Fridge / Inspector Gadget

Fridge Brilliance
  • By never taking the credit and keeping a low profile, Penny and Brain are actually model special agents. The Robot Chicken parody shows how much danger they'd really be in if anyone figured it out. Indeed, if Dr. Claw ever found out they were the real foils to his plans, he'd like focus more on getting rid of them rather than Gadget.
  • Penny and Gadget's differing aesthetic designs (Penny having a somewhat more real design whilst Gadget is cartoony like everyone else) are meant to show that their personalities and roles differ.
  • In the first film, "Robo-Gadget" sounds redundant, but Gadget's a cyborg, and RoboGadget's an android.
  • Also from the first film, Gadget warns Brenda that Dr. Claw is a "liar and a thief and.. well let's just say he's not a very nice guy." At first, this seems like a way for the movie to avoid saying the word "murderer". But think back to who Dr. Claw killed: Brenda's dad. Gadget didn't want to upset Brenda with the shocking news that the man she's working with is the very one who killed her father.
  • In "The Boat", MAD drops a bomb off at Gadget's house, and in the episode where Dr. Claw plans to trap Gadget by having crimes committed in a pattern of locations that spell "MAD" on a map, he views Gadget on his computer screen while he's INSIDE his house. This means Dr. Claw not only knows where Gadget lives but has surveillance inside the house. If MAD knows where Gadget lives, why not target him (or Penny, who Dr. Claw knows is involved), directly? Because directly threatening the people Gadget cares about (e.g., Penny, Brain, Dr. Slickenstein) is pretty much the worst thing you could do. When that happens, Gadget immediately grabs the Smart Ball, proceeds to get extremely dangerous, and becomes nearly unstoppable. The only reason it doesn't happen more often is because Gadget doesn't usually realize it when Penny or somebody else he cares about is in danger. Frankly, most of the episodes would be over before the 15-minute mark if Gadget realized that it was Penny and/or Brain in danger.
  • Most M.A.D. agents are stupid. The M.A.D. salute is effectively a punch to the saluter's temple strong enough to hurt (sometime they have knocked themselves out). Suddenly, their stupidity makes sense.

Fridge Horror
  • Doctor Claw can be heard threatening several of his agents with the dire consequences of failure. It's only after the episode is aired that you realized those agents are never seen again...
    • Actually, we get to see the M.A.D. Agents arrested at the end of the episodes. The only ones that don't get arrested are the recurring M.A.D. Agents in season two, who copy Dr. Claw's tactic of escaping until next time.
  • In the pilot episode, Gadget was able to take care of himself, even if he wasn't particularly smart. After that, he becomes Too Dumb to Live, and practically needs Brain and his niece Penny to pretty much function, let alone foil Dr. Claw's schemes. Gadget is essentially a cyborg...and it may be very likely that the surgery that made him into one required an operation on his brain, and may have decreased his intelligence significantly! Also, the opening scenes show Gadget flying from a bomb and hitting his head hard. Could it be that the injuries he has suffered, particularly head injuries, have contributed to decreased intelligence on his part? Yikes!
    • It would explain why he gets dumber and dumber throughout the series, as the head injuries pile up....
  • What on earth happened to Gadget that he has those cybernetic parts? Did he volunteer for it? Did an obviously mentally incompetent person consent to it, or was it done to someone who once was mentally competent, and now is not? With all those things coming out of his hat, what was done with his brain? His limbs? Was he rebuilt like The Six Million Dollar Man? If so, how badly was this poor fool butchered? The guy doesn't even have organic legs anymore. Gadget is absolutely Blessed with Suck.
    • The contemporary Canadian promos for the show claimed that he slipped on a banana peel. If that doesn't sound like it could possibly account for the degree of injury one might have expected, please remember just who it is we're talking about.
    • In the movie, he got it after going through a car wreck and an explosion. He was clearly very upset when he woke up to find that he had robotic limbs. But also consider, robotic arms and legs are understandable, but a toothpaste spray? A helicopter out of his head? Various implements in his fingers? How was that necessary? The idea of stuff like that being stuck inside a person when they're unconscious and unable to consent is creepy!
  • Dr. Claw's deep voice, his comment that Transylvania's atmosphere is good for his health, and the second season M.A.D. agent Thelma Botkin expressing disbelief at the idea that he had been a child does make one wonder if Dr. Claw is even human. If Claw is not human, then what could he be?
  • Dr. Claw had hidden cameras everywhere, including Gadget's living room. What was stopping him from installing hidden cameras in Penny's room?
  • In the first film, Robo-Brenda is giggly, acquiescent, relatively low on intellect and is...programmed to be a cheerleader? Many no doubt shuddered when they realised Dr. Claw built himself a sex-doll version of Brenda. In a kids' film.
  • Imagine living in a universe where your super hero uncle is a bumbling idiot. Only you and your dog know he is a goof up. For the rest of your life, you would have to keep an eye on your uncle, making sure he doesn't get people, and himself, killed. You won't be able to have a relationship, or get married, without worrying about your uncle blowing himself up. To make things worse, you have an evil criminal mastermind who has connections all over the world. You would have no choice but to tag along with him on his missions. It's a good thing Penny loves playing detective and solving mysteries. If she didn't, she would have a terrible life babysitting her uncle and fighting villains every day.

Fridge Logic:

  • When the Death Trap blows up in a MAD agent's face and they suffer the full brunt of it, they're never seriously hurt, just left a little bruised and/or sooty. So if that's all it does, how was it supposed to eliminate Gadget?
    • EMP bombs cause very little physical damage. If Gadget has electronics operating his gadgets, that's probably all Claw thinks he needs.
  • Penny's what - ten or twelve years old? And her uncle leaves her alone with the dog, at a moment's notice, to travel to exotic locations? Talk about neglectful! You know she's alone because if there was a babysitter/caretaker, they'd notice she was gone!
    • She's independent, responsible, and mature enough to handle it, and Gadget knows that. She acts like a miniature adult 90% of the time, it's not neglect.
      • She's still only ten. Just because she's smarter than him doesn't mean she doesn't need him.
      • He only plans to be gone for a couple of days. The age at which you can leave kids home alone for that long depends on their maturity, and Penny is very mature.
      • Or, here's a thought, he actually KNOWS they're tagging along, in fact is perfectly aware of what's going on with them helping him out, knows they're smarter and more capable than him, but also knows that he can jump in and help when needed. This also accounts for his sudden bouts of competence when they're involved. Obfuscating Stupidity, anyone?

  • In the second film, Gadget is shown to have a large house - but when he thinks of something while laying in bed, his neck extends, crashing into Penny's room, upstairs. It's a little odd in that big, nice house (two occupants and a dog), that Gadget would be sleeping on the first floor and Penny on the second - not to mention if his gadgets are that prone to crashing through walls and floors, why is Penny directly above him?
    • Ground floor master suites aren't all that unusual. Put an upstairs bath directly above the master bathroom, which is basic good design, and Penny's room being beside that bath and directly above her uncle's room makes perfect sense, as it gives her a corner room.

  • Dr. Claw seems like a genius with a high IQ, but not once has he ever thought that his arch nemesis is a bumbling klutz. He still believes Gadget is a brilliant detective. You would think after all the years of spying on him that he would suspect Gadget is a clueless guy who gets help from a little girl and dog.