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Trivia: Community
  • Acclaimed Flop: The series got rave reviews during its run on NBC, but got very low ratings. It could be the Arrested Development of The New Tens.
  • Accidentally Accurate: Evil!Jeff's comment that naming a sandwich the "Troy-jan Horse" would just make people think horse meat was in it, from "Advanced Introduction To Finality". Between the episode being filmed in late 2012 & airing in May 2013, the story broke in Europe that horse meat had been included in foods supposedly containing beef.
  • Ascended Fanon: A common Alternate Character Interpretation for Leonard was that he's always acting so coarse and wild because he's living the young teen college experience he never got to have. "For A Few Paintballs More" featured Leonard confiding in Britta he has been in several wars.
  • Bonus Material:
    • The first season DVD set comes with a short Kickpuncher comic written by Troy and illustrated by fellow student Jim Mahfood, DVD Commentary, extended cuts of certain episodes, Hilarious Outtakes, Deleted Scenes, the "Study Break" shorts, and a couple new sketches.
    • The interiors of the DVD cases are designed as yearbooks, Greendale brochures and even Abed's notebook from Cooperative Calligraphy.
    • Among the many tidbits included are (presumably canon) hometowns for the main characters. Strangely, everyone is kinda paired off in this respect: Jeff and Shirley are from Denver, Abed and Britta from Riverside, Annie and Troy from Greendale itself, and Pierce and Chang are from out-of-state (Wyoming and California respectively).
      • Season 3 episode Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism shows shared flashbacks of Shirley and Jeff as children, and while they don't specify that it's Denver it does confirm that they grew up in the same place.
  • Creative Differences: Chevy Chase has frequently been vocally dismissive of the quality of the show, with numerous reports of backstage arguments about the direction of the show and his character and a notable feud with creator Dan Harmon. His decision to quit the show in November 2012 came from Chase's displeasure an Pierce's increased bigotry. He was willing to film a brief cameo appearance in the season 5 premiere, however, suggesting that the rift between himself and Harmon has been exaggerated to a degree.
  • Creator Backlash:
    • Outside of praising the other members of the cast Chevy Chase rarely seems to have much in the way of praise to say about the show. In part, Chevy would appear to have issues with Pierce's ever increasing bigotry.
    • Several of Donald Glover's songs as Childish Gambino have lyrics that can be interpreted, if not outright stating, that he wants to leave the show.
    • Dan Harmon had a major backlash to season 4 when he finally watched it after being rehired to the show for the fifth season, to the point he actually apologised over it.
    • In a very mild example, Joel McHale has complained (Notably on the commentary track for "Advanced Introduction to Finality") that the DVDs only feature the episodes as they originally aired, rather than including extended cuts due to the number of scenes that have to be cut to meet an ever shrinking running time.
  • Defictionalization: Screener DVDs were packaged with cootie catchers based on the opening credits sequence.
  • Dueling Shows:
    • Originally ran against another Post Modern primetime sitcom about a ragtag Five-Token Band of misfits in school, Glee.
    • Season 2 changes some of the focus to $#*! My Dad Says, with a sub plot about Troy's twitter account, Old White Man Says, collecting the insane rantings of Pierce with Pierce wanting to cash in on it with a sitcom. The series premiere of that show was even the same night as the season 2 premiere (which had that Troy subplot).
    • In part due to the focus on nerdom in general, and later being put up against each other in the same time slot, there is a certain rivalry with The Big Bang Theory. It's probably more apparently between the fandoms rather than anything else.
  • Executive Meddling:
  • Fan Community Nickname: Greendale Human Beings.
  • Friday Night Death Slot: It was announced that Community would in fact return for a fourth 8:30 PM on Fridays. Cue fandom terror. And then the show aired in it's original Thursday time slot after NBC cancelled a number of their new shows before mid-season.
  • Harpo Does Something Funny: Donald Glover is basically left to his own devices in several scenes.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: The show advertises itself this way.
    • One commercial specifically referred to Ken Jeong (Senor Chang) as "that guy from The Hangover."
    • The actor who plays Abed's dad also plays the principal on Dueling Show Glee.
      Jeff: (upon seeing him approaching) "Holy... war."
    • Senior Community College Correspondent John Oliver.
    • The accounting teacher/debate coach is Wayne Jarvis!
    • Donald Glover (Troy) is from moderately well known online comedy troupe Derrickcomedy, creators of such YouTube classics as "Bro Rape" and"Spelling Bee".
      • For alternative hip-hop fans, it's more of a Hey, It's That Voice! - or at least it would be if Childish Gambinonote  didn't openly identify himself as Donald Glover and repeatedly reference his role as Troy in his songs. Dude can rhyme a lot harder than "donde-esta-la-biblioteca".
      • The rest of Derrickcomedy also cameo as a sketch group that feeds Pierce movie riff jokes in season 1.
    • Danny Pudi (Abed) was in several commercials before doing this show, from McDonald's snack wraps to the Blackberry "butt dialing". He has even appeared as an annoyed customer in a Walgreens training video.
    • Wait, how did Trudy Campbell get here? Why is she nineteen? Shouldn't she be, like, seventy? And why is she Jewish?
      • Oh my god, you can't just ask people why they're Jewish.
    • Oh hey, it's Jay Johnston as a police officer, yet again.
    • In "Beginner Pottery", some of the study group takes a pottery class taught by Buster Bluth while the others take a sailing class taught by Steve Austin.
    • The pool coach is Shawn Hunter's dad! Also, Slinky The Dog in Toy Story 3!
    • Yes, Chevy Chase is now ready for primetime.
    • Star-Burns is the creator of Moral Orel and High School USA!.
    • Lee Jordan is Magnitude. Who the hell saw that coming.
    • The pregnant girl in Abed's child-delivery background story in The Psychology of Letting Go is Jenny Swanson.
    • Apparently Nurse Rose has a thing for guys with impossibly good hair, and a pattern of getting ditched for other women and disappearing forever. Sorry, Professor Slater.
    • Two of the stoner set are Morgan Grimes and Badger. Well, at least they're in college...
    • This film answers the question of what would have happened to Rhoda on Earth 2 - she would have gone to community college instead of MIT, and not been a lesbian.
    • "Custody Law and Eastern European Diplomacy" has Enver Gjokaj as Lukka, again showing his affinity for accents.
    • Stephen Tobolowsky as the Who's the Boss?? professor in "Competitive Wine Tasting".
    • The Vice-Dean of Greendale's Air Conditioning Repair Annex is John Goodman.
    • Zabu goes to Greendale and plays Abed in Abed's short films.
    • Yo, Jeff. You come at the Biology Professor, you best not miss.
    • Bill Haverchuck grew up to be a Poli Sci teacher.
    • Those who saw Justified first might be alarmed to see psychotic stoner Travis Travers as Dr. Rich.
    • Hey, it's Patton Oswalt!
    • The Drag Queen who sang about having a "pocket full of Hawthornes" is none other than Shangela.
    • Blake doesn't think Pierce is on the list for the Bar Mitzvah.
      • And Adam is Jeff's estranged half-brother.
    • Shut up, Leonard, everyone knows you can control time!
    • Lydia Martin is in biology lab with Troy and Abed in Environmental Science.
    • Lizzie McGuire of all people as the school Alpha Bitch?
    • Keith Dudemeister is the original Subway.
    • Jeff now shares an office with Mike Ehrmantraut, who is just as intimidating as he ever was working for Gus (just ask Leonard).
      • Speaking of Gus, he's Pierce's half-brother.
    • Abed's Secret Service "girlfriend" was Jane Kerkovich-Williams. He also dated a bespectacled Envy Adams for a short time.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Annie is Princess Uni-Kitty!
  • McLeaned: Chevy Chase's departure being as acrimonious as it was, this was perhaps inevitably Pierce's fate.
  • Money, Dear Boy: Despite the critical acclaim and passionate fanbase, Chevy Chase has been very outspoken in his disdain for the show, from calling his decision to join a "mistake", to his run-ins with eventually-ousted Dan Harmon, to criticizing sitcoms as "the lowest form of television." He's stated that the paycheck and his castmates are the only things that keep him showing up.
    • Chase appears to have something of a dislike of working in television in general, not just the show, although he has raised a lot of specific criticisms and complaints of the show specifically, including its perceivedly frequent Tastes Like Diabetes moments. The latter part about working with his castmates being one of the only things bringing him back is also slightly ironic in that his castmates often tend to make fun of him in very public ways (albeit often precisely because he's always dissing the show in public).
  • Screwed by the Network: The firing of Dan Harmon after season 3; cutting seasons 4 & 5 down to 13 episodes, so the seasons never managed to build any momentum; and the show's cancellation at the end of season 5 in the face of the long standing fan campaign for 6 seasons.
  • One of Us: Dan Harmon.
    • Tough-guy actor Jonathan Banks blames his participation in this show on the fact that he's become a regular D&D player.
  • Production Posse: With Channel101:
    • Abed is based on Channel101 star Abed Gheith, who Dan Harmon pushed for to get the role.
    • Fellow Channel 101 alumni Sona Panos, Dave Seger and David B. Lyons work on the series under Harmon.
    • Chevy Chase, John Oliver and Joel McHale all had cameo roles in Episode 9 of Harmon's Channel 101 series Water and Power.
    • The Dean Craig Pelton and Professor Ian Duncan are named after Channel 101 stars Dean Pelton and Ian Duncan. Dean told me Dan's just lazy with names.
    • Abed's Britta, Abed's Annie and Abed's Abed are all played by 101ers (Jenny Flack, Kelsy Abbott and Sandeep Parikh, respectively.)
    • The Cast attended the Channel 101 "Channy" awards: Footage here and here.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot:
    • Professor Duncan disappears between seasons 2 & 5 due to John Oliver's work on The Daily Show.
    • Pierce being killed off early in Season 5 was to account for Chevy Chase's severance agreement stating he couldn't step foot on the Community set again.
  • Trope Namer: For Camping a Crapper.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • They were going to do a Nicolas Cage episode. They made it.
    • The statue in the Greendale courtyard was originally supposed to be Mark Hamill, but he declined (and apparently very graciously, according to Harmon).
    • According to Harmon, his first two choices for Pierce were John Cleese and Patrick Stewart.
    • Greg Cromer, who played Rich, was the runner up for Jeff. Had The IT Crowd gotten picked up, he would have gotten the role since Joel McHale would have been unavailable.
    • The show was originally supposed to tell a self-contained story spanning four seasons with a clear beginning, middle, and end. Harmon's firing for the forth season destroyed that, so he ended up having to spend most of the fifth season resetting the status quo in order to resume the story where he left off... just in time for it to get cancelled.
    • In "Repilot" it is ultimately a hologram of Pierce that gets Jeff to abandon the law suit against Greendale. However, the script used at the table read instead featured the in-universe reveal that Star-Burns was alive, and he would serve the same purpose as the hologram; this was likely the plan if Chevy Chase hadn't agreed to shoot the cameo.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Community Wiki.
  • Word of God: Abed's "quirks" were, according to this link intended to be some form of autism based on Harmon's own Self-Diagnosis on internet tests, although "Competitive Ecology" has him imply that he is also face-blind.
  • Writer Revolt:
    • The NBC mandated "Green Week" was lambasted by having the Dean & Enviromental Club waste materials in an attempt to promote Greendale's own Green Week.
    • In an example of the actors revolting, Joel McHale led the cast in getting Dan Harmon rehired for the fifth season.

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