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Trivia: Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Creative Differences: Penders vs. Bollers got so bad, it ended with them both leaving the comic simultaneously. Which is why we have Flynn... whose works Penders steadfastly neglects to read, but swears to chuck in the Canon Discontinuity bin if he's ever re-hired. As of recent events, though, Penders returning is quite unlikely.
    • According to Penders, he claimed that it was the editor of the comic that forced him to bail, due to the fact that he kept on changing his stories, the final straw being the Mobius: 25 Years Later story. Of course, seeing as Penders has devolved into It's All About Me and Never My Fault, it's hard to tell if this is true or not.
  • Creator Backlash: The shipping wars got so bad that Ian has essentially sunk Sonic/Sally as a pairing with the soft reboot.
  • Creator's Favorite: Writers of both Sonic Satam and Sonic the Hedgehog have admitted that Princess Sally Acorn is their favorite character. Though she has more than a few detractors that could lean her into Creator's Pet territory, she has almost as devout a number of fans, making her a Base Breaker at worst.
  • Executive Meddling: A large source of fan frustration. Sega doesn't like their characters getting hitched, for example, so you'll rarely see any romance with the video game characters after 2006 or so. Some game characters had parents in the comics but rarely addressed them as such due to editorial and company mandates, usually being cut off (for example, "My m-"). Eggman Nega has yet to make an un-obstructed appearance due to hang ups with Sega.
    • Due to a lawsuit between Archie and former writer Ken Penders, the characters he created were abruptly removed from the book in the aftermath of the Genesis arc. It's most noticeable in issue #244 where every echidna character Penders created was moved to another dimension. Off-screen. This led to a major case of Aborted Arc, due to the fact that many of the affected characters were integral to ongoing story arcs.
    • And there's Sega's legally obligated mandate that keeps characters and elements from all of the non-western non-game Sonic continuities (I.e. Sonic X, Sonic The Hedgehog The Movie) from ever being used in the comic, owing to tangled copyright issues between Sega of Japan and Sega of America, as well as the companies that co-produced those other series, including the animation studios TMS Entertainment and Studio Pierrot respectively, Sonic X's current American distributor Saban Brands, and Sonic the Movie's defunct licensor ADV Filmsnote .
    • Likewise, elements created specifically for the Archie Sonic comics (and by proxy, it's precursor Satam) are not allowed to be used in other Sonic continuities due to the aforementioned legal embargoes. The closest exception was cameos of Satam and Adventures of Sonic characters in Sonic Spinball, which was a western produced Sonic spinoff to begin with.
    • Another odd mandate is that the writers are unable to call Mobius "Mobius" anymore (it's now referred to as "Sonic's World").
    • The idea of Metal Sonic being a series of robots devoid of personality, rather than one individual recurring robot, and being much easier to defeat than the canon Metal, was eventually nixed by Sega, who got tired of it and told Ian Flynn to cut it out. Surprisingly, this is one of the few changes that was met with positive reception from fans, due to Metal actually gaining a personality and becoming a much bigger opponent than before.
    • As of the reboot, every non-Sega, SatAM, AoStH, and Ian Flynn character has been removed until further notice.
  • Fan Nickname: The "Nu252," for what happened to Sonic's world after Sonic the Hedgehog/Mega Man: Worlds Collide, the fact that it starts in the 252nd issue, and the New 52 reference. The Mobius Encyclopaedia wiki also gives it the name "post-Super Genesis Wave", akin to the Post-Crisis timeframe.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: More like Hey, It's that Artist. The gal who draws the web comic Ghosts Of The Future has done a few stories here and there starting with issue 231
    • In addition to the above mentioned Evan Stanley, another fan artist known as Dawn Best was also responsible for line work in several issues of the comic as well.
    • Another fan artist, J. Axer, also did a bit of work for the comic as well.
    • Dan "Superior Spider-Man" Slott did a few issues for the comic as well, specifically the Zone Wars stories.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Averted. Despite fears of the result of Screwed by the Lawyers down below, Archie is still releasing reprints of the old issues.
    • That's not to say there aren't straight examples, though. The Sonic/Image crossover is unlikely to be reprinted, and so is the first story in Sonic Live. Of course, these two stories were poorly received anyways.note 
  • Promoted Fanboy: Several examples, most prominently current head writer Ian Flynn who was known as the author of a popular fan comic Other-M before getting hired as head writer.
  • Recursive Adaptation: The comic had already started to incorporate some plot elements from Sonic Chronicles, which itself had seemingly borrowed and modified some of its echidna lore material from the comic.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: The ongoing lawsuit by Ken Penders has possibly led to the vast majority of the cast up and disappearing (too early to confirm, though). This is also telling in issue #243-244 where one comic ends with Sonic fighting Lien-Da and the rest of the Dark Egg Legion, then the next panel as Sonic coming to after being knocked out and asking where everyone went
    • As of #252, it seems that the entire universe has soft rebooted, with 256 establishing that the whole multiverse has been rebuilt: select characters like Sonic, Blaze and Eggman remember the original universe; others, like Naugus, remember them as vague memories; and there's those like Nu!King Acorn, who has absolutely no memory of the old world. The new universe has completely overwritten the old now, though, including memories, so the old world is now completely gone.
    • The aforementioned embargo on using characters or elements from series like Sonic X due to copyright issues.
  • Shrug of God: When asked about the fate of Robotnik's parents, Flynn posted two ideas. One was that Robotnik "did away" with them. The other was that they migrated to the United Federation. In either case, the writer leaves it up to the reader.
    • With the recent reveal of Sonic Boom, there have been questions asked as to if this would be incorporated into the comic in anyway. So far, the only answer has been "No comment."
    • While Ken Penders' characters can't be used, there has been no comment on whether or not characters from other writers (besides the current team) can make an appearance now, though it seems it may not be the case. Also, while Scourge was technically introduced by Penders as Evil Sonic, whether or not being an evil version of Sonic means he can still appear is unknown even by the current writers. However, due to Ken claiming that he created the concepts of evil Sonics and a multiverse for the comics, Archie's not going to have either to avoid any more legal issues.
  • What Could Have Been: The original plot for "Endgame" really did involve Sally's demise — her apparent restoration later on was to have been a robot double, the truth only slowly coming out later as "Sally" began to act increasingly suspicious and out-of-character.
    • Ken's stated that some of the original ideas for the Princess Sally miniseries included a roboticized Queen Alicia ruling over her own subjects as a threat to both the Freedom Fighters and Robotnik. Another was a Thelma and Louise type story with Sally and Bunnie. Sega vetoed both of these ideas, wanting to use only Sally and Robotnik. This is what led to the Substitute Freedom Fighters and Geoffrey St. John.
      • Regarding the Source of All, one of the ideas that Ken was brainstorming with a friend of his was that the Source was actually an AI made out of a pool of nanotechnology, from either the past or the future, that was so advanced as to be indistinguishable from magic. However, they never figured out what it's motives were before it was nuked.
    • Both Karl Bollers and Ken Penders have made public their plans for the comic had their employment at Archie continued.
    • Ian Flynn originally intended to have E-123 Omega off Tommy Turtle, but Executive Meddling had that changed to the Egg Fleet. In fact, Executive Meddling kept Omega from appearing in the comic for some time since Karl Bollers tried to put him in. It wasn't until issue 3 of Sonic Universe that he made an appearance.
    • One of the biggest cases of this was the Endangered Species arc. Part one had font that was obviously put in at the last minute to keep from referring to certain characters by name, while the rest was completely rewritten to remove them altogether. The arc was controversial at best as a result.
    • Everything outlined here.
      • Ian's already given a little bit out: Endangered Species was originally planned to have a happy ending.
    • Flynn has also gone on record to say that the early implied romance between Tails and Barby Koala (of the Downunda Freedom Fighters) is "completely one-sided and kind of creepy", (most likely due to the age difference, with Tails being around 11-12 and Barby appearing to be in her late teens) and that as long as he's on the comic it's not going to happen.
  • Word of Gay: Ken Penders got around the CCA somehow by hinting at one of the characters in the "Mobius: X Years Later" storyline being gay... and somehow doing this while showing the life partner, threading the relationship into the text. Once fans started searching, it became obvious (and confirmed by Ken), that the hinted couple was Rotor and Cobar, the latter an echidna scientist from the Dark Legion.
  • Word of God:
    • Current writer Ian Flynn has organized his own message board, where he and other creators interact with fans and answer their questions. His predecessor, Ken Penders, also kept up a message board while he was writing for the comic, which is still active and occasionally talks about the stories that he had planned for the series.
    • The events of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) occurred in the comic as they did in the game, including the Cosmic Retcon. Soleanna was mentioned once by the Babylon Rogues and issue #246 has a brief appearance of White Acropolis, those are the only nods towards Sonic '06. The Complete Sonic Comic Encyclopedia describes it in more detail, including entries on Iblis, Mephiles, and Solaris.

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