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Awesome: Star Fox

Star Fox

  • This game has little plot, so there aren't that many moments like this. However, defeating Andross gives you a very nice and satisfying ending, with Fox escaping Venom with triumphant music playing in the background. While leaving, the rest of the team follows and Fox radios General Pepper, who congratulates Fox. You see your final score and go through a Boss Montage, then the credits roll. Also, the alternate ending. Fox survived a completely messed-up dimension and defeated a giant Slot Machine that was causing the distortion in the level. It's partially Bittersweet and may even be considered a Downer Ending because of the implications that Andross ultimately wins, but Fox just saved an alternate dimension from an evil Slot Machine.
  • Defeating the Great Commander. The first time because it's That One Boss, the second time because you made sure it's/they're never coming back.

Star Fox 64

  • In Star Fox 64, successfully completing the mission on planet Macbeth will show an amazing scene of the train crashing into a fuel bunker and the whole place going up in flames. A definite "I rock" moment.
    Conductor: NO! HIT THE BRAKES!
    (Forever Train slams into over a dozen barricades before coming up on the fuel bunker)
    Conductor: I can't STOP IT!!!
    • It's even better with the Rumble-Pak, which was bundled with the game.
  • Area 6 from Star Fox 64. Why sneak into the Big Bad's base when you, your 3 wingmen, and your main ship can blast directly through the front line? Imagine: Using smart bombs to destroy a minefield. Taking out experimental missiles aimed at you. Everyone joining up to take out cruisers. Enemy Chatter freaking out about these "crazy guys" who are single-handedly bursting through the front line. And this stage has quite a kill count. One-Man Army doesn't even BEGIN to describe it...
    • Even better: Star Fox 64 3D has a stage select so you can keep coming back!
    These guys are crazy.
    • Rob64: Great Fox will cover you.
      • You do this, and Great Fox will open fire on the warships in your path, and will DECIMATE them.
  • When you defeat the Attack Carrier in Star Fox 64, the first boss of the game:
    Pilot: Who are you guys?!
    Fox: We're Star Fox!
  • Katina in Star Fox 64: If you manage to complete the mission without accidentally shooting any allies down, you're rewarded with a special cutscene — the entire Redshirt Army you bailed out flying in perfect formation behind Team Star Fox. As if destroying a giant mothership straight from Independence Day wasn't awesome enough.
  • Fox's escape from Venom after defeating the real Andross. The freakin' ghost of James McCloud helps Fox find his way out, encouraging him along, and right before the base explodes, as fire is roaring behind you and endless explosions go off all around you:
  • "Your carcass is mine!"
    • Said by, of all people, Slippy.
  • Some bosses are so hard (Gorgon, I'm looking at you), that killing them is its own Crowning Moment of Awesome.
  • In one of the routes you can take in Star Fox 64, you can choose to take a shortcut past Solar, the freakin' sun of the Lylat System! Your Arwing constantly takes damage from flying over a sea of boiling plasma. Getting through Solar is quite a challenge.
  • Any time one of your wingmen takes out a member of Star Wolf or one of the missiles in Sector Z. Unless you're aiming for the medals, in which case it's Stop Helping Me!.
  • Falco's "I'm here to rescue you!" in Macbeth and "I'll cover you, Fox!" in Bolse. His Badass Boasts are especially good since he's the only team member who legitimately helps you out during the missions.
  • Sector Y is One-Man Army personified, as the condition to accomplish the mission is to kill 100 enemies. Seeing the counter tick over 100? Immensely satisfying.
  • Venom, by way of Area 6. The other times you battle Star Wolf it's roughly an even match, but this time they're in Wolfen-IIs that are simply superior to your Arwing. Winning the dogfight against them — especially if you do so without losing any wingmen — is the ultimate proof of your skill as a pilot. And finally, if you defeat Star Wolf fast enough and without any missing wingmen, you get so many points from killing them that all you need to do for the Venom medal afterwards is complete the rest of the gamenote .

Star Fox Adventures

  • The boss battle with King RedEye. Not only is Fox fighting a friggin' HUGE T-Rex, but it also ends with a cutscene of Fox wedging the Spellstone out of the king's head, doing a backflip, and impaling him in the head just before he could attack.
  • Falco coming back to help Fox fight Andross.
    Falco: Hey, McCloud! Different time, different planet, and you still need Falco's help. It's good to see ya, buddy.

Star Fox Assault

  • Falco saves Fox AGAIN on Fichina. Afterwards, Fox takes down more of the Aparoids while riding on the wing of Falco's Arwing.
  • At the mission in Corneria, Fox gets trapped by Aparoids. Suddenly, on the sky, a Wolfen appears. It's Wolf! He fires the building where Fox is standing, making Fox jump off thinking that he is being shot. As he falls, Wolf flies past to save him. While he excuses himself that he wants to be the one to bring Fox down, Panther clearly doesn't believe it.
    • At the end of the mission, Wolf gives Fox some advice that helps him in the final mission.
    Wolf: Fox. Let me give you one piece of advice: Don't hesitate! When the time comes, just act!
  • Again in Assault, after infiltrating the Aparoid homeworld hive on Mission 9, we see the shields reappearing. However, Peppy sacrifices himself and Great Fox by ramming the (already doomed) ship towards the shields while giving a speech, allowing Star Fox and Star Wolf to enter the enemy base, giving the mourning teams a chance to fight the enemy.
    • It's revealed that he survived by ejecting the Great Fox's entire bridge. It's entirely possible that he pulled a Revenge of the Sith and landed the whole thing.
  • Killing Pigma. The monster undoubtedly crossed the Moral Event Horizon by the time of his assimilation, and you finally get to kill him. The only thing that weakens it is that Pigma's mind and free will has been stolen from him, but Peppy is more than willing to cheer you on anyway to help kill Pigma.
  • One of the multiplayer stages is the Zoness Sea Base. Compared to how inhospitable it was in Starfox 64, it looks MUCH nicer in comparison! Looks like Corneria's efforts in cleaning up the pollution is paying off. This also doubles as a Heartwarming Moment, considering Zoness' tragic backstory.

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