Heartwarming / Bravest Warriors

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    Season One 

  • Chris taking the Vitamin B-12, finally accepting that the Emotion Lord is him with a small smile on his face, as well as the Emotion Lord's happy little dance behind Chris after his hair grows back.

Cereal Master
  • Chris's motivation through the episode is to procure a special type of cereal for Beth, in celebration of the first time Beth ever jinxed him until he got her that cereal. Danny mocks this, believing Beth would never even remember such an obscure moment. The end of the episode reveals she does remember, and is touched by Chris's gift.

  • Chris and Wallow's presents from their parents.
  • Beth going off to spend the night with her horse at the end of the episode and her Paralyized Horse talking about how much he cares about her in his closing monologue.
    • Speaking of which, the shot of Wallow cuddled up with all his various pets.

    Season Two 
Aeon Worm
  • The Paralyzed Horse throughout "Aeon Worm." The moment he realizes he and Beth are in the See-Through Zone, his first instinct is to get Beth out of there for fear he cannot protect her. Of course, by the end of the episode, he's protecting her far more than he ever could otherwise.

Mexican Touchdown
  • At the end of the episode, Plum gives Danny all the credit for defeating the Galorian Tear-Sucker.
  • The reason Danny was going through that pound in the first place: Rescuing the Jelly-Kid.

Hamster Priest
  • Beth hugging Chris after returning from the alternate universe where he died.

Dimension Garden
  • 6 year old Wallow curing and then sleeping cuddled up next to baby catbug

Season of the Worm/Season of the Mitch
  • Danny's reaction to Wallow getting his arm lobbed off in Part One, as he realizes that his reckless testing of the Falcon sticker pet mod is ultimately to blame.
  • Danny's emotionally drained after the above screw-up, but seeing Beth in danger gives him the courage to use his wits and stop the ritual. His hugging of her as the episode closes is made all the more sweeter when the initially hesitant Beth hugs him back...with some help from Wallow.
  • The end of Mitch's character arc as he manages to help free his brethren and make a difference.

    Season Three 

Dan of Future Past
  • Chris knowingly gives up his chance to return home to his own time and win Beth's heart to try and save the future and self-esteem of a child Danny who has helped him throughout the episode. Not only is he giving up his chance to be with Beth, he does this after being constantly warned from the beginning that his absence causes Beth to get together with Danny.

    Season Four 
All I Wish Is To Be Alone
  • Johnny Tezuka helping Danny get through prison, and smashing the fact of the inmate who keeps stealing his food after Danny had enough despite it adding 30,000 more years to his (already thousands of years long) sentence.
  • The return of Jelly Kid who spent thousands of years giving Danny pieces of bread and anonymous emotional support to help him get through his imprisonment. It looks like he does care about Danny after all.