Trivia: Inspector Gadget

  • At the end of the English title sequence, when the letters "Inspector" come down over "Gadget" with the Inspector forming the "I", you may notice that "Inspector" is indented slightly, which seems odd - most titles are left-justified or centered. As you can see in the German Version of the opening, the indentation is gone because of the extra letter in the different spelling - "Inspecteur".
  • In the opening credits, the scene of the gadgetmobile transforming is from either episode 1-3 "The Farm" or 1-6 "Health Spa".
  • In the end credits, the scene of Chief Quimby in the garbage can and Gadget falling backwards past a railing are from the episode 1-7 "The Boat". The scene of the seagull picking at Gadget in the water is possibly from a deleted scene from this episode.
  • The urban legend that Dr. Claw and Chief Quimby are the same person comes from the closing credits, in which Dr. Claw's voice track accompanies a shot of Chief Quimby. In the very different original credits from "Gadget in Winterland" (the pilot), Gadget caught up to Dr. Claw only to reveal that his foe had once again escaped. The "I'll get you..." line made perfect sense in context, but led to some misunderstandings when the series' "standard" credits sequence was instituted.

The cartoon:

  • Actor Allusion: The show is practically a cartoon version of Get Smart, so who better to be Gadget's voice than Don Adams himself?
  • Breakthrough Hit: DiC Entertainment's first animated seriesnote  and perhaps its most well-known.
  • Development Hell: A Darker and Edgier Continuity Reboot was planned to premiere in 2009, but so far nothing has come of it except for some concept art.
    • It may have been scrapped due to DiC getting bought out by Cookie Jar Entertainment around that time.
  • Executive Meddling: In the pilot episode, "Winter Olympics", Inspector Gadget had a mustache. DiC Entertainment had to remove the mustache for the rest of the series after MGM threatened to sue them for Gadget looking too much like Inspector Clouseau. In later airings of the pilot, a scene was redubbed explaining that Gadget's mustache was fake.
  • Fake Brit: Gadget in the pilot. This was dubbed over with Don Adams' rendition in later airings.
  • Fandom Nod: The direct-to-video film "Inspector Gadget's Last Case" ended with Gadget mistaking Chief Quimby for a disguised Dr. Claw, a reference to many fans believing that Quimby and Claw were one and the same.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!:
  • International Coproduction: Between DIC Entertainment in both the USA and France, Field Communications of Chicago (first season only, as the brothers who ran the company had a dispute and dissolved the company shortly afterwards), Nelvana in Canada (first season only), TMS Entertainment in Japan and Wang Film Productions in Taiwan.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: the series got a few single episode VHS releases that are now out of print. It also got a few episodes released on 2 compilation DVDs which are also out of print. The first season WAS released in 2006 by Shout! Factory but it's, you guessed it: out of print, and quite pricy, most sets go for about $50 apiece. There was also a DVD from Cookie Jar Entertainment that has the first 10 episodes from season 2 but again like everything else, it too is out of print. The series was available on Netflix for a while but it was taken off. The first 65 episodes are available as the first 3 seasons on iTunes though. And the series is beyond easy to find on YouTube. Though finding the original version of The Winter Olympics pilot will be quite a task as only a clip of it is available on YouTube.
    • Currently averted now that the entire series has been released on DVD in October 2013 and the final season was released on iTunes.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • Fake Brit Gadget from the pilot was voiced by Gary Owens in the first draft. A revision had him voiced by Jesse White using an impersonation of Don Adams. Finally, Don Adams himself played the role in the third and final version of the pilot.
      • Maurice LaMarche played Gadget in Gadget And The Gadgetinis and the animated direct-to-video films Inspector Gadget's Last Case and Inspector Gadget's Biggest Caper Ever.
    • Whenever Frank Welker wasn't available, Dr. Claw was voiced by Don Francks (Cree Summer's dad).
      • Brian Drummond provided Dr. Claw's voice in Gadget And The Gadgetinis and the DTV movies Inspector Gadget's Last Case and Inspector Gadget's Biggest Caper Ever.
    • In the pilot, Penny was voiced by Mona Marshall. In the second season, Holly Berger took over the role from Cree Summer.
      • She was also played by Erica Horn in the 1992 Christmas special and by Tegan Moss in Gadget And The Gadgetinis and the DTV movies "Inspector Gadget's Last Case" and "Inspector Gadget's Biggest Caper Ever".
    • Lee Tockar provided Brain's vocal effects in his guest appearance on Gadget And The Gadgetinis as well as the two animated DTV films "Inspector Gadget's Last Case" and "Inspector Gadget's Biggest Caper Ever".
    • Dan Hennessey voiced the Chief in the first season. The second season had Maurice LaMarche take up the role. Prior to both of their performances, Chief Quimby was voiced by John Stephenson in the original pilot.
  • Recycled Script
  • Talking to Himself: Frank Welker plays both Dr. Claw and Brain. (This is why Dr. Claw sounds just like Soundwave from The Transformers; in fact, in about four G1 episodes and Revenge of the Fallen, the vocorder fails, and he really sounds like Dr. Claw.)
  • Technology Marches On: Modern viewers raised on cellphones, laptops and wireless internet probably don't see what's so special about Penny's computer book or communicator watch.
    • In the Viper Comics adaptation, released nearly three decades after the series premiered, Penny even has an iPad in lieu of her computer book.
    • Heck, there are more of those ways that the show predicted the future in this Cracked link here.
  • What Could Have Been: The alleged Darker and Edgier Continuity Reboot that's been stuck in Development Hell. Which would have had Gadget in a more Animesque style and apparently fighting ghosts.

The film: