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Video Game: Joy Mech Fight
Joy Mech Fight is a Fighting Game that Nintendo developed for the Famicom in 1993. It pushes the limitations of the 8-bit console by making all the characters have their body parts float separately, which makes for smooth animations while not spending much of the memory capacity. Surprising for a Famicom Fighting Game, controls work well and there are even tutorials on each character's moveset.

The plot of the game tells of Dr. Little Emon/Ermin, who created robots with the help of his best friend, Dr. Ivan Walnuts/Warner. One day Dr. Emon finds the laboratory destroyed and the seven robots that were being worked on are nowhere to be seen. Turns out Dr. Walnuts is behind it all, intent on conquering the world. Betrayed, Dr. Emon calls his eighth robot, the comedian Sukapon, to be reprogramed into a battle robot to put an end to Dr. Walnuts' plans.

Now why does that sound familiar?

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alternative title(s): Joy Mech Fight
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