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Webcomic: True Magic
Or do I gotta pop a kernel in your ass?

True Magic is a humorous fantasy webcomic written and drawn by Aja and co-author :D. It follows the adventures of five residents of Homeville, who for certain reasons have gotten rather adept at using such unlikely weapons as guns and halberds as farm implements. With the villagers of Homeville constantly beleagured by nobles who come by to violently harass them, our heroes finally take it upon themselves to trek to the city of Hometropolis in an attempt to get the nobles to leave them alone.

The original comic ran for about five years, but the entire thing has recently been rebooted with much-improved writing and art. You can start reading it here.

The main characters, in no particular order:

Other characters, who may or may not end up being important. We'll see!
  • The proprietors of the Dusk to Dusk.
  • Green-Haired Man: Strangely eager to tell Henson something "of the utmost life-changing gravity." We don't know what it is, yet.
  • The guards.
  • The trio of theives.
  • And who wrote the letter directing students to beat on Hometown?

This comic provides examples of:

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