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YMMV: Bravest Warriors
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Is Puddingtown just a really nice guy, or did he deliberately guilt-trip Young!Chris into sparing him?
  • Counterpart Comparison: The Emotion Lord bares many resemblances to Q.
  • Critical Research Failure: Beth's exposition in Catbug is rendered a little bit jarring; the art clearly shows rod shaped bacteria that she refers to as viruses, and viruses can't grow outside of a host. Justified perhaps in that they're extradimensional.
  • Crosses the Line Twice/Dude, Not Funny!: There are fans who feel some of Catbug's lines in "Hamster Priest" went to far given his voice actor is a young boy himself. Others think it's hilarious.
    • Others also weren't laughing when Catbug killed Jelly Kid. The situation was solved by the end of the episode, but it didn't sit well with some fans.
    • Then there's all the abuse Danny gets put through by the writers. He is nowhere near abused in the comics as he is in the show, thankfully enough (It still happens, though ).
  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: Not the show itself but the constant and horrible abuse that Danny has gone through has actually caused some fans to stop watching the show. These fans often give the writers a What the Hell, Hero? type reaction in the comments due to them using the abuse he goes through for laughs.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Catbug. Although given that he's a Ridiculously Cute Critter it's not surprising how quickly comments became filled with "Catbug for the win!" The writers seem to have taken notice as he becomes the titular character of the season finale.
    • Though Catbug's controversial roles in the episodes Hamster Priest and Jelly Kid Forever have hurt his reputation. After becoming a Once an Episode fixture in season two, he was finally left out of The Puppetyville Horror, the next immediate episode.
    • Despite appearing in one episode so far, Plum has plenty of fanart.
    • The Paralyzed Horse had already gained quite a few fans during the Season 1 finale. After the Season 2 premiere, however, the number of fans skyrocketed.
    • The Jelly Kid is also quite popular.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: Plum and Chris frenching amongst the gags in "Hamster Priest" takes on a whole new meaning after the events of "Merwif Tag".
  • Growing the Beard: Debatable, but even though it started out good, the consensus is that it seems to get even better as it goes on. The season 2 premiere's reception cemented said consensus.
  • Heartwarming Moments: Chris's Anguished Declaration of Love to Beth is actually quite sweet, even though she doesn't hear it.
    • Chris taking the Vitamin B-12, finally accepting that the Emotion Lord is him with a small smile on his face, as well as the Emotion Lord's happy little dance behind Chris after his hair grows back.
  • Ho Yay:
    • Wallow's glove is male. He gets extremely jealous when Wallow gets back together with Gale.
    Pixel: What's this?! WHAT IS THIIIIIIS?!?
    • In the comics, Pixel asks for a new body, one that "Wallow would want to kiss".
    • Wallow is also the only one cool with dancing with the unicorn Chippendale dancers in Beth's holojohn scenario.
    • While Danny seems to be a shipper on deck for Beth and Chris, he and Chris have had a few hoyay-ish moments during season 1.
      • Funny enough the hoyay mostly comes from Chris.
    • A scene from "Emotion Lord".
      Danny: (Just wakes up after being comatose for most of the episode) Hey-hey-hey! (Pinches Wallow's ass) I feel fresh as a dickens!
      • The fact that there's a "honking" noise and Wallow's " :0 " face makes this moment undeniable.
    • "RoboChris".... ALL OF IT.
    • In the comics' first arc, Plum has this to say about Beth's naked body: "It was so friggin' beautiful."
    • In the 21-24 arc, Plum seems more worried about Beth than anyone else...
  • Hype Backlash: Not to the show itself but to a character. That character being Catbug. Catbug's fan are very... vocal about their love for him. While the fan base as a whole agrees he's adorable there is a rather large part of said fan base who are getting annoyed by the him and his fans. The fans who are starting to dislike the character find that the writers use him too much as an Ass Pull -like tool during plot points. These fans also tend to feel he gets too much screentime and doesn't contribute enough when he's on screen making what could be 1/3 of an episode pointless. Then there's the fact that he has been used more as character than Wallow, ONE OF THE MAIN CHARACTERS, has been.
    • To push the point even further some fans, who came into the show expecting to see a cute character, end up becomeing appalled by the character once Season Two roles around, due to some of the lines Catbut has. This is mostly due to the fact that his VA is a young boy and the writers are having him say things that aren't age appropriate. Oh, and then there's the fact that Catbug killed Jelly Kid, by tearing his head off. The writers chalk this up in universe by having Beth explain that it was "animal instinct." Which doesn't make a whole lot of sense because Catbug is a sentient being. Made worse by Catbug justifying it with a casual, "What? Danny isn't mad. No biggie." It also doesn't help at all that Wallow genuinely freaks out and, through his words, implies that Catbug was trained to know better. (Catbug's reply was the above quote.) Sure Jelly Kid gets better but still.
  • Memetic Mutation:
  • Memetic Molester: The Aeon Worm achieved this within minutes of the season two finale, when it mind controlled Beth into becoming his wife.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The cereal master. And her dad, for that matter. He obviously was horribly abusive to her, and because of this, she's got serious issues. She's constantly screaming in despair about the past abuse, and when she thinks someone is insulting her, she actually SLAMS HER FACE DOWN ONTO A SCALDING-HOT STOVE AND BURNS HERSELF AS SHE SCREAMS. *shudder*
    • Beth's horse, who's been fully paralyzed for years but is still aware of it.
    • In the back up comic for the fifth issue, Wallow is lead to believe that Beth, Chris and Danny have been devoured and impersonated by an alien that escaped from the Mars zoo. It turns out the alien has the power to impersonate multiple people at the same time and the skeletal remains of the three are in the closet behind Wallow. He thinks nothing of it and believes their story. As non-canon as it is, it was pretty disturbing.
  • Recycled IN SPACE!: Some people may call this show Adventure Time in space.
  • Romantic Plot Tumor: Some fans are annoyed that the Chris and Beth thing is the basis for several episodes and is often brought into the frame when they interact with each other, even when something else is happening.
  • Ugly Cute: Larvae Catbug from "Dimension Garden".
  • The Woobie: Danny when he was a kid. He was forced to vomit on command by a group of Floating Hackers.
    • Taken up a notch in the comic adaptation, where Danny feels terrible guilt for exploding a sexist planet back in issue one and for issues 5-8 lives out a dream were he lives out said guilt.
      • This exchange pretty much sums up Danny's woobie-ness.
      Robot: What do you mean you don't want to have your brain back? You like being stupid?
      • Taken up another notch in "Mexican Touchdown" when Plum out and out rejects him after he spends the entire episode, and horribly injures himself, trying to impress her. The fact he says he dosen't have a reason to live anymore afterwords doesn't help.
      • Somehow taken further in Season of the Mitch, where after His reckless testing of the Falcon Glider caused Wallow to loose his arms. Unlike the previous times, it's not remotely played for laughs, and Danny looses all will to do anything even as Ralph Waldo Picklechips hacks his and wallow's sticker pets and restrains them. He only snaps out of it when he sees the Aeon Worm about to make Beth his bride.
    • The Cereal Master.
    • Beth in Aeon Worm ,Hamster Priest, Season of the Worm and Season of the Mitch.
    • Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds: The alien from The Puppetyville Horror. While what he did to the team was borderline Nightmare Fuel and he was sealed on the planet for most likely causing chaos, he has earned some sympathy from viewers due to the fact that he's extremely lonely and only wants real friends. The face he makes after the Bravest Warriors leave him behind is just Woobie worthy.
      • He's a bit more of a Jerkass Woobie as he himself stated he was sealed away on that planet for "Crimes against the universe"

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