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Trivia: Star Fox
  • Beam Me Up, Scotty!: Peppy's memetic line "Do a barrel roll" is present in Star Fox 64 but it is not constantly spammed throughout the game like most people think. He only says the line about two or three times in the entire game.
  • Creator Backlash: While he doesn't hate it, Shigeru Miyamoto has cited the series as getting worse after being developed by other companies.
  • The Danza: Bill Grey voiced by Bill Johns in 64.
  • Fake Brit: Alesia Glidewell as Krystal in Assault and Brawl; averted in Adventures where her actress, Estelle Ellis, actually was British.
    • Like Wolf, Leon's accent used to sound vaguely British when he appeared in Star Fox 64. Later games would portray him without one.
  • Fan Nickname: A "snesser" is one of a dwindling number of fans who prefers SNES Star Fox or Star Fox 2 over Star Fox 64 or the other games that followed.
  • Franchise Killer: Adventures broke the base, and Command came close to outright killing it, 3DS remake nonwithstanding. The series was thought dead until Miyamoto revealed a new installment was in preparation for the Wii U at E3 2014.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!:
    • Tetsu Inada is Panther Caluroso. Inada is known for doing voices for Lu Bu and Godot, but a special mention must be given - he has voiced SEVERAL anthropomorphic badasses. We have Sajin Komamura, Doggie Kruger, Rouen (Shining Wind), and Diulf!
    • Wolf's Japanese voice actor is Mahito Oba, who is also The Narrator of One Piece.
    • Fox's Japanese voice actor is Kenji Nojima, who voiced Shiki Tohno.
    • For the English voice actors, Wolf's Assault voice actor, Grant Goodeve, also did the Engineer in Team Fortress 2. David Scully, who voiced Leon and Panther in Assault, is known for the roles of Halo's Sgt. Johnson, and Dimitri of the Sly Cooper series.
      • Speaking of Sly Cooper, Krystal in Assault was voiced by AlÚsia Glidewell, who played Carmelita in the second game of that series, and Zero Suit Samusnote  in Super Smash Bros.. Brawl (also reprising the role of Krystal for her cameos in the Lylat Cruise stage), as well as being the model for Chell, Portal's protagonist (So two Assault actors got parts in two of Valve's major releases. Interesting).
    • Slippy and Peppy in Adventures are Conker.
    • And another Sly Cooper-Valve-Star Fox voice-acting coincidence, Ricky May (who voiced Soldier and Dr. M) did Peppy Hare and Andross of Star Fox 64.
    • Fox's voice in 64 is done by Mike West. You might know his brother Billy as the voice of Fry.
    • Mike McAuliffe, Slippy's voice in Assault and Super Smash Bros. Brawl also did the voice of Luther in the Freddi Fish series.
  • Name's the Same: James McCloud is not to be confused with the character from F-Zero X, though that character is a blatant Expy/Shout-Out to this one.
  • The Other Darrin: The entire cast in every game, most notable in the English voice-cast, but the Japanese voices aren't exactly free from this.
    • Shinobu Satouchi originally voiced Fox McCloud and Leon Powalski in Star Fox 64. In Assault, however, he continued to voice only Leon, as Fox was then voiced by Kenji Nojima. Similarly, Hisao Egawa originally voiced Wolf O'Donnell and Falco Lombardi in Star Fox 64. In Assault, he gives Wolf to Mahito Oba.
    • Bound to happen with Pigma's Japanese voice, after the tragic death of Daisuke Gōri.
    • The English version of Star Fox 64 3D subverts this. Mike West (Fox and James McCloud) and Lyssa Browne (Slippy and Katt) reprise their roles from the N64 original. Everyone else was recast however, which didn't go well for some fans.
  • Talking to Himself: In 64 and Assault, Fox and James (the Aparoid-absorbed memories of him in the latter game, anyway) are portrayed by the same voice actors, Mike West and Jim Walker (per each game, respectively).
  • Vaporware: The sequel to the SNES Star Fox, Star Fox 2, eventually cancelled and to give way to Star Fox 64. Although there are ROMs that contain the unfinished game...
  • What Could Have Been: General Scales was intended to have a full boss battle, but that didn't happen due to Rare being sold to Microsoft.

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