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What An Idiot: The Legend of Korra
  • Episode 10: Lin is fighting the Equalists using a combination of earth and metal bending. Cue the arrival of the Lieutenant, a guy she's met before and knows for a fact has an electric current running through his kali sticks.
    You'd Expect: She would use earthbending or grab his ankle with her cables to take him out then and there.
    Instead: She uses her cables to grab his sticks with metalbending, getting herself electrocuted in the process.
  • See also, the episode where the poor man's gundams were introduced. Having established that metalbending doesn't work and they're too strong to use cables on.
    You'd Expect: Lin and her police would use earthbending (which is pretty much a prerequisite for metalbending) to at the very least upset the balance of the things and make it easier to pull them over.
    Instead: They continue to try and overpower the mechas with the cables and get their asses kicked because of it.
  • Amon's supposed backstory is that a Firebender killed his parents and permanently scarred his face, so he always wears a mask.
    You'd Expect: he'd actually burn his face to commit to what he was going to have to deal with his whole life, or explain that a waterbender healed his scars, or not even bothered saying his face was scarred, or literally anything other than what he actually does.
    Or Better Yet: He could use an abridged version of his actual backstory, e.g. " I had an abusive waterbender for a father." It would demonize benders just as much as his other story, and he wouldn't have to worry about it being disproven.
    Instead: He applies fake scars with water-soluble makeup. If even the slightest bit of water gets on/near his face, he'd have to out himself as a waterbender to avoid it, and/or be outed as a fraud. All of these things happen.
  • The Lieutenant walks in on Amon bloodbending Mako and Korra, proving he's been spouting lies to the Equalists.
    You'd Expect: The Lieutenant to alert the other Equalists of Amon's bloodbending statues, or at the very least perform a sneak attack on him.
    Instead: He charges head on, and gets pathetically thrown into a wall.
  • When Wan sees Raava and Vaatu fighting, Vaatu (who is the evil spirit, but Wan doesn't know that) tells Wan that Raava has been bullying him and needs help.
    You Expect: Raava would immediately contradict him and tell Wan that Vaatu is evil and she's trying to stop him.
    Instead: She tells Wan not to interfere as it doesn't involve him and Wan frees Vaatu thinking he's helping. note 
  • The season 2 finale has Mako, Tenzin, Kya, Bolin and Bumi making a last stand against a huge horde of hostile spirits. Despite holding their own and later being backed up by two Waterbenders (former foes Desna and Eska), they're slowly forced to retreat towards a giant tree with a large hollow space inside.
    You'd Expect: Bolin and the three waterbenders, the people whose bending abilities are the most limited by their immediate environment, to move away from the tree and attack the spirit horde on its flanks, from terrain they can bend on.
    Instead: The four of them retreat into the tree, where there's no earth or water for them to use! As a result, Mako and Tenzin are the only ones fighting from that point on, with the other five (Bumi is a Badass Normal) unable to help them.
  • The Krew, along with Tenzin, Jinora and Bumi, are travelling through the Earth Kingdom looking for new airbenders. During their travels, they recruit an orphan kid called Kai, and learn that he was previously a thief. While travelling, Kai steals Bumi's wallet, seemingly as a way of playing around, but he initially refuses to give it back.
    You'd Expect: That after this incident, the Krew would figure out that Kai has not abandoned his old habits, and that someone would take him aside to warn him, in no uncertain terms, that he will be severely punished if he ever steals again. It also wouldn't hurt to keep a very close eye on the kid.
    Instead: They do absolutely none of the above. Kai subsequently abandons the group, goes on a robbing spree in Ba Sing Se, strands Mako and Bolin in the Lower Ring, and ultimately gets himself captured by the local Secret Police.
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