Useful Notes: Golden Raspberry Award


The Razzies are just like the Oscars, except that the rightful nominees win.

Also known as "The Razzies" (and by "raspberry" we mean the big, loud, wet one), when you've made a movie that is uniquely terrible, this is exactly the sort of "award" you may be in for.

Created by John J.B. Wilson, the Razzies have been handed out since 1981, traditionally on the evening before the Academy Awards are handed out. Understandably, very few people ever show up in person to accept their Razzie, a gold-painted plastic statue costing "about $4.97". A few have, though, taking the suckitude of their movie in stride (which makes you wonder). A few actors and films have won both Oscars and Razzies, while a select few have been nominated for both awards for the same work.

There have, however, been criticisms of The Razzies' process. As Brad Jones stated in his Mommie Dearest Cinema Snob review, and Sandra Bullock also pointed out when accepting her award for All About Steve, many Razzie voters don't even see the films they're nominating, instead choosing to hate on films just because they're popular to hate on. Along with some now-critically acclaimed films being nominated for Razzies such as The Shining in 1980, The Thing in 1982, and Scarface in 1983, it's easy to see where some of the backlash lies. And The A.V. Club stated in their coverage of the 2013 awards that they tend to go for really low-hanging targets instead of truly irredeemable films like A Good Day To Die Hard. Nevertheless, the Awards still go on, despite little-to-no respect from cinephiles.

Remember, it's just a movie...

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