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So You Want To: Write An Action Movie
Action movies are a long favourite of movie fans across the world. If you want to write one, here are some points to consider before you get started.
  • Character. These days, a lot of action movies are all about explosions. If you want to write a great action movie, make sure that your characters are realistic. It is extremely important that your audience have feelings for your characters. A staple of a bad action film is too many explosions and "cardboard characters". Action is not more prone to the Eight Deadly Words than any other genre, but its contents are more likely to break Willing Suspension of Disbelief, making it easier for audiences to notice if the Eight Deadly Words are in effect.
  • Format. Is your action movie going to be all drama, or is it going to have elements of comedy as well? Decide this before you get started. There are lots of serious action movies out there, but there are plenty of action-comedy movies, too. Choose whichever better suits your style.
  • Special Effects: Although character is important, it's fine to have a few awesome action sequences in your movie as well! Feel free to add in a few CGI explosions.

Above all, have fun!
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