Awesome Music / Star Fox

It's worth noting that Star Fox Online has a jukebox for listening to any track in the series and even Star Fox related tracks from the Super Smash Bros. series.

Star Fox
  • The original also kicks off in style with the first mission having one of the best action themes ever, Corneria, which also had an awesome cover in the Super Smash Bros. series.
  • The theme for the alternate final boss, Out of This Dimension for the Slot Machine, is very catchy and does a good job of keeping up the level's status as a Mind Screw.
  • The original Star Fox had an Awesome Credits Theme. It just feels EPIC, as if it was taken right from Star Wars. A true reward for beating Andross.
  • The Space Armada track also stands out. It's a tune that perfectly captures the adrenaline you would feel in a mid-space dogfight.
  • The Training Mode music is extremely catchy.

Star Fox 2
  • There was an un-used Corneria theme done in Star Fox 2's instruments.
  • Eladard's Godlike music has been criminally underutilized since Star Fox 2.
  • Surprise Attack, Star Wolf's theme, which sounds much different to the one you're used to.
  • The first surprise when visiting Venom was seeing how pristine it was compared to the rest of the series. The second surprise came when you heard its new theme: Venom.

Star Fox 64

Star Fox Adventures

Star Fox Assault
  • Space Battleground, which plays during the first half of Fortuna and the Orbital Gate missions.
  • The Main Menu theme is so epic, it gets you totally revved up to destroy the Aparoids or demolish your friends in Versus mode...
  • And then we have the second half of Fortuna.
  • Assault had many epic themes, including the jaw-droppingly epic Aparoid Queen (Phase 1) theme, as well as the breath taking Aparoid Queen (Phase 2).
  • Sauria features a textbook John Williams-style soundtrack.
  • This game's version of Star Wolf's theme ups the ante by adding a fantastic trumpet to the mix. Main Theme (Star Fox), Star Wolf and Aera 6 remixes from Super Smash Bros Brawl are also pretty awesome.
  • The epic song that plays when Team Star Fox go through the Oribital Gate and when Peppy crashes the Great Fox into the Aparoid shield. Sadly, no one's been able to rip the song, but it did get a remix (Heroes of Old, Peppy Hare and James McCloud) in Command.
  • It's interesting to note that the main story of the game features mainly orchestral versions of Star Fox 64 tracks, some of which are original pieces, while the multiplayer mode plays techno music in place. Special mention could go to Zoness and Katina.

Star Fox Command

Star Fox Zero
  • Many fans agree that Zero's soundtrack is one of the best, if not the best, in the whole series. The theme for Corneria, the first level in the game, gets you in the mood for some high-flying space-furry dogfighting action with an awesome orchestra/electronic mix.
  • The new remix of Star Wolf's Leitmotif is widely considered one of the best versions of the song. The bombastic orchestra and intimidating choir certainly set the mood for the amazing battles against Star Wolf.
  • The theme for Andross himself. The Ominous Latin Chanting played throughout this charged, epic theme drives home that this time, Andross is holding nothing back.

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