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I Need No Ladders
This is it. The Hero is storming through the Big Bad's secret base, avoiding all detection by guards. He finally reaches the room where the big bad is when he notices some stairs in the room's entrance. What will he do? Seamlessly jump over it in a dramatic pose, of course! They don't care that they were meant to be stepped on. Apparently stepladders are for dummies.

This is often featured in action films, specially when the Hero is in a hot chase, or has a limited time to enter/exit the place, or even just for dramatic effect. Sometimes it works, others, well... they end up as Narm.


Anime and Manga

Fan Fic
  • Nexus Renegade: Hilariously done when Ryu Mikigami tried to show off and jump on a platform while his friends took the stairs. Unfortunately for him, he tripped and fell all the way back down.

  • Judge Dredd in The Movie.
  • In Erik the Viking, the title character, needing to borrow his girlfriend's invisibility cloak, scales the wall to her quarters using a pair of knives. Her first question upon his entering is why he didn't just use the stairs that were right next to the wall he climbed.

Forum Role Plays

  • In Dave Duncan's book The Reaver Road when Omar goes to rescue the woman to be sacrificed.

Live-Action TV

Video Games
  • God Hand is a definite example in that Gene never climbs ladders: He simply jumps up and lands at the top of the ladder.
  • In Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers, Layle will walk up to ladders, poles, and other climbable things, and then use his gravity powers to vault himself straight to the top (or bottom). Makes one wonder why he even bothers.
  • The ladder climbing animation in Mega Man 1 was slightly bugged, resulting in a glitch where Mega Man simply falls up very quickly under certain conditions, and is one of the ways to save time in speed runs.
  • While you technically can and do use ladders, very often in the Assassin's Creed series simply running up the wall next to a ladder is faster than climbing it.
  • In Adventure Ponies, Applejack and Pinkie Pie are the only ponies who need to climb ladders in order to reach higher elevation, since unlike the other ponies, they can't teleport or fly.
  • In The Matrix Path Of Neo you can either go up the slow way, or just jump up half the ladder or double-jump and skip the whole thing. That or take a fourth option Wall Run and Wall Jump past it.

Web Original

Western Animation
  • In the mid-season finale of the forth season of The Venture Bros., Brock is about to charge into a the lab of an evil (non sanctioned) scientist. he uses a rope arrow, despite being told that there is a ladder next to him, because, well "where's the fun in that?".

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