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Webcomic: It Sucks to Be Weegie!
aka: It Sucks To Be Weegee
Luigi: Whoever said "one is the loneliest number" never had to be player two.

It Sucks to Be Weegie is a Super Mario Bros. fan webcomic by Kevin"K-Bo" Bolk, about, well... how much it sucks to be Weegie.

Luigi is your run-of-the-mill loser who is trying to get out of his brother's shadow (who incidentally never shows up in the comic). The world is constantly out to get him, however. He starts out without a single friend, but as the series goes on he gains support from Daisy, Rosalina and Link.

Ended Christmas Day 2013. It can be found here at Pot Luck Comics and here on deviantArt.

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alternative title(s): It Sucks To Be Weegie; It Sucks To Be Weegee
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