Awesome / Bravest Warriors

Cereal Master
  • Chris first awakening his Emotion Lord powers in "Cereal Master."

Aeon Worm
  • The Heroic Sacrifice of Beth's Horse in "Aeon Worm". He fights off the Aeon Worm itself, and lets Beth get out with her dad. Badass Boast included.
    Horse: Swifter than the leopards. More fierce than the evening wolves. Fear me. Because when armored by her love, I possess the power to fight... a god.

Hamster Priest
  • Disturbing as it may be, you can't help but be impressed by Father Ralph Waldo Picklechips' ingenuity here. Restarting the Cult of the Aeon Worm in our reality with nothing more than a flute, a small armada of brainwashed hamsters, and a container full of viral scrapings from the stomach walls of the Worm. All right under the Bravest Warriors' noses, inside their own base nonetheless! And the impressive part is, it's starting to work.

Parasox Pub
  • Chris Taking A Third option after refusing to kill an innocent man to free his future selves and gain a future with Beth. When his future selves all tell him he's doomed to a future alone now, he responds by chopping one of their heads off. He then tops it by, after learning that only the Emotion Sword, conveniently over the bathroom, can kill an Emotion Lord, resists the combined might of two dozen much more experienced and powerful future selves, grabs the sword, and in the process carves out a new timeline for himself. Bad. Ass.

Season of the Mitch
  • With the door gone and the Paralyzed Horse impeding his master's escape, Pickle Chips finds a way around such obstacles and manages to summon the Aeon Worm using a small army of dogmatic hamsters and his a simple Sticker Pet device!
    • Before that, he neutralized half of the Bravest Warriors (and later Beth and the Paralyzed Horse) by hacking into their own Sticker Pets and turning them against the heroes.
  • The Paralyzed Horse's triumphant return from the See-Through Zone by way of possessing Mitch.
    Mitch: And I doubt... THE WORM!
  • Danny's in pretty bad shape after indirectly getting Wallow's arm chopped off, but once he sees that the Aeon Worm is about to make Beth its mate he snaps out of his funk, frees Horse!Mitch, beats up a bunch of hamsters, and singlehandedly saves the day with a stick.
  • Not to be outdone, Beth and Wallow deliver the Coup de Grāce by destroying the Sticker Pet used to summon the Aeon Worm in a catastrophic explosion.

Fast Times at Saturn Oaks
  • Chris using his new mind-reading powers to foil a bombing. He would have foiled the robbery it was meant to cover up if he hadn't Emotion Lord-ed out.
  • Even if it was an act of destruction and jealousy, Chris losing control of his Emotion Lord powers and seizing control of Danny's beard was pretty awesome.