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Headscratchers: Inspector Gadget
  • Why is the Metro City Police Department interested in an international criminal like Dr. Claw? All those destinations around the world are a little out of a city police department's jurisdiction, aren't they?
    • It's implied that either the Metro City PD or Gadget himself has ties with a No Celebrities Were Harmed version of INTERPOL. An episode called "The Infiltration," where Gadget attends a world police summit in London, gives credence to this theory. Either that, or the MCPD is just a front for CONTROL.

  • How does one make self-destructing paper?

  • In the films, why do they keep reloading Gadget with toothpaste guns and bubblegum launchers? And why doesn't the goop LOOK LIKE toothpaste or bubblegum?
    • Obviously it is super advanced toxic chemicals. But Gadget is against killing so they just tell him its toothpaste and gum.
    • Or super-advanced non-lethal riot control chemicals, called Toothpaste and Bubblegum for beration purposes.

  • What effect do magnets have on Inspector Gadget? In one episode he was shown to be able to get caught in a giant magnet a la Wolverine due to his artificial parts, but in others he was shown to be able to be near them without trouble, even ones strong enough to pull metal towards them through water from the bottom of a river, and even had magnet shoes.

  • How does Gadget maintain an in-universe fanbase when he's constantly harassing civilians (mistaking them for MAD agents and attacking and arresting them unprovoked the way he frequently does to Brain), constantly almost running them over with his car, and is often a condescending Jerk Ass (in The Capeman Cometh he cut a hole in the bottom of a ship, accused the tied-up passengers of being MAD agents and started to arrest them, then left them tied up on the sinking ship, ignoring their pleas for help!)
    • The fan base seems to make him out to be a celebrity, who we usually forgive pretty easily for stupid stunts. Not to mention given his global recognition and stopping MAD he might be an international hero, on top of being a cyborg. Again, given his international pull, he might have a team in the department that covers his more controversial escapades from the general public to maintain an image. Basically his fans still love based purely on Rule of Cool.

  • Inspector Gadget is supposedly a police inspector — a detective. So why do very few of his missions actually involve the sort of work you'd expect a police detective to do? Many of them fall more under the heading of counter-intelligence or counterterrorism, while others amount to glorified security guard work.
    • Because most police detectives aren't a walking swiss army knife.

  • Oh, boy, the second season.
    • Between seasons, Gadget's house went from a normal suburban home to a sprawling near-mansion laden with gadgets. How did this happen? He doesn't seem to be making much money, there was no obvious job-related reason for this, and it's never so much as commented on in-series.
    • Main villains sometimes appear across multiple episodes in this season. How? I know they escape when they were always captured in the first season... but Doctor Claw made it clear on several occasions in the first season that he was about ready to pull a You Have Failed Me on them after the failures of a single episode, let alone two or three in a row. Was he just bluffing? And even if he was, wouldn't that make him look weak to his minions?
    • Different terms start being used for some of the gadgets in this season. Gadget Umbrella instead of Gadget-Brella, Gadget Hammer instead of Gadget Mallet, and Gadget Car and Gadget Wheels instead of Gadgetmobile are ones I spotted before I finally gave up on trying to watch this season through before it got pulled from Netflix. Assuming they're in part or whole voice-activated, which seemed implied, why do they still actually trigger with the wrong phrases?

  • Dr. Claw seems to operate under the impression that Gadget's the one always foiling his plans — it's always Gadget who he gets angry at and vows to kill at the end of the episode. With all his Sinister Surveillance, how has Claw never realized that Penny is the one who actually defeats him?
    • Because he only keeps surveillance on Gadget, not Penny.
  • Fridge Horror: Scenes of Gadget without his hat suggest that a significant portion of his head is dedicated to storing helicopter blades. What happened to his brain?
    • It can explain why he always trust suspicious people and always suspect Brain, or he's plais stupid...
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