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Talkin' Toons with Rob Paulsen is a podcast where veteran voice actor and singer, Rob Paulsen, talks about cartoons. For about an hour (give or take 30 minutes), Paulsen will speak about his experiences as a voice actor throughout the years and field questions and other comments from fans and those interested in becoming a voice actor themselves. Often times, Paulsen will also have a guest to join the show including creators and writers for cartoons, impressionists, musicians, comedians, voice directors and other actors and voice actors.

Talkin' Toons is part of the Tech Jives Network for the podcast and as of February 27, 2013 the show is a videocast on Ustream. Also beginning with the videocast era episodes, Rob and his guest(s) are accompanied by Abi Collins who serves as the show's moderator and her husband James Cluster oversees show production. From June until October of 2013, the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club, where all the previous Live Specials took place served as the setting for the podcast. Currently, Talkin' Toons takes place at The Improv comedy club in LA every other Tuesday.

Guests by year:d
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  1. Brian T. Stevenson
  2. Julie and Steve Bernstein
  3. April Winchell
  4. Dee Bradley Baker
  5. Grey DeLisle
  6. Jeff Bennett
  7. Tara Strong
  8. Kevin Michael Richardson
  9. Phil LaMarr
  10. Jennifer Hale
  11. Nolan North
  12. Mark Hamill
  13. Peter Hastings
  14. Debi Derryberry
  15. Bill Farmer
  16. Laraine Newman
  17. Maurice LaMarche (Live Special for Pinky and the Brain)
  18. Candi Milo
  19. John DiMaggio
  20. Carlos Alazraqui
  21. Yuri Lowenthal and Tara Platt
  22. Cree Summer
  23. Randy Rogel (Live Special featuring music from Animaniacs and Histeria!)
  24. Steve Blum
  25. Jason Marsden
  26. June Foray (Live Special Tribute to the career of June Foray)
  27. Cam Clarke, Barry Gordon, Townsend Coleman, Peter Renaday, Renae Jacobs and Susan Blu (Live Special for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987))
  28. Charlie Adler
  29. Nancy Cartwright
  30. Ciro Nieli
  31. Fred Stoller
  32. Fred Tatasciore
  33. Charlotte Fullerton
  34. Paul Rugg
  35. Dane Boedigheimer, Kevin Brueck, Tom Sheppard and Tom Kenny (Live Special for The Annoying Orange)
  36. Kari Wahlgren
  37. Pamela Adlon
  38. Pat Fraley
  39. David Kaye
  40. Jeff Bennett, Corey Burton, Jim Cummings, Grey DeLisle, Jess Harnell, Tom Kenny, Tara Strong, Kari Wahlgren and Billy West (Live Special, Voices for the Shore)
  41. Sean Astin, Greg Cipes, Mae Whitman, Kevin Michael Richardson, Ciro Nieli and Jason Biggs via Skype (Live Special for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012))

  1. Fred Tatasciore (Live Special, Asockalypse Now)
  2. Ginny McSwain
  3. Pat Musick and Mae Whitman
  4. Bob Joles
  5. Corey Burton
  6. Billy West
  7. Richard Steven Horvitz
  8. Daran Norris
  9. Gregg Berger
  10. Vanessa Ragland, Matt Taylor and Abi Collins (as both the moderator and guest)
  11. Jess Harnell, Tress MacNeille, Maurice LaMarche and Randy Rogel (Live Special for Animaniacs)
  12. Joe Moses and Joey Richter of Team StarKid
  13. Lara Jill Miller
  14. Maurice LaMarche (Live Special for Pinky and the Brain)
  15. Bob Bergen
  16. Charlie Adler and David Feiss (Live Special for Cow and Chicken)
  17. Randy Rogel (Live Special, Live From The Water Tower)
  18. Dave Coulier
  19. Butch Hartman, Tara Strong, Daran Norris, Susan Blakeslee, Grey DeLisle, Carlos Alazraqui, Eric Bauza, Matt Taylor, Ray DeLaurentis and Will Schifrin (Live Special for The Fairly OddParents!)
  20. Dee Bradley Baker
  21. Clancy Brown
  22. John DiMaggio
  23. Tom Kane
  24. Tom Kenny
  25. James Arnold Taylor
  26. Bill Farmer
  27. Jim Meskimen
  28. Debi Derryberry, Mark DeCarlo, Jeff Garcia, Carolyn Lawrence, Candi Milo, Bob Joles and Fred Tatasciore (Live Special for The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius and Planet Sheen)
  29. Grey DeLisle
  30. Josh Robert Thompson
  31. Chris Hardwick
  32. Billy West and Maurice LaMarche
  33. Sean Astin and Nolan North (also known as the show with three Raphaels)
  34. Tress MacNeille and Laraine Newman
  35. Jeff Bennett and Eric Bauza

  1. Maurice LaMarche, Phil LaMarr, James Urbaniak and Greg Miller (Live Special at Sketchfest)
  2. Randy Rogel (Live Special featuring music from Animaniacs)
  3. Troy Baker and Steve Blum
  4. Jess Harnell and Kevin Michael Richardson
  5. Mark Hamill
  6. Pamela Adlon and April Winchell
  7. Gordon Hunt
  8. Charlie Adler, Gregg Berger, Neil Ross and Hal Rayle (Live Special for The Transformers)
  9. Tom Rugger, Billy West, Bill Farmer, Dee Bradley Baker, Paul Rugg, Kevin Michael Richardson, Scott Menville, Stephen Stanton, Jess Harnell and Maurice LaMarche (Live Special for The 7D)
  10. Jeremy Shada, John DiMaggio, Tom Kenny and Jessica DiCicco (Live Special for Adventure Time)
  11. Janet Varney
  12. Kevin Eastman (Live Special, Turtles and Toys for Tots)

  1. January Q & A with Rob
  2. Taylor Gray, Vanessa Marshall, Tiya Sircar and Steve Blum (Live Special for Star Wars Rebels)
  3. Seth Green
  4. Josh Keaton
  5. Jim Cummings, Corey Burton, Chuck McCann, Peter Renaday & Tad Stones (Live Special for The Disney Afternoon)
  6. Townsend Coleman
  7. Brad Garrett
  8. Cam Clarke
  1. EG Daily
  2. Tara Strong

Talkin' Toons provides examples of the following tropes: