Wham Line / Web Animation

  • Cow of the Wild has several:
    Marra: (to Lupis) Great Creator... I remember you now! You're a son of Balder!
    Fang: If it could get out, it only makes sense that we could get in!
  • Red vs. Blue
  • From Strong Bad Email #200:
    Strong Bad: "D-d-d-dear Homestar??" WTC??
  • Bravest Warriors
    • From Hamster Priest: "Never... doubt... the worm!"
    • And right before that:
      Wallow: (To Beth) This thing and your brainwaves.. they're linked.
    • Also in Merewif Tag:
      The Concierge: Your timeline has been damaged by a dangerous man.
    • In The Parasox Pub:
      The Emotion Lord: Chris... there is no you and Beth!
    • Later in the episode:
      Puddingtown: But in the end, I really love being an emotion lord.
    • Season of the Mitch gives us one:
  • X-Ray & Vav
    • From "Coal & Order" (S2:E4):
      The Mad King: Hello there.
    • From "The Madness of the King" (S2:E5):
      The Mad King: Why did you come here alone?
  • The Most Popular Girls in School:
    • In Episode 56:
    Than: Yes, Brody from Homeland, what? Wha-wha-what?!note 
    • Episode 58:
    Jenna Darabond: Yeah, but I didn't blow up Brittnay's car!
    Mackenzie: Oh I know, Jenna... I did.
    • At the end of Episode 79, when assumed-French Saison meets her parents:
    Saison: (in a Canadian accent) Yeah, it's aboot time. (giggles maliciously)
  • If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device: One to finish off Season 2:
    Centurion: Your sweetheart was I, ROGAL DORN.
  • From Homestar Runner, Marzipan's Answering Machine 17.2, on April Fool's Day 2016, manages to have MULTIPLE Wham Lines within the same cartoon, as well as THREE Wham Shots! (One of which is that this cartoon is the longest that the Brothers Chaps have ever made, clocking in at 31 minutes, 9 seconds!)
    Caller with a normal-sounding voice: Hey, Marzipan. This is a little weird, but, um... this is The Poopsmith.
    Caller with computerized voice: Hey, Marzipan. This is the Visor Robot.
    Caller with familiar voice: AAAaaaAAAHHHHhhh, Hey Marzy-payun! It's Homsaaaaar! I was just calling you, because for some reason, I seem to be more articulate on the phoooone!...
    Marzipan: It took a few years to set-up, but I finally pulled it off. April Fools, Strong Bad! (This is after Marzipan's answering machine self-destructs from the plus-seven-year backlog of messages overloading it, which in-turn causes Strong Bad's prank call to backfire.)
  • From the Team Fortress 2 online short "Expiration Date":
    Engineer: [chuckling] So we're fine, as long as nobody teleports any bread!
    Soldier: ...question?
    Engineer: What's your question, Soldier?
    Soldier: I teleported bread.
    Engineer: WHAT?!
    Soldier: You told me to.
    Engineer: How...much?
    Soldier: I have done nothing but teleport bread for three days.
  • RWBY:
    • In Volume 3, Ozpin delivers one to Pyrrha that sends the entire plot down the proverbial rabbit-hole. It's arguably one of the key moments in the series, since it makes clear that not only have the viewers had a false understanding of the world of Remnant up until now, the people living there have too.
    Ozpin: Would you believe me if I told you it was true?
    • In Volume 5, when Ilia captures Blake with the intention of shipping her off to Adam while Blake's parents are assassinated, Blake continues her efforts to try and convince Ilia that she's a good person who is engaging in actions that don't fit her personality. Ilia snaps and tells her that she has no idea who the real Ilia is because she was too busy falling in love with Adam to notice Ilia was falling in love with her. It completely changes all the interactions that have occurred between Blake and Ilia, colouring the interpretation of Ilia's behaviour in all future scenes.
    Blake: Ilia, please! You don't have to do this! This isn't you!
    Ilia: Yes. It. Is. But I guess back then you were just too busy falling for Adam to notice. I was always jealous of the way you looked at him — I wanted you to look at me that way.