Roleplay / Arimnaes Happy Fun Time Power Hour
The party before the attack on the Kalar fortress: Rowan, Trixie, Adellion, Meredith, Dog, Constantine, and Trent.

Arimnaes' Happy Fun Time Power Hour was an all-Tropers Dungeons & Dragons game conducted over Ventrilo and OpenRPG from January 2010 to June of that same year. arimnaes was the GM. The opening roster of players was as follows:

GMH eventually had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts and handed control of Trent off to Jinxed Blackcat. Not long thereafter, Thnikkafan also quit the game. In this instance, the character was killed off and the replacement player—Ironeye—brought in his own PC, Adellion Nightbreeze, an elf beguiler. This player roster remained in effect through the rest of the game's run.

The game takes place in Myamador, a setting of arim’s own devising, where elves (and half-elves) are grossly persecuted by the human majority, with other races being better treated but still relegated to second-class citizen status. This feature did not come into play until the second Story Arc, however.

The first arc began with the PCs attempting to explore (and loot) a ruined castle, but they almost immediately got sidetracked dealing with a cabal of criminal sorcerers called the Kalars. After a series of incidents that included a collapsing clock tower, a trip into Japan’s basement, a solid gold pimp cane, and a Victorian street urchin selling encyclopedias, the party found the Kalar Doom Fortress and infiltrated it…only to be flung onto the Plane of Shadow by a magical gate at the heart of the fortress. After a number of eerie encounters with creatures twisted by the plane into horrific mockeries of themselves—including, tragically, Dog—the party managed to reach the gate again, but instead of returning to their starting point, they wound up…

…in a subterranean lake on the other side of the continent. This began the second story arc. The PCs narrowly avoided the monster in the lake, made their way out of the cave system and to the nearby logging town, where they again became embroiled in local events. The town and adjacent logging operations had been subject to numerous attacks of arson in recent weeks, apparently caused by the summoning of magmins from the Elemental Plane of Fire. Complicating matters was another current event of interest concerning a businessman by the name of Mortimer Shale and his impatience to reclaim an artifact which his consortium had discovered and which was being held by the local chapter of the Arcane Dominion. Then Shale’s partner turned up after having almost been eaten by the lake monster in the cavern…

At that point, the game went on summer hiatus. It was to resume in late August, but the demands of arim's new school year prevented it. It was eventually scrapped...but arim later made up his mind to DM for the gaming group again, this time collaborating with Ironeye on an all-new Eberron campaign.

This RP has significant player crossover with The Shadow Of Greed.

This work contains examples of the following tropes: