes blood away from his mouth, ashamed)
    Marie: (intangible) Remember... I am always with you.
  • At one point, Dracula strokes the White Wolf that guides him between his past and present on the head.
    • That's actually a shout out to a similar scene from Bram Stoker's Dracula. In it, that Dracula calms a wolf that escaped from a zoo before he and Mina Harker pet it.
  • At another point, when collecting shards of the Mirror of Fate for the younger Trevor, he encounters the Toy-Maker. Despite being, well, Dracula, and despite the Toy Maker trying to kill him under the influence of the castle's corrupted blood, our protagonist ends up sparing his life after returning his clockwork heart to him, and encourages him to look after his humanity.
    • The Mirror sub-plot in general—even through it amounts to collecting pieces for a board game that younger Trevor's playing, Dracula does it anyway, speaking gently and patiently. To see the Prince of Darkness acting in such a fatherly fashion is one of the signs that somewhere in that monster's heart, Gabriel Belmont still exists.
  • Even if he calls him naive for believing in the Brotherhood's plan, Dracula can only speak of his old ally Pan with the utmost respect.
    • And he tries to talk Pan's brother, Agreus, out of fighting, not wanting to kill him. Considering that this is Dracula we're talking about here...
  • Dracula giving the antidote for the demon virus to Victor, thereby hinting at the salvation of the remnants of humanity, even though he has no pragmatic reason to do so.
  • The fact that despite how dark he seems to be, you know, deep down, Dracula is the same good-hearted man he was centuries before.
  • The Ending; not only is Dracula redeemed in pretty much every way, he's earned the forgiveness of his son, the only (un)living creature that he still has any pure love for.
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