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Chris is gonna get friend-zoned. HARD.
Come on, we all know it's gonna happen. Knowing Chris' luck, it's probably gonna be Danny who ends up with Beth.
  • Solidifying proof: The Emotion Lord's view on on Beth. We get two lines on the subject, and they aren't pretty.
    • "I just miss her."
    • The upcoming Wham Episode, "Parasox Pub": "There is no you and Beth!" More on this when it actually airs.
    • Update: The Emotion Lord was apparently stuck in a fixed path in time where Beth actually marries Danny. The episode ends where Present Day Chris opens a new path of possibility and redemption. So yeah, all bets are off.
Beth is in love with Chris too.
In ep 4, when she and Chris get their memories back, they start kissing. The Memory Donk touches them again, evidently because she didn't return ALL their memories at first, and Beth hastily laughs it off. The first touch reminded them that they loved the other one, and the second touch reminded them that they were Childhood Friends. And in ep 9, in spite of Danny's foreshadow-ish skepticism at the start of the episode, she DID remember the jinx-iversary. Also, given how she was able jinx him at the perfect point, she knew what he was attempting to say. I think she feels the same way about Chris that he does about her, it's just that she's a lot more reluctant to act on it. Maybe she was hurt in the past, or thinks a relationship would get in the way of being heroes, or it has something to do with her dad.
  • Beth did get pretty upset in 'Hamster Priest' when she sees Chris and Plum start making out. It accelerated to the point of her having a near-breakdown when Chris was killed (though, who wouldn't react that way seeing a childhood friend die?). I'm interested to learn what she was going to say to Chris and Plum when she got back to reality, if she hadn't been interrupted...
    • Likely confirmed in comic issue #20, where Beth tells Chris she loves him, though it could just be something she said to get him off the throne.

Order of events in Chris vision of the Future
The order of the events in the future in Chris vision is the same order as they are presented, but backwards, as the backwards message hints. The last thing Chris sees it's the Emotion Lord crying which it's the first thing that happens afterwards outside the vision.
  • Potentially Jossed with the episode "Mexican Touchdown." We see Plum assuming a monstrous form to fight the Galorian Tear-Sucker. These were the first two things we saw in Chris's vision, with Wallow's missing arm in between having not yet happened.

Chris is a Time Lord
...Wait, this time it is basically canon.

Guess a broken clock is right twice a day... >_>

There's a reason why the clown planet from the comic is so depressed
As explained by Plum in the second issue, Clowning is a disease that calls the individual to entertain and is fueled by the laughter of children. It cripples the individuals with depression when they have don't have non-clown children to entertain. Unfortunately this causes them to also want to kill themselves when they can't feel joy anymore. If there was more non-clown colonies around to help them or if more of them went off world, this probably would help them.

Hans Christian Teet-Phanters never got rid of the electric puke button
Danny vomits on-screen at least twice in the show. What if that wasn't a result of circumstances but instead of Hans Christian Teet-Phanters' intervention?
  • I was thinking about that too, specifically in "Catbug". It wasn't that funny of a joke, and nobody talked about it afterwards, so it might be implied that Danny is still under the hackers' control. Additionally, in "Dan Before Time", the future Danny says, "It doesn't work out", so that could signify that yes, he gets his revenge, but not the ability to reverse his puking reflex.

Pixel is the reason Wallow (supposedly) loses his left arm
Something drives the crazy-jealous Pixel over the edge and causes him to not only use Wallow's arm to attempt to murder the Warriors, but also kill Wallow, as he decides that no one can have Wallow if he can't. Wallow is forced to amputate himself (in a disturbing but decidedly absurd way) of his arm in order to destroy his beloved AI, in an anguished, "I'm Sorry It Had To Come To This" sort of way.

He then remarks that "his arm is missing"...sound familiar, Chris?

  • Officially jossed as of Season of the Worm.

Beth dies.
...at the end of a long happy life. Chris just turns out to be immortal.
  • Immortality semi-confirmed. In "Lavarinth," the Emotion Lord introduces himself as "200-year-old you" to Chris. This is further proved by Beth's dankometer (sci-fi scanner). And according to "Parasox Pub," the Emotion Lord's going to live for another 500 years strong. Pretty sure that's going to outlive Beth by a long shot, even with Mars' modern medicine.
    • Confirmed in the comics that Emotion Lords are immortal.

The New Miami Hackers are responsible for hacking into the Beauty Pagent Contestants' brains
It would seem likely, as hacking people isn't new to them and b now they could've turn into full blown complete monsters by the time we see them next.

Chris is a descendant of Finn The Human
  • Blond hair, blue clothing, prone to adventuring...not too much of a stretch, is it?

Alternatively, Finn is a descendant of Chris
  • Adventure Time does take place in a dystopian future.
    • Unlikely, considering the world before the Mushroom War looks to be about the same technological level as what humanity is at right now. I doubt post-war humanity would be able to build functional inter-world space travel, repopulate the galaxy, and return to Earth just to wallow back into a technological depression to give rise to magic, all in the span of a little under 1000 years. It's much more likely that the two shows take place in an alternate reality, or at the very least Bravest Warriors takes place far in the future after humanity has regained widespread use of technology on earth.

Or, Finn and Chris are related in some way
  • Finn's biological parents fled the Earth That Was but were unable to take their unplanned addition to the family with them, instead starting a new life on Neo Mars, which would lead to Chris' existence. note 

Danny kisses Beth.
In episode 10 it looks like his silhouette is the one in Chris's vision.

A relative of Catbug's will appear at some point.
He'll turn out to be voiced by BRIAN BLESSED.

Chris' gloves aren't gloves, they're hands.
Chris lost his organic hands before the events of Episode 1, probably in a tragically hilarious way. He now uses cybernetic hands, which happen to look just like the gloves worn by the other Bravest Warriors. This is why he is never seen without them, even during his 'private time.' When Danny grows the team new bodies after their fight with Sadness, Chris' hands are still missing because the computer created his new body based on scans of the old one. This also explains why the Bravest Warriors are still teenagers rather than babies, as would be expected if their new bodies were based on DNA.

  • Jossed. In "Merwif Tag" Plum takes off Chris' gloves while in his body, and it shows that he does in fact have hands.

    • Though oddly, he was more indignant when she took off his gloves than he was when she took off his pants. Maybe they have some sort of significance?

      • Hey, if a hot girl wants to see what's in your pants, you let the girl see what's in your pants... Such is the path of the Zarpan.

In "Butter Lettuce", Beth was actually awake enough to notice what the boys were doing in the Holo-John.
She got even with them messing around with 30% Sexier Beth and all that other stuff by letting them think they got away with it, then trapping them in the Holo-John with her favorite simulation.
  • That's...not WMG so much as it is exactly what happened.
The real reason that the Bravest warriors parents got trapped in the see-through zone is..
The Aeon Worm wanted Ralph Waldo Picklechips closer to him. Never doubt the worm.
  • Possibly Jossed. It's implied in the comics that they imprisoned the Aeon Worm in the See-Through Zone at the cost of their freedom.
The warriors will rescue their parents from the see-through zone...
Only to find that they're all servants of the Aeon Worm
Catbug's a creation of the Aeon Worm
That would explain why he can travel to the see through zone.
Alternatively, Catbug was genetically engineered by the Courageous Battlers
They made him to keep the warriors company while they went off saving the universe and stuff. And they gave him the ability to jump between dimensions, Just in case they where ever trapped in one. That way, they could still communicate.
Catbug is an exiled member of the Incubators.
He has the same Cat Smile that they all do. He was banished from their core because he possessed emotions, and therefore was considered insane. And as demonstrated in "Jelly Kid Forever," he still retains some of their sociopathy. Hell, the Bravest Warriors' Spontaneous Weapon Creation might be because they're Puella Magi. The Emotion Lords might even be another name for witches.
Chris will have to kill Beth.
Breehn Burns's original pitch states that Beth is not supposed to exist, and that her existence is a threat to all life in the universe.
  • Add that two the fact that her brainwaves are apparently needed to work her father's devices this does seem likely.

The Emotion Lord is trying to change the future
Making sure he does not become bald in the future was actually a test to see if it was actually possible to change the past. Now that he knows, he may be trying to make Chris awake his powers earlier so that he can change whatever Bad Future Chris saw in "Ultra Wankershim".
  • Jossed in Merewif Tag. Turns out the Emotion Lord has already changed the future. This opens a plotline about changing it back.
  • ...And now it's confirmed in Parasox Pub. Apparently, The Concierge changed it back in Merewif Tag by making Chris miss movie night. Parasox Pub is about the Emotion Lord(s) trying to convince Present Day Chris to a timeline where they all don't go crazy. Except it's not about Chris awakening his powers early, it's about killing a talking Ridiculously Cute Critter.

Catbug can no longer reach The See-Through Zone
Since the season 2 premier, he has been on screen almost constantly, and hasn't traveled once. This could be caused by his last trip to the Zone resulting in him traveling back to Mars through the monster door, which broke his connection to the Zone. If the location to which teleported in the See Through Zone was based on where he was the last time he teleported back to Mars, then traveling back to Mars without teleporting would mean he would no longer be able to reach the See-Through Zone.
  • Jossed. In "Parasox Pub," the Emotion Lord needed to possess a life-form that was able to travel through dimensions. He possessed Catbug. Mystery solved.

Beth is a Yaoi Fangirl
I mean, Butter Lettuce and that Butter Lettuce Fantasy stimulation, is the show being subtle here? *cough**cough*Bethisaclosetyaoifan*cough**cough**cough*

Wallow's Dad is Demoman
Redman and Blutarch are THAT Stubborn.

The real reason the Concierge follows the Emotion Lord around is to keep track of the ways he's been screwing up the timeline.
The end of Merewif Tag certainly implies as much, especially given the Emotion Lord's willingness to change his past in previous episodes.
  • Confirmed in "Parasox Pub."

Relating to the previous WMG, Emotion Lord is Obfuscating Stupidity.
Not because he's secretly evil or anything, he's just trying to change his past (or at least point Chris in the right direction to change it himself) so that Beth will survive in the future, but if she's really as dangerous as we think then that's not a good idea. The Concierge is trying to prevent that behind his back by using Plum, who the Emotion Lord is terrified of.

Bravest Warriors takes place in a world where the Mushroom War remained cold.
Both series are made by Pendelton Ward. Both of them have an Earth with a chunk of them missing, and the same art style. However there are people, so what happened? Unlike in the Adventure Time universe, the Mushroom War never escalated and remained a conventional or plain old cold war. As for the chunk in the Earth, that fits into the theory that a comet caused it and not the nuclear bombs. As a consequence, civilization did not collapse and humanity survived to become a space-faring civilization. Knowing this, there's a good possibility that somewhere on the Earth the Ice King exists. The slight difference in the crater is due to mankind rebuilding the Earth.

Puddingtown isn't actually a nice guy.
  • After his conversation with Chris, which paints him as a living saint, causes Chris to cry from guilt, he happily says something along the lines of "I love being an Emotion Lord". He's just messing with Chris' emotions and isn't really nice.
    • Well, he is in charge of a prison...

Why Chris not hooking up with Beth was a fixed path

It concerns the Aeon Worm and whether or not the heroes are actually able to defeat it. If Chris does not hook with Beth, the most likely outcome the Concierge wishes to fulfill, it will lead to the heroes being able to defeat Aeon Worm, banishing it forever in the See-Through. However, it will lead to Chris fully devoting himself to the Path of the Zarpan and develop his Emotion Lord powers but at the cost of his sanity and thus becoming bananas for the next 2900 years where at 3000 he'll end as a buffed up, meatheaded douche straight out of JerseyShore.

If Chris does hook up with Beth though, it will lead to a scenario where he'll refuse Beth to go and confront her father, setting in motion what essentially is a Hopeless Boss Fight against the Aeon Worm, the group getting killed, and the universe being conquered and ultimately devoured by it. The fact that everything all the different versions of Chris from the multiple time periods completely failed to avert their Fate supports this theory, and the Concierge more than likely saw Chris's sanity to be an extremely good price for the sake of the universe if he's willing to enforce it that strongly.

This leads into the following.......

The new path Chris invoked
It will involve Chris escaping the Parasox Pub and then one-shoting the Aeon Worm with the Emotion Sword. The reason he manages to avert his Fate of going bananas and the fate of the Aeon Worm destroying the universe is through his rejection of his older selves' desperation to be free of their increasingly slipping sanity through cold-blooded murder and is then rewarded with a weapon powerful enough to actually kill the Aeon Worm. However, an entirely new conflict will arise once the Aeon Worm is defeated.........

The fact that Chris is seemingly two-timing Beth coming to light, possibly leading to a falling out between the two and Beth and Plum falling out as friends.

  • Jossed: Chris is conspicuously absent throughout the entirety of the season finale.

    • To be fair, that wasn't the REAL Aeon Wurm, that was just Ralph's sticker-pet version of him. The true Aeon Wurm is still out there, still plotting to bring destruction to the universe. He'll find a way to come back...

Adventure Time and Bravest Warriors take place in different dimensions of the same universe
Finn and Jake live in the Mushroom War dimension, and the Warriors live in our dimension, far into the future where humans have colonized other planets along side aliens. It could also mean that Finn and Chris are from the same family but their lives took different paths in each different dimension. So in the Bravest Warriors dimension, Finn existed, but there was no Mushroom War so he wasn't the sword-wielding hero he was in Adventure Time and his family never disappeared and grew until some of them moved to Mars and Chris was born. It could be more likely than both of them existing in the same dimension of the same universe.

Pickle Chips really never liked Danny as a kid
Think about it. If you took into account Danny whacking Pickle Chips' dome open and considered that he might've done it both to save Beth AND as payback for making his childhood rough AND the fact that years ago Pickle Chips would always send him back to the Badlands every night, you'd be stumbling upon a hidden Fridge Brilliance, wouldn't ya?

Soft Tacos symbolize the team as a whole
Each Warrior's favorite food goes into making the perfect soft taco (Butter Lettuce, corn tortillas, Spicy ground beef, and Beefsteak tomatoes) like each of these ingredients, combined they form an elite fighting team, and the ingredients form a delicious meal. We've already confirmed Beth loves Butter Lettuce, we just need to pair the remaining ingredients to the remaining team members.

Regardless of what Chris does, he'll never end up with Beth.
Even with the timeline change Chris will never end up with Beth. Danny will get Beth or she'll die before anyone can date her. Alternatively, if Chris does end up with Beth, their relationship will be cut short by her death. Chris and Beth's love life is a toss-up between death and friend-zone.

Chris will be out of his gang's reach for a majority of Season 3.
Considering that the path Chris took in Parasox Pub, he will have a hard time trying to get back to his correct timeline, as shown with Dan Before Time. When he does manage to return to his correct timeline eventually, Beth might still be mad at him for flirting with Plum at movie night, and/or failing to show up to stop her dad's schemes, which came with the cost of Wallow's arm.
  • Jossed. He returned to them in the second episode of that season.

After Adventure Time ends,...
Pendalton Ward's production team will have more focus on this series, rather than both. Which could mean alot.

Plum and the Concierge aren't just the same species
They're the same person. I have no evidence whatsoever, but it would be funny.