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General Fics

Euro Gadget by Sandy Schreiber
  • Recommended by bookwormgal
  • Pairings: Gadget/Brenda
  • Summary: Movieverse. Europe is being plagued by a series of thefts concerning high-tech inventions being committed by advanced robots. When the FBI and Interpol decide to set a trap, they decide to request the aid of the perfect bait/investigator. Inspector Gadget is on the case.

Shipping Fics

''IG2 BOOK ONE: No Less Human by Aline Riva
  • Recommended by bookwormgal
  • Pairings: Gadget/OC, Penny/OC, Gadget/G2, G2/OC, Gadget/Penny (It isn't as bad as you think. They aren't blood relatives in this.)
  • Summary: Based on the movies and set 10 years after Inspector Gadget 2. "Gadget must protect a dangerous prisoner-but falls in love with her as cyborg-hating Alicia learns to trust him.He also gets a chance to upgrade his robotic body-but the procedure is not without risk." This is the first of a five book series. The sequels are IG2 BOOK TWO: Man and Machine, IG2 BOOK THREE: The Rise of Lazarus, IG2 BOOK FOUR: Doomsday Machine, and IG2 BOOK FIVE: Silver Sentinel. Be aware there's adult situations and discussions of the romantic nature, religion, and violence.

Heart of Steel by Aline Riva
  • Recommended by bookwormgal
  • Pairings: Gadget/OC
  • Summary: Based on the movies, but with no relation to Aline Riva's other stories except recycling Original Characters. "Ten years after Gadget defeated Claw, he's back with a weapon to destroy the cybernetics industry. Gadget is the first victim of the weapon, suffering terrible injuries that destroy his human heart. But with support from Penny, his new love Bess and friend Taylor Braydon, Gadget sets out to defeat Claw, who now has the power to destroy all cyborg life at the touch of a button..."